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Single mom with alot on my mind. Many things I am finding out others agree with or already thought of as well.
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61 months ago|594 views|2 comments
I started the Average balance with my electic company last year in January and did fine until around August. They send my bill to check free where I get notification of such bill and and go... read more
62 months ago|645 views|2 comments
Man, we humans are wierd. At least a hundred a month for cable or DISH we can barely watch, approx. a 100 for the ability to be able to yak nonsense and drivel while driving, on line at the... read more
62 months ago|859 views|3 comments
Oklahoma and I dont know how many other states still observe this retarded (for lack of a better word) thing called Daylight Savings time. Will someone tell me what purpose this thing serves?... read more
63 months ago|675 views|4 comments
Tv stations/Cable REALLY needs to mix it up better. I work weekends later evening into the night and let me tell you, daytime TV sucks! How many friggin baby daddy shows can Maury do?! I... read more
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