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Realtor, specializing in the renovation of historic properties and part-time writer and editor.
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2 months ago|194 views|6 comments
While gay couples are fighting to get married and enjoy the same benefits as heterosexual partners, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue to be "partners." Why? They have six children who... read more
18 months ago|467 views|10 comments
Actually, Seth MacFarlane was a good host for the Academy Awards tonight. The awards had a few surprises, but the only real surprise would have been if Daniel Day Lewis, in one of the best... read more
35 months ago|526 views|1 comment
Nadal is classy and adorable and gives it his all. Federer is a great tennis player with his own logo. Djokovic is funny, entertaining and the king of tennis in 2011. We should all be happy... read more
35 months ago|868 views|10 comments
A group of antediluvian representatives and senators in North Carolina are so consumed with absolutely, completely, once and for all making it forever impossible for gay marriage to be legal... read more
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