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ABOUT Edward Lee
In 1971 Edward became a professional inventor and president of Solv-x Inventions Ltd in Winnipeg, over a period of 20 years 32 patents were issued in his name, his clients included Head offices of GM, Ford Canada, Chrysler, Toyota, VW, Canadian Tire, Ivan oil, and The Canadian Armed Forces to name a few. In 1985 running 2 businesses and with many problems, as infringements and unkempt government promises in 1985 reaching a point of complete mental exhaustion. Edward surrendered himself unconditionally and experienced a life-changing event with the Holy Spirit. When new laws were introduced in 1998. Edward lost everything including his home. The Lord restored Edward completely when he moved to British Columbia. He Started Edward Lee Video Productions inc. and went on to win the entrepreneur of the year 3 times, Edward has written two books "Refined by Fire" and "Accelerated Success (Published in Canada) Edward holds POAC Centennials, and is an active servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, preaching, teaching and Soul winning.
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If you want to improve the fitness of your body, you go to a gym and seek the guidance of a personal trainer. Therefore, in order to prepare one's soul to become fit for Heaven, one must ask... read more
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THE SPIRIT, THE SOUL AND THE BODY Trying to force the Soul to receive faith will only results in failure. The Soul cannot receive faith unless it submits to the Spirit; The Soul does not have... read more
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Any teaching that ignores, contradicts, or reverses this clearly spelled-out pattern will end up ignoring and contradicting other Scripture as well, leading to confusion and deception. Do not... read more
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American leadership is weak and will result in big trouble; I agree that unnecessary wars are not good for the American economy, but in the long run it may cost much more, history is repeating... read more
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