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I am an online writer and mother of four young children. I enjoy my internet life and work.
33 months ago|416 views|2 comments
In a world where the internet makes us focus on all the negative issues in life, I had noticed that I have written a few rants, but no raves. I like balance in everything and hate that I have... read more
36 months ago|442 views|2 comments
It really gets my goat when someone in a family makes an illness about them, when it is not them suffering from said illness.At this particular moment in time it happens to be the mother of... read more
36 months ago|461 views|4 comments
Wages in the UK for an unskilled factory worker or Office junior are less than £13,000 a year before taxation. When myself and my husband, who just so happens to be an unskilled factory worker,... read more
36 months ago|1,044 views|33 comments
I am a mother of four children, three are school age. I have never ever liked the school uniform anyway, even when I was at school. When I put across the debate that school uniform was an act... read more
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