Get Paid to Post

Two Ways to Monetize Your Posts
You’re passionate about current ideas pertaining to any of the RantRave topics? We want to hear your Rant or Rave.

We want to hear from you so much so that we’ve incorporated a monetization structure that PAYS YOU to write about a subject you love.

Awesome, right?

Here’s how it works:

$5/per post

Every time you post, you can select to have it read by a moderator. (This is a requirement to be eligible to receive the $5/per post, but it is not required to post.) When you author a post and select for it to be reviewed by moderators, one of our editorial board members will review your post and look for the following:
  • Word Count – the post must have a minimum of 300-500 relevant words, and the 300 word minimum does not include quotations.
  • Original content – the post must contain your original content.
  • Proper Grammar and Punctuation – we don’t expect you to edit out every comma splice or split infinitive, but we do expect your post to be free from most common errors. Always proofread before submitting!
  • Mustn’t Violate Terms – (see below) there are a variety of infractions that will cause your post to be removed. Violators will not be compensated
Posts that light up our mods include:
  • Firsthand research (personal experiences or eyewitness accounts)
  • Opinions on local, national, and international issues
  • Media analysis
  • Commentary on current events or public figures
  • Reviews of music, film, television shows, or other art forms
  • Alternative (non-mainstream) theories
Banner Impressions

Advertisements can be the monetary life-force of the internet, and we’ve incorporated a banner impression option that allows a poster to qualify to receive 50% of banner ad impressions for each page they author. So the more posts, the more impressions, the more cash you get for writing about marijuana!

If you click to edit your profile, at the bottom of the page you have two options to upload a banner image (see below).

You can upload a 300px x 250px Ad Image, and you can upload a 160px x 600px Ad Image. You can also include the URL that the ad should direct to, should someone click on your ad.

Click Submit, and you’re ready to monetize!

Just a Reminder:
These guidelines are intended to help prevent spam and nonsense posts and to provide high-quality commentary to our readers. RantRave is first and foremost a place for public discourse, and we are focused on improving our site every day.

While RantRave does operate as an open forum, some posts will automatically be deleted from our site:
  • Spam posts. If a post's content is available on multiple websites, we consider it spam.
  • Rants or Raves that are obviously incorrect or misleading: this includes attempts to spread disinformation, propaganda, or to impersonate another individual or group.
  • Rants or Raves that contain generalized or negative assertions about any race, religion, nation, creed, class, ethnic group, or sexual orientation.
  • Rants or Raves that advocate for the elimination of a specific race, religion, nation, creed, class, ethnic group, or sexual orientation, or that link to websites that advocate the same.
  • Advertising or promotion of commercial interests.
  • Pornographic or unnecessarily violent content
The RantRave staff welcomes Rants and Raves that disagree with our personal opinions. We will not delete Rants or Raves for ideological reasons. (Yes, we have liberals and conservatives on our editorial staff.)