Community Guidelines

RantRave is a community – people working to enlighten, discuss, and engage each other in lively debate and information regarding religion. Like every civil society, if we all follow a few guidelines, we’ll have more fun.

Don't plagiarize or post spam.

Don’t plagiarize. When you find an article written by someone else, copy its text, and paste it onto RantRave, you’re stealing. We’re interested in your original content. It’s OK to quote from another source, but you should cite it.

Don’t post spam. RantRave isn’t a place to promote your product or service. We know what press releases look like, and they’re not welcome here. (PRO TIP: If the first 25 words in your Rant or Rave can be found on multiple websites, it’s spam.)

If you do post spam or plagiarize, we’ll delete it and send you a warning. If you persist, we’ll delete your account.

Limit yourself.

Don’t flood RantRave with a lot of posts in a short period of time. When you do this, you dominate a shared resource – the “new post” list. No one likes it.

Don't drink the Haterade.

When you debate, address a Rant or Rave’s content and not the writer. Challenge process and principle, not the person.

Comment instead of re-posting.

Good comment threads are the key to a thriving community. Post a comment as opposed to writing your own Rant or Rave – unless you can offer an entirely different, interesting, or unusual take on the issue.

Give us your best.

Don’t write headlines in ALL CAPS. It makes you look like a crazy person. Write descriptive headlines that describe your post, rather than a vague idea, like "My Pet Peeve."

Be nice to the new guy.

Be welcoming of new writers. If you’re a veteran, offer constructive feedback. Don’t mock someone because they don’t know RantRave’s customs.

Leave the profanity at the door.

Don’t waste other people’s time with empty modifiers and second-rate synonyms. Using slurs only make you look immature.

Keep it clean, please.

Sexually explicit material has no place on RantRave. Don’t post it or put it in your profile. If you see pornographic posts, flag them.