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The God Book. Or a Man Book?

7 months ago by Edward Lee |121 Comments|459 Views
I started to research the Bible, wanting to discover its authenticity and power. While in Israel on a two-week visit with my pastor and members of... more

Psychological Abuse Is Against The Law

7 months ago by SpeakingOut |20 Comments|459 Views
I am writing this post to voice my concerns, because I have had enough. I am fed up with the psychological abuse that I am expected to endure. Psychological... more

Steak wrapped in lotus leaves

7 months ago by sunboy |0 Comments|459 Views
Xu Long is head chef of Western cuisine at Beijing's Great Hall of the People. Here is a recipe in which he uses Australian beef in a favorite Chinese... more

Live Like You Were Dying

8 months ago by Truthbrary |8 Comments|456 Views
The Bucket List (2007) Film ...I must say one of the best! Nothing like facing one's mortality to get the creative juices flowing, and nothing like... more

How Stupid Can Education Get?

3 months ago by psikeyhackr |17 Comments|455 Views
How is it that in all of these decades since World War II we have not been able to create a National Recommended Reading List for children? Is that... more

The Danger of Moral Absolutes

4 months ago by Altruist |18 Comments|454 Views
Many people think that there are absolute standards against which moral questions can be judged, and that certain actions are right or wrong, regardless... more

Psychology vs. Junk Psychology

2 months ago by The Hard Truth |22 Comments|454 Views
To begin, we need to first attain to at least a foundational understanding of both the definition and etymology of psychology. In 1828 Noah Webster... more

Bodyguard Blankets

3 months ago by Altruist |7 Comments|453 Views
Another insane shooter attacked defenseless High School Students Today. This time in my state. Since the Sandy Hook Massacre there has been a school... more

Islam the peaceful religon

4 months ago by andrewford |16 Comments|453 Views
Well I just want every one to know that Islam is a peaceful long as you are a muslim and not a woman. Millions upon millions of... more

American newspapers don't seem to care if kids learn to read

4 months ago by BruceDPrice |4 Comments|452 Views
Reading gets no respect. It's taught wrong in most public schools, so that tens of millions of Americans end up semiliterate.Schools of education... more
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