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Real People

4 months ago by Huey Newton |8 Comments|477 Views
Some Real PeopleChic is one of my favorite music groups ever. Not just from the 70's but for all time. Nile Rodgers is a musical icon. Producing... more

The Greatest Exporter Of Terror?

3 months ago by Altruist |7 Comments|477 Views
It seems that every time Iran is discussed on conservative media nowadays, they also describe it as the world's greatest exporter of terror. Israel... more

American newspapers don't seem to care if kids learn to read

5 months ago by BruceDPrice |4 Comments|477 Views
Reading gets no respect. It's taught wrong in most public schools, so that tens of millions of Americans end up semiliterate.Schools of education... more

Bodyguard Blankets

4 months ago by Altruist |7 Comments|476 Views
Another insane shooter attacked defenseless High School Students Today. This time in my state. Since the Sandy Hook Massacre there has been a school... more

Steak wrapped in lotus leaves

8 months ago by sunboy |0 Comments|476 Views
Xu Long is head chef of Western cuisine at Beijing's Great Hall of the People. Here is a recipe in which he uses Australian beef in a favorite Chinese... more

The God Book. Or a Man Book?

8 months ago by Edward Lee |121 Comments|476 Views
I started to research the Bible, wanting to discover its authenticity and power. While in Israel on a two-week visit with my pastor and members of... more

Psychology vs. Junk Psychology

3 months ago by The Hard Truth |22 Comments|474 Views
To begin, we need to first attain to at least a foundational understanding of both the definition and etymology of psychology. In 1828 Noah Webster... more

Public Transport Experience is Horrible For Disabled People

5 months ago by AnnySmith |16 Comments|470 Views
They say you can judge a society by how well it treats those who struggle the most within it. Well, if that old adage is anything to go by, then... more

Top 5 popular wedding flowers

2 months ago by Tim Scott |1 Comment|469 Views
Not able to decide which flowers to pick for your wedding? Confused with hundreds of varieties available? Learn about the top 5 most popular wedding... more

Live Like You Were Dying

9 months ago by Truthbrary |8 Comments|469 Views
The Bucket List (2007) Film ...I must say one of the best! Nothing like facing one's mortality to get the creative juices flowing, and nothing like... more
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