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American newspapers don't seem to care if kids learn to read

5 months ago by BruceDPrice |4 Comments|479 Views
Reading gets no respect. It's taught wrong in most public schools, so that tens of millions of Americans end up semiliterate.Schools of education... more

Real People

4 months ago by Huey Newton |8 Comments|478 Views
Some Real PeopleChic is one of my favorite music groups ever. Not just from the 70's but for all time. Nile Rodgers is a musical icon. Producing... more

Precious Time Cannot Be Taken for Granted

5 months ago by Lolita |13 Comments|477 Views
It's over 30 years since singer and story teller Harry Chapin was killed. He was still in his thirties and was involved in a fatal accident on the... more

Steak wrapped in lotus leaves

8 months ago by sunboy |0 Comments|477 Views
Xu Long is head chef of Western cuisine at Beijing's Great Hall of the People. Here is a recipe in which he uses Australian beef in a favorite Chinese... more

The God Book. Or a Man Book?

8 months ago by Edward Lee |121 Comments|476 Views
I started to research the Bible, wanting to discover its authenticity and power. While in Israel on a two-week visit with my pastor and members of... more

Bodyguard Blankets

4 months ago by Altruist |7 Comments|476 Views
Another insane shooter attacked defenseless High School Students Today. This time in my state. Since the Sandy Hook Massacre there has been a school... more

Psychology vs. Junk Psychology

3 months ago by The Hard Truth |22 Comments|476 Views
To begin, we need to first attain to at least a foundational understanding of both the definition and etymology of psychology. In 1828 Noah Webster... more

Public Transport Experience is Horrible For Disabled People

5 months ago by AnnySmith |16 Comments|473 Views
They say you can judge a society by how well it treats those who struggle the most within it. Well, if that old adage is anything to go by, then... more

Selling Your Home In A High Crime Area

5 months ago by AnnySmith |3 Comments|470 Views
If you scour the internet, read brochures and ask around, you'll undoubtedly find countless pieces of useful advice regarding how to sell your home... more

Top 5 popular wedding flowers

2 months ago by Tim Scott |1 Comment|470 Views
Not able to decide which flowers to pick for your wedding? Confused with hundreds of varieties available? Learn about the top 5 most popular wedding... more
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