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How Is Jesus Christ God? That Makes No Sense.

13 hours ago by The Hard Truth |2 Comments|76 Views
Jesus is the Son of God, that is, the Expression of the Father. Whenever the Father is expressed in any way, the Father is being the Son, and therefore... more

18 Million Free Meals Daily Even to Rich Kids!

20 hours ago by jp clay |2 Comments|55 Views
Beginning in the 2014 school year, the Obama administration is providing free Meals to over Nine million children. They do not have to prove eligibility.... more

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

1 day ago by Edward Lee |0 Comments|62 Views
1985 Because I was not certain that I had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I invited Pastor Hoover (whose ministry was the baptism of the... more

Mommy Why’d U Kill Me!?

1 day ago by Stern Howie_ |6 Comments|96 Views
Mommy Why'd U Kill Me!? - You ripped my heart out mom. Ripped my body apart. A scalpel or a wire hanger makes no difference to me, those did not... more

“I have seen your faithfulness and that you love me.

2 days ago by Edward Lee |7 Comments|70 Views
The Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit spoke through Junette at 08:30 am Monday 20th 2006"My son you know me well, I cannot use a weak vessel I need a strong... more


2 days ago by The Hard Truth |2 Comments|97 Views
We are born into a world and a race that is under the sentence of death because it is enslaved to Sin, just as a slave serves his master and is misused... more

God is so good

2 days ago by Edward Lee |0 Comments|97 Views
I know some people that are close to the Holy Spirit, that talk to Him like you talk to a friend, just before we begun going through some trouble... more

Sin Awareness Ribbon: Confessing Christ the Cure - ICHTHUS

2 days ago by The Hard Truth |1 Comment|84 Views
The greatest sin awareness ribbon was actually written on tablets of stone by the very finger of God, known as the Ten Commandments. The Word of... more

Hey Retard! Yeah, You In The Mirror. I'm Talking To You.

3 days ago by The Hard Truth |11 Comments|98 Views
On social media, I've noticed this new trend of entertainment known as "challenges." There are picture challenges, iced water challenges, and now,... more

The Solution To Low Fertility Is Immigration

3 days ago by Altruist |11 Comments|86 Views
Americans are getting freaked out by 57,000 child refugees from the violence in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Considering that we are the... more
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