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Mango gooseberry pickle is a famous pickle

12 hours ago by jakumar |0 Comments|28 Views
Pickling is the technique of salvaging meal by anaerobic fermentation in brine to create lactic acid solution , or marinating and storage of it in... more

The Ones Who Proclaim Themselves As Tolerant Are Not.

13 hours ago by Inside The Box |6 Comments|43 Views
big·ot·ry'big?tre/noun1.bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.Do you believe you have the obligation... more

Rapture Pre-Trib PROOF (PART ONE)

15 hours ago by Edward Lee |0 Comments|26 Views
The Rapture refers to when Christ appears in the clouds and calls His children (those who have trusted in Him) up to heaven. The term Pre-Tribulation... more

Womens Weight Loss

23 hours ago by jakumar |2 Comments|57 Views
Whenever we find we are now more heavier than we would like to be , we have now an all natural interest to eat a lot less our foods . We may likely... more

what really works to lose belly fat

1 day ago by jakumar |4 Comments|54 Views
1) Eat LessIf you have excess belly fat, chances are you could stand to lose a few lbs. To do that, eat about 500 calories less per day than you... more


1 day ago by ermahgerd |3 Comments|64 Views
I suggested to my sibling we watch Shingeki no kyojin together before people started fadding over it and he/she said "I don't watch your stupid shows."Then... more

Finally! Fixing Our Broken Prison System

1 day ago by Altruist |4 Comments|34 Views
Our prison system is doing more harm than good. It does not discourage crime. It unfairly targets minorities, and the poor, more than others. It... more

Marijuana Becoming Legal: Those Against It Were Right

1 day ago by WriteAboutNow |2 Comments|43 Views
This posting may sound like a rant. It is really a rave aimed at those who stood their ground against marijuana becoming legal in my state of Washington.... more

Leaving 99

1 day ago by Truthbrary |7 Comments|154 Views
I'll tell you right now, there is nothing romantic about being lost. Some would dream of being lost on a deserted island, or overcoming great loss,... more

How to Apply for a Passport india

2 days ago by jakumar |1 Comment|56 Views
How to Apply for a PassportA passport is a worldwide operating traveling piece of content that will allow an Indian citizen to travel outside the... more
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