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Top features of Iphone 6 revealed

9 days ago by Gaurav |1 Comment|140 Views
We've seen the iPhone 6 loom larger and less blurry, leak after leak in the months leading up to the big unveil. The leaks were spot on for a change... more

Is Society Good or Evil?

10 days ago by Altruist |11 Comments|269 Views
Hollywood recently announced that there will be three new Terminator movies being released between 2015 and 2018. This caused me to watch the first... more

BP found to be responsible for 67% of the blame for the Gulf

14 days ago by Altruist |0 Comments|119 Views
A federal judge in New Orleans found that BP was the primary culprit at fault in the oil spill and that only it had acted with "conscious disregard... more

Gadgets that makes you cool all the time

14 days ago by Gaurav |4 Comments|195 Views
I as of late bought a Fitbit Flex. I snap it on my wrist, sync it to my advanced cell, and it lets me know what number of steps I've strolled, what... more


16 days ago by Sunny1 |8 Comments|109 Views
What prompted me to write on this subject is that we were driving coming home from the shore, and I looked up and saw a small aerial machine about... more

Digital binoculars-must haves for camping and hiking tours

17 days ago by Tim Scott |4 Comments|93 Views
Everyday life can be quite challenging and hectic. Working for long hours in the office, meeting the deadlines, and then fulfilling the responsibilities... more

Experience the best sharepoint electronic signature

21 days ago by Johnlennon |0 Comments|136 Views
When one begins working on digital signature key, it becomes an essential part of one’s systems for expanding data of new arrivals which... more

Contraception is Always Free. What's the Controversy??

22 days ago by Stern Howie_ |138 Comments|382 Views
The idea here in prosperous and privileged AmeriKKKa is that contraception should be FUNDED by health care and tax payer dollars. The funny thing... more

A Safer Cheaper Nuclear Reactor?

1 month ago by Altruist |0 Comments|347 Views
I have consistently opposed Nuclear Power even as many environmentalists moved toward Nukes, because they create less CO2. The reason I opposed them... more

YouTube changed the way we understand the Internet

1 month ago by randomrants |1 Comment|153 Views
YouTube is obviously one of those applications that under no circumstances may be missing in your Android phone, and if you're fond of watching videos.... more
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