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The Science of Noah's Flood

5 days ago by Truthbrary |49 Comments|598 Views
The evidence for a global flood isn't hardly debated... however, the character of the so-called "loving God" who killed all those in Noah's Flood... more

Stepping over the line with Windows XP

6 days ago by WriteAboutNow |4 Comments|76 Views
Microsoft has crossed a very important line with Windows XP. The Windows XP operating system has become so important to the lives of individuals... more

Coffee or Tea? Why not Both

20 days ago by Altruist |10 Comments|180 Views
New research shows that coffee is good for preventing all kinds of diseases. It reduces joint pain, reduces skin cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer,... more

Zero Waste

24 days ago by Altruist |5 Comments|343 Views
Our world is drowning in garbage and running out of the materials and the energy that was used to create it. We will soon have nine billion people... more

Stop The Pollution - Save Seven Million Lives!

29 days ago by Altruist |6 Comments|167 Views
For anyone that values human life, the latest report from the UN should be an eye opener. Seven Million people die each year due to air pollution.... more

Environmental Science/ Sustainable Design

1 month ago by NethelThree |5 Comments|386 Views
Occasional it comes up when I am talking to my friends about what I do that I start talking about environmental design. I get asked a few times about... more

Cosmos Science for Everyone - Even FOX Viewers!

1 month ago by Altruist |35 Comments|267 Views
I have been enjoying the new update of the Cosmos series. This one is hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, instead of Carl Sagan. I am delighted... more

The True Cost of the Keystone XL Pipeline

1 month ago by Altruist |2 Comments|139 Views
The Tar sands in Alberta are the most environmentally damaging and expensive energy sources in the world. Conservatives say that development of the... more

Three Years After Fukashima

1 month ago by Altruist |9 Comments|252 Views
This week is the third anniversary of the Fukashima nuclear reactor disaster. We haven't heard too much about Fukashima lately because the government... more

Protecting and Replanting Forests to Survive

1 month ago by Altruist |3 Comments|138 Views
Between 20% and 50% of the planet's forests have been eliminated. As much as 90% of America's woodlands have been cut down to make farmland roads... more
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