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A Safer Cheaper Nuclear Reactor?

2 days ago by Altruist |0 Comments|94 Views
I have consistently opposed Nuclear Power even as many environmentalists moved toward Nukes, because they create less CO2. The reason I opposed them... more

YouTube changed the way we understand the Internet

7 days ago by randomrants |1 Comment|90 Views
YouTube is obviously one of those applications that under no circumstances may be missing in your Android phone, and if you're fond of watching videos.... more

The Eco Benefits Of Reusable Bags

7 days ago by ThomasStocks |1 Comment|85 Views
The debate over whether plastic or paper bags are better for the environment is as fractious as it is long-running, both obviously having their advantages,... more

Meat Without Guilt

7 days ago by Altruist |7 Comments|200 Views
Why should we feel guilty about eating meat? Some of us don't. Should wolves feel guilty about eating sheep? That is simply nature. People in this... more

Taxpayers: $68 Billion BulletTrain or $7 Billion Hyperloop.

7 days ago by soulreaver |13 Comments|158 Views
The Hyperloop. Imagine, 8:00 am, coffee in San Fran, then to L.A. for your lunch meeting by 12:00 pm with plenty of time to make plans for dinner.... more

Pandemics - The Best Reason To Help the Poor Nations

17 days ago by Altruist |3 Comments|125 Views
The Ebola Virus is out of control, and it is only a matter of time before it spreads to every country on Earth. Ebola is especially scary because... more

The Solution To Low Fertility Is Immigration

25 days ago by Altruist |20 Comments|175 Views
Americans are getting freaked out by 57,000 child refugees from the violence in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Considering that we are the... more

Update Our Antiquated 1872 Mining Law

1 month ago by Altruist |1 Comment|200 Views
Our mining law was made to attract people from the East to take over Indian lands to the West. Like the Homestead Act it essentially gave away the... more

Sciencestition... And The Sciencestitious Mind

1 month ago by Truthbrary |112 Comments|1,506 Views
"Sciencestitious" ...the title of my new book; yet to hit the shelves, and as of yet to be finished... features a word I just coined recently, from... more

A Web Developer Should Not Ignore These 5 Things

1 month ago by Nazmul Hasan |2 Comments|140 Views
In my job career I saw - when developers develop a site they ignore or don't fix up some normal things of websites. Those mistakes are being caught... more
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