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Update Our Antiquated 1872 Mining Law

9 days ago by Altruist |0 Comments|105 Views
Our mining law was made to attract people from the East to take over Indian lands to the West. Like the Homestead Act it essentially gave away the... more

Sciencestition... And The Sciencestitious Mind

9 days ago by Truthbrary |103 Comments|694 Views
"Sciencestitious" ...the title of my new book; yet to hit the shelves, and as of yet to be finished... features a word I just coined recently, from... more

A Web Developer Should Not Ignore These 5 Things

9 days ago by Nazmul Hasan |2 Comments|115 Views
In my job career I saw - when developers develop a site they ignore or don't fix up some normal things of websites. Those mistakes are being caught... more

The Cost of Inaction on Climate Change

16 days ago by Altruist |7 Comments|148 Views
The Koch Brothers and other fossil fuel industries are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to spread doubt about Global Warming, and they have... more

Top 30 Revenue Generate Websites

18 days ago by Nazmul Hasan |2 Comments|302 Views
Do you know which sites are making money best from online? or do you know about the top earning or money making site online? Here are some of the... more

Basic Steps of Website Business

19 days ago by Nazmul Hasan |5 Comments|317 Views
I want to share something from my experience and thats why I am writing now about some preliminary tips which are essential for website business.... more

Creation of man myth

26 days ago by sk1951 |47 Comments|311 Views
Gods made man.This a critical thinking analogy. A willful act of intelligence void of imagination or belief. It is derived from direct quotes and... more

Saving Our Oceans

1 month ago by Altruist |9 Comments|338 Views
"The world's oceans face irreparable damage from climate change and overfishing, with a five-year window for intervention, an environmental panel... more

Bodyguard Blankets

1 month ago by Altruist |7 Comments|392 Views
Another insane shooter attacked defenseless High School Students Today. This time in my state. Since the Sandy Hook Massacre there has been a school... more

What Do We Do When The Water Runs Out?

2 months ago by Altruist |9 Comments|186 Views
We are heavily dependant on pumping water from wells to provide water for drinking and for agriculture. Unfortunately we are pumping more water from... more
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