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Z Laser Lights-Selling The Highest Quality Premium DJ Laser

4 hours ago by cakesamber12 |0 Comments|11 Views
Specialized in DJ lasers we're able to provide the absolute highest quality lasers on the market at unbeatable pricing! Customized HD video & picture... more

Greenworks Cooperative Medical Marijuana Reviews! A++!

15 hours ago by SEATTLE |0 Comments|38 Views
Just want to give a quick tip for new smokers who want to experience different types of potent marijuana strains. Greenworks Cooperative has personal... more

How Smoking Weed with My Vaporizer Helped Me Get More Client

2 days ago by Idona Vinkol |0 Comments|64 Views
I don't know what other people think, but I'm the type who likes to chill on a Saturday night by smoking a few pipes, maybe a bong with some of my... more

Is Marijuana a Cure for OCD? Interesting facts and opinions

3 days ago by SEATTLE |0 Comments|92 Views
In my opinion marijuana is a possible cure for OCD. I didn't hear it from anybody else it just worked on me. I have tested it over and over again... more

The Power Packed Marijuana Cigarette! secret recipe!

4 days ago by SEATTLE |0 Comments|81 Views
If you want to know a great small joint recipe (one that you can smoke quickly in public ) and like to smoke on the go this one is a great one! ... more

Awesome Recipe for marijuana cocktails! The Marijuan Mojito!

4 days ago by SEATTLE |0 Comments|123 Views tried this recipe with different types of Gins. I personal like white gin. Was amazing. You just pick... more

Yo Ladies! Lost 18 pounds smoking weed and working out!

5 days ago by SEATTLE |4 Comments|117 Views
I lost 18 pounds smoking marijuana and feel great! Look at my before and after this is no joke people! I lost 18 pounds smoking weed. Yes I cannot... more

Using a Vaporizer to Smoke Cannabis Is Safe and a Lot of Fun

29 days ago by Mitzu Kendrick |0 Comments|249 Views
There's a reason why the number of people who use vaporizers has increased so much in the last few years. Not only is using one far cheaper, but... more

Cannabis Dispensaries

1 month ago by Mitzu Kendrick |0 Comments|940 Views
Many Colorado residents and also many of those who come to visit Colorado want to know if you have or want marijuana. Colorado, being one of the... more

The birth of the Church of Marijuana in Indiana

1 month ago by Vpham89 |2 Comments|426 Views
The "Religious Freedom" bill is now a hot, controversial topic across platforms, raising all sort of reaction across platforms. While the rest of... more
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