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Important reasons to use work place injury solicitors

3 days ago by hellengeek |0 Comments|54 Views
Injuries caused at workplace may happen in several various circumstances and also vary greatly in severity from minor injuries to broken bones, amputations... more

What to Expect at Your Local Marijuana Dispensary

3 days ago by Idona Vinkol |0 Comments|60 Views
With a growing number of states having legalized the use of medical marijuana comes the growing acceptance of marijuana use and of marijuana dispensaries,... more

Baseball and me

10 days ago by SupelecMetzShen |0 Comments|247 Views
What I rave about the most now is the baseball. Frankly speaking, I have never played a real baseball game because I am from China and nobody plays... more

How to waste time with the French CAF

10 days ago by Brackett |1 Comment|102 Views
I take my pen to rant about the way the CAF (the French organisation which distributes the family allowances) takes care of my file. As I was in... more

L'Arrosoir in Nancy

10 days ago by Benny |0 Comments|259 Views
Two weeks ago, I went with my wife to one of the most fantastic and delightful restaurants I've ever been to. Located just nearby the "Stanislas... more


10 days ago by yesmine_34 |1 Comment|254 Views
I have chosen to talk about cigarettes. Like most people, I am fed up with this topic because we hear about it all day long in the media: television,... more

Plane seats

10 days ago by azinho07 |2 Comments|259 Views
If as I, you suffer from backache, you have certainly faced the same problem while traveling by air. Honestly, it's a real ordeal whenever the flight... more

black and white movies are back

10 days ago by superpoum |1 Comment|95 Views
Have you ever wanted to watch a movie and said yourself " What if I watch an old movie ? "Well it happened to me last week. That's why I decided... more

the great iPhone 6

10 days ago by Guigui_from_Fra |4 Comments|262 Views
My rave concerns the new iPhone 6 designed by Apple. Some people could argue that Apple invented the market for smartphones in 2007 but that since... more

Perscription and Pain Killer Drugs not working with stomach?

10 days ago by sweet tushy |0 Comments|106 Views
If you are suffering sickness or pain marijuana that is light and high in THC can really relief a lot of pain without all the side effects. My wife... more
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