Rants and Raves

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Independence Day

25 days ago by Justified |9 Comments|129 Views
Thank you to all the soldiers that have signed up to serve for our independence. You were not forced or drafted, you just wanted to fight and serve... more

Critical thinking analogy of the imaginary and intellectual

27 days ago by sk1951 |12 Comments|206 Views
If you want to read this story I posted it here because a copy paste butchers it so badly it is not readable. Thanks. more

Common Core Movie: "Despicable Them"

1 month ago by BruceDPrice |8 Comments|438 Views
Okay, this is the day I do a favor for Universal Pixs. Here, free of charge, is a bold new concept for a cartoon action comedy. Not just a concept,... more

What Truth is not.

1 month ago by sk1951 |40 Comments|416 Views
My search for Truth taught me what Truth is not. Truth is not: Condescending or rude. Dose not have opinions, facts, knowledge or beliefs. Is not... more

A fresh look at Genesis from a critical thinking perspective

1 month ago by sk1951 |28 Comments|297 Views
Satire: The Bible teaches us to glorify liars and hate truth tellers.How has this affected us and the world?As a life time student of the Bible I... more

DodgeBall: Banned. What?

1 month ago by Stern Howie_ |2 Comments|205 Views
Dodgeball: Banned. What?Dodgeball. We all played it. Gym Class, P.E. or whatever they wanted to call it these days; sooner or later there would... more

Sick People Populating and Making a Sick World

2 months ago by Stern Howie_ |49 Comments|311 Views
Sick People Populating and Making a Sick WorldSickness needs to be addressed and not accepted or ignored. When sickness is swept under our rugs,... more

Destined:Alyssa Jacey's new album drops on 5/13/2014!

2 months ago by J Lee Kenser |3 Comments|487 Views
I got an early copy of Alyssa Jacey's newest album "Destined" which drops on May 13, 2014 available on her website I would... more

Welcome to Planet MESSED UP

3 months ago by Stern Howie_ |89 Comments|641 Views
Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." - Thomas Paine"Give me liberty or give... more

Means to an end

3 months ago by DrDivago |4 Comments|231 Views
Making a difference in the society where you live is a valid principle only if that society will use your contribution for good; otherwise, a contribution... more
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