Rants and Raves

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Means to an end

5 days ago by DrDivago |4 Comments|83 Views
Making a difference in the society where you live is a valid principle only if that society will use your contribution for good; otherwise, a contribution... more

Yay to the Opportunity to Share Opinions and Connect

14 days ago by Lean123 |4 Comments|259 Views
Connecting to like-minded individuals is always a plus; but connecting to different natured people on social media and writing sites, gives diversity... more

When TV Taught Us Something Good

19 days ago by Huey Newton |20 Comments|292 Views
When TV Taught Us Something GoodWhen I was a kid back in the early 70's I truly enjoyed Saturday mornings. They had the best cartoon lineups ever.... more

The Danger of Coal

2 months ago by Altruist |6 Comments|241 Views
In 2008 a Coal Ash dike broke in Eastern Tennessee spilling 5.4 million cubic yards of the wet toxic sludge over the valley. This is enough to cover... more

The Duck Dynasty Phenomenon

2 months ago by Huey Newton |9 Comments|475 Views
They don't drink. They don't swear. They don't mess around on their wives. Duck Dynasty.The show follows members of the extended Robertson clan,... more

Groundhog Day Again...

2 months ago by SuperDestroyer |5 Comments|352 Views
The other day, thanks to I came across Wolf Gnards blog entry of June 16, 2009 titled "How Long Does Bill Murray Spend in Groundhog... more

Jesus Among Other Gods

2 months ago by Truthbrary |6 Comments|652 Views
The other day I flipped my Bible open, and it happened to land on one of my favourite passages of all time. I would like to think that the God of... more

Time for Prison Reform

2 months ago by Altruist |12 Comments|328 Views
The American Prison system is our worst disgrace. We have more people in prison than any other country in the world. In practice, U.S. prisons result... more


2 months ago by DJ RantRave Mike Schatz |17 Comments|459 Views
Dear members,I an effort to further define the community, Christian and I are considering paring down the new categories on more

did anybody see this i did oh boy

2 months ago by softbabe44 |3 Comments|205 Views
now it's time for the rest of this i was reading in the paper this morning that the farm bill they are gonna pass has a cut of 8 million over the... more
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