Rants and Raves

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Bogus Estrogen's Are Attacking Your Body without Warning

9 days ago by PaPa51000 |2 Comments|129 Views
Depending on your gender, your male organs, testicles and prostate or breast and ovaries gland are under attack on a regular daily basis without... more

A Glimpse Of Punjabi Fashion And Its Unique Appeal

11 days ago by jenny123 |2 Comments|137 Views
The unique appeal of Punjabi fashion has not faded away with time. Rather it has highly influenced individuals living in other states and abroad.... more

The Mask Behind The "Face"

15 days ago by Truthbrary |23 Comments|782 Views
You have heard the phrase alluding to the real person "behind the mask" ...but what IF it was the other way around? What if it was more accurate... more

NEWS: "Reddit Wasted My Time" ― Hharrisonford

24 days ago by Truthbrary |6 Comments|2,040 Views
I think Reddit is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME... well, I guess I had it coming; I pretended to be a member, and they pretended to serve me! I have been... more

Independence Day

1 month ago by Justified |9 Comments|156 Views
Thank you to all the soldiers that have signed up to serve for our independence. You were not forced or drafted, you just wanted to fight and serve... more

Critical thinking analogy of the imaginary and intellectual

1 month ago by sk1951 |12 Comments|229 Views
If you want to read this story I posted it here because a copy paste butchers it so badly it is not readable. Thanks. more

Common Core Movie: "Despicable Them"

2 months ago by BruceDPrice |8 Comments|496 Views
Okay, this is the day I do a favor for Universal Pixs. Here, free of charge, is a bold new concept for a cartoon action comedy. Not just a concept,... more

What Truth is not.

2 months ago by sk1951 |40 Comments|452 Views
My search for Truth taught me what Truth is not. Truth is not: Condescending or rude. Dose not have opinions, facts, knowledge or beliefs. Is not... more

A fresh look at Genesis from a critical thinking perspective

2 months ago by sk1951 |28 Comments|326 Views
Satire: The Bible teaches us to glorify liars and hate truth tellers.How has this affected us and the world?As a life time student of the Bible I... more

DodgeBall: Banned. What?

2 months ago by Stern Howie_ |2 Comments|245 Views
Dodgeball: Banned. What?Dodgeball. We all played it. Gym Class, P.E. or whatever they wanted to call it these days; sooner or later there would... more
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