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What to Expect at Your Local Marijuana Dispensary

24 days ago by Idona Vinkol |0 Comments|195 Views
With a growing number of states having legalized the use of medical marijuana comes the growing acceptance of marijuana use and of marijuana dispensaries,... more

Perscription and Pain Killer Drugs not working with stomach?

1 month ago by sweet tushy |0 Comments|283 Views
If you are suffering sickness or pain marijuana that is light and high in THC can really relief a lot of pain without all the side effects. My wife... more

Marijuana and Tobacco: Friend or Foe? Sinful or Holy?

1 month ago by The Hard truth |0 Comments|251 Views
One of the first things a proponent for the legalization of marijuana will bring up (or any other person in support of its use), whether they believe... more

Retroactive Ameliorative Relief for Marijuana Sentences

4 months ago by sweet tushy |0 Comments|528 Views
Listen folks this is all of our responsibility to stand up for those who were less fortunate and have been locked up for years for possession of... more

Odd facts you may not have know about Marijuana

4 months ago by Vpham89 |0 Comments|693 Views
Love it or hate it, everyone talks about Marijuana but that doesn't mean we know a whole lot of facts about it. The truth is, there are many studies... more

Beware of buying poisonous Pot from rogue dispensaries

4 months ago by Shooter |5 Comments|895 Views
Lets be blunt here. Do you really think most of the Pot out there was made from operations that spent the extra 100k on building out a chemically... more

Medical Marijuana Amendment "Loses" in Florida

4 months ago by markbyrn |0 Comments|546 Views
As you can see from the attached chart, the Florida Medical Marijuana amendment "lost" with a large majority favoring it but did not meet the 60%... more

Is Marijuana right for you?

4 months ago by Shooter |0 Comments|1,480 Views
Is Marijuana right for you?Don't view Marijuana as the culture around weed would desire you too. Approach it in safe and familiar settings. Get... more

Better Medicine

4 months ago by sweet tushy |1 Comment|1,428 Views
This is one persons opinion. I believe marijuana is a excellent alternative to prescription drugs, street drugs, and alcohol. With minimal non life... more

Beware of driving near the canadian border with Marijuana

4 months ago by Shooter |0 Comments|599 Views
The absolute most insane thing happened to me a couple weeks ago. I drove my truck up to get a golf lesson from a famous golf instructor, Jeff... more
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