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What to Expect at Your Local Marijuana Dispensary

12 hours ago by Idona Vinkol |0 Comments|34 Views
With a growing number of states having legalized the use of medical marijuana comes the growing acceptance of marijuana use and of marijuana dispensaries,... more

Baseball and me

6 days ago by SupelecMetzShen |0 Comments|172 Views
What I rave about the most now is the baseball. Frankly speaking, I have never played a real baseball game because I am from China and nobody plays... more

How to waste time with the French CAF

6 days ago by Brackett |1 Comment|77 Views
I take my pen to rant about the way the CAF (the French organisation which distributes the family allowances) takes care of my file. As I was in... more

L'Arrosoir in Nancy

6 days ago by Benny |0 Comments|184 Views
Two weeks ago, I went with my wife to one of the most fantastic and delightful restaurants I've ever been to. Located just nearby the "Stanislas... more


6 days ago by yesmine_34 |1 Comment|176 Views
I have chosen to talk about cigarettes. Like most people, I am fed up with this topic because we hear about it all day long in the media: television,... more

Plane seats

6 days ago by azinho07 |2 Comments|180 Views
If as I, you suffer from backache, you have certainly faced the same problem while traveling by air. Honestly, it's a real ordeal whenever the flight... more

black and white movies are back

6 days ago by superpoum |1 Comment|72 Views
Have you ever wanted to watch a movie and said yourself " What if I watch an old movie ? "Well it happened to me last week. That's why I decided... more

the great iPhone 6

6 days ago by Guigui_from_Fra |4 Comments|189 Views
My rave concerns the new iPhone 6 designed by Apple. Some people could argue that Apple invented the market for smartphones in 2007 but that since... more

Perscription and Pain Killer Drugs not working with stomach?

7 days ago by sweet tushy |0 Comments|82 Views
If you are suffering sickness or pain marijuana that is light and high in THC can really relief a lot of pain without all the side effects. My wife... more

Mens Issues - Infertility In Men

7 days ago by JamesAndew |0 Comments|87 Views
For married couples who are experiencing problems with getting pregnant, a fertility test is the best way of establishing the cause of the problem,... more
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