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Times of this Age

5 hours ago by Edward Lee |0 Comments|35 Views
John described a great beast (Revelation 13:1b-8). The beast was seen to have "ten horns and seven heads" (13:1c). Just as with Daniel's fourth beast... more

The speech that Obama should have given on Labor Day, 2014

7 hours ago by BruceDPrice |2 Comments|43 Views
"Today, ladies and gentlemen, I want to talk about work. Not just talk about it. I want to praise it. That's right—hard, sweaty, roll-up-your-sleeves... more

Wall Street is Rigged and Overvalued - Is it Time To Bail?

1 day ago by Altruist |0 Comments|65 Views
In the good old days, Banks actually lent money to help homeowners and small businesses, and the stock market was a way to invest in your favorite... more

Guilty-not guilty?

1 day ago by Sandragn |2 Comments|57 Views
I don't get it! The innocent don't matter to people any more! The evil child molester , they fear will be raped in prison not to mention he's allready... more

Best toy videos for kids

2 days ago by Johnlennon |5 Comments|98 Views
People would remember things much strongly which they see rather listen and same goes for kids as well, if they learn things through video they... more

What Business Leaders Must know About SEO?

4 days ago by Tim Scott |1 Comment|75 Views
If you are a business leader, then you should be aware that the style and technique of selling has come a long way. Just like fax machine, even advertising... more

Experience the best sharepoint electronic signature

4 days ago by Johnlennon |0 Comments|72 Views
When one begins working on digital signature key, it becomes an essential part of one’s systems for expanding data of new arrivals which... more

Observatory/Telescope - Where Brightest Stars are in USA

4 days ago by Sunny1 |18 Comments|84 Views
Sunday night my husband and I visited the Observatory in DeKorte Park in NJ. Many know this area in NJ as this is where our large stadium and art... more

US and European blacks being recruited to Islam in Prison

5 days ago by Altruist |15 Comments|107 Views
We are seeing that many of the Muslim extremists fighting with ISIS (or ISIL or IS) were recruited from the West. This freaks out security analysts,... more

Contraception is Always Free. What's the Controversy??

5 days ago by Stern Howie_ |33 Comments|162 Views
The idea here in prosperous and privileged AmeriKKKa is that contraception should be FUNDED by health care and tax payer dollars. The funny thing... more
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