About RantRave

RantRave is a community of independent thinkers who crave a fresh perspective and yearn to speak their piece. You can rave over that new album you can’t get out of your head, or rant about a restaurant’s overpriced fare. Think you have the ultimate argument in political theory? Let’s hear it. Here at RantRave, no topic is too trivial, no matter too momentous.
And if giving the world a piece of your mind isn’t incentive enough, at RantRave you can even get paid to post your opinion. There has never been a better place to let your feelings fly. So sign up, sign in and start sounding off.
A RantRaver's Guide to Etiquette
Like every civil society, there are some rules at RantRave by which to abide:
  • First things first, leave the profanity at the door. Don’t waste your time or the rest of the world’s with these empty modifiers and second-rate synonyms.
  • Second, pornographic material has no place here at RantRave, so please leave it out of your post and your profile.
Failure to obey these guidelines will result in a suspension of your account. If you see any obscenities or pornographic posts please flag them. Your help will only enhance the quality of the community. And finally, if you see a post that is filled with nonsense, please flag that as well. If these rules seem fair to you, then sign up and let’s see what you got.