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Philly sports
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People when will it come, we wait and wait for success never seeing the golden chalice. Maybe one day we will feel the power of championships from all the maybe not. It seems the promise is there every year but fades away as fast as it appears. What are our opinions about this, what can we do, and how do we cope every year with the ultimate failure of missing the bigs show in all of our sports by a couple of games? We sign great players, we sign dopey players and nothing seems to work, is the system is it the atmosphere is it a curse? I would love to see two champions in one year to feel what very few cities/towns have felt. Am I being greedy? Am I being unrealistic? Should I just pick a sport and hope? I would love to but I am afraid I like the failure, it's comfortable for me. When the phillies won in 2008, it felt great but a little sareal. Is this what winning will always feel like? Will that spark change if we consistently win? Does the butterflies in the stomach go away when you expect to win? How do you handle it when you only felt it once and got close several times. Maybe this is why Philadelphia is a love/hate town, we would love to win but are afraid to commit to that sareal feeling so we do what most people do best and become defensive.

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