it is better to receive a rebuke from a friend than kisses..

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I was spending a lot of my time tiring to have Churches have me give presentations at their congregations, as required by the Pocket Testament League. For some reason, God only knows. They are not very receptive. I believe it's the same old, don't make me feel guilty for not winning Souls for the Lord Jesus. Furthermore, don't preach about Hell, adultery and so on.

So I have now focused my time on evangelism. As a matter of fact, I am now leading about 100 a month, the closer we get to the tribulation, and as the bad weather increases, the easier it will be.. I just don't get it. Someone like Terry Fox hopped across Canada on one leg for a cure for Cancer.

I just can't wait until people who don't know the Lord. Is shaking in their boots as Dec, 2012 is publicized by the opportunist.

I am not trying to put down Terry, but all human beings, would he have walk crossed Canada on two legs if he did not have Cancer? Do we have to be so rebellious as Christians?

Jesus came to Earth, did good, died a cruel death on the cross so that we would not go to Hell, and because of what He did, we will be rescued from the Great Tribulation, which is just around the corner. We then will spend forever and forever in PARADISE.

And we can't even go out of our way to help our follow humans to avoid eternal damnation? Sorry for saying this. However, I know that most dogs that will be more faithful to their masters, than we are to our Savior.

Let's do some math there, if I can lead 100 souls a month to Jesus, not because I am better than you, but because I am semi-retired. That would be 1,200 a year, and because you do not have as much time as I do, if a Church of 1,400 like Calvary Worship each Christian led two a month, that will be a total of 4,000 now if 20 Christian Churches did the same the grand total will be 80,000, I think the Trinity will be very pleased with that.

Jesus who is the way to Heaven, gave us two commandments, love your Nabors as you self's, and go and tell everyone about and lead them to ME. The only one that most of us is obeying is "Love ourselves"

I know you are thinking of UNSUBCRIBING, this is as bad as a sermon of Hell or Adultery? (Sorry, but it is better to receive a rebuke from a friend than kisses from an enemy.


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