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Vancouver, WA
Clark county commissioners on Tuesday formally approved a plan that has been in the works for m ore than a year starting in January,most county employees will pay a portion of their health insurance premium employees 1,362 people who have full-time equivalent positions-will pay 7 percent which will save the county $1.6 million,commissioners said Tuesday the county's remaining 215 employees are members of either the Clark county sheriff's deputies guild or custody officer's guild which are still negotiating with the county's human resources department. Members of the custody officers guild, however have been paying a portion of their health insurance premium since January said Francine reis the county's human resources director county employees have known since 2010 they would have to start paying a health care premium in 2012. For 2012 county employees will pay between $488 and $ 1,410 annually, depending how many family members are on their plan including dental coverage employees will pay between $533 and$1,538 This year service costs went up for employees example an office visit co-pay went from $15 to $20 so we can b acyclic see that hours will go down and pay will be lost and cut it just goes to say where are we now?
Eugene, OR
36 months ago: When the right wing demonizes government employees and the unions they dismiss all of the sacrifices these workers make.

The laborers do make a bit more than in private industry but management and the skilled workers and engineers could make far more in private industry.

Instead of trying to bring down the government workers the right wing should concentrate on the insanely high compensation for the CEO's and upper management of the private corporations who make 300 times what the workers do. They could hire many more workers if they didn't waste all of that money on the big wigs. A recent study found out there was nothing special about these CEO's but their Egos.

But even the CEO's that make obscene profits and have golden parachutes of tens of millions pale in comparison to the Hedge Fund managers and the derivative traders who make twenty times as much as the CEO's, but they don't really produce anything. They are the ones that destroyed the economy, were bailed out and are now making more money then ever. They are the top tenth of the 1%.

These are the guys the right should be hating instead of the unions.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
35 months ago: What good would it do a county budget if the CEO's of private companies made less money? What good would it do a State budget to get every hedge fund manager fired?

None, that's what.

States and counties are required to operate within their budgets. They can't just go around printing more money the way the Fed does. Ask those county workers if they would rather lose $588 per year, or $1.6 million worth of jobs. At $35,000 per job per year, nearly 50 workers would have been out of work.

Looks like the county did the right thing, and shared the burden amongst those affected by the budget shortfalls. If the Democrats would quit threatening with the tax structure and the economy, revenues would again rise and this sort of thing wouldn't be necessary.
35 months ago: What good would it do if the CEOs and hedge fund managers made less......there would be more money available to increase employment.

After all, isn't that the premise of the conservative base. If more people had jobs, then there would be more tax revenues and then we would all be better off!!

Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
35 months ago: No, Ed, it would simply mean more profit for the company. That would be divvied up by the shareholders, and would not mean any extra revenue for the county.
Eugene, OR
35 months ago: The point is that the county workers work hard and keep the county working. They fix the roads, keep the peace, put out fires, and their unions have recognized that they have to stay within a budget and have made significant sacrifices.

Some of the CEO's that make 300 times as much as their workers just stripped the company for short term profit and then bailed with their million dollar parachutes. The equivalent positions in the public secter make a tenth of that amount and have no parachutes.

The hedge fund managers who make a thousand times as much as the workers do nothing of any value to society at all. They are leeches sucking up all of the nations wealth without giving back anything.

My Congressman has introduced legislation that would ask these leeches to pay back a tiny part of their gambling so that money can be used to create jobs.

As Edward said more jobs, more taxes paid, less government services used, and the deficit goes down. It would limit the harmful behavior that caused the economic collapse and create healthy behavior that would help the economy.

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