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It seems to be they make be having problems with weight loss ideas thing is I'm not sure if they have to sign anything before they have a procedure done seems a orange county California woman has died after weight loss surgery at a los angeles out patient clinic she is the fifth person since 2009 to die shortly after a lap-band procedure at a clinic affiliated with the 1 800-get thin advertising campaign according to lawsuits ,coroners records and interviews paramedics rushed Paula rojeseski on Sept 8th from valley surgical center in west hills to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead said los angeles county assistant chief coroner ed winter the coroners office performed an autopsy but has not yet deter-mined how she died rojeski 55 was the second lap-band patient to die after surgery at the west hills facility which has used multiple names most recently valley surgical center three patients died after procedures at another clinic in Beverly hills which also has used numerous names including Beverley hills surgical center both locations receive referrals from1-800-get thin which sends prospective weight loss patients to outpatient clinics that perform lap-band surgeries in southern California the ads have attracted criticism including from the devices manufacturing about underplay-of associated risks so we find this may not be very safe I think it would make a person think twice about the surgeries there
37 months ago: If you have elective surgery, you have to sign paperwork giving the doc permission to cut you open.

No surgery comes without risk. Death is not the only outcome.

Medical centers change hands quite often and they change their name each time. Considering the thousands of surgeries preformed each year, I doubt that this areas death rates are much higher than any others.

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