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What to Buy for an Elderly Person For Christmas

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Bemidji, MN
It's always been a struggle for me the find something that would be meaningful for elderly parents, relatives, or friends. Every year I try to think of something that is unique. Many times I just end up getting something that I know they can use. I know these gifts are appreciated, but I would like to give them something special.
San Antonio, TX
46 months ago: Get them a "planting policy" - i.e. an insurance policy to cover their funeral/interment costs - for when the Death Panels decide their "Social Utility" is insufficient to warrant further expenditures to keep them going.
Lexington, SC
46 months ago: One of the best things we have done for my 80 y/o mom in a while was to contract last year with a local maid service for 4 hours/week to help mom with basic stuff, trip to the hairdresser, etc, but in addition to that, this particular service, called Home Instead" makes a point of employing the most sociable people who will just chat about whatever, look at the grand;s photo's, figure out how to reset the alarm clock for DST, etc. This new friend for Mom is so valuable in keeping her mind alert, motivating her to get up and dressed on the days Helen is coming,etc. Admittedly, this year we are back in the same gift quandary...maybe another birdfeeder. jpb

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