Ty Warren forgoes bonus to get college degree

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Finally, a positive story about a pro football player who is forgoing a $250,000 off-season work out bonus to get his college degree. His team may be unhappy he is not showing up but at least it is for a positive reason.

New England Patriots DE Ty Warren is not only making a positive role model for his own children but many others who have dreams of professional sport glory. This man stood up and realized and I hope the lesson extends too many other college, high school and possible pro football prospects down the road that a college degree is more important than just playing for the money.

With a possible lockout in 2011, many players just might be looking in this much more intently than ever. There is no telling how long the lockout might last and what will happen should it go more than one season.

Many players may be seeing the light as it were figuring out that after a high paying football career there may be a need for more earning potential as not all players can be a Manning, Bradshaw, Aikman being paid to be a spokesperson, television analyst, etc…

They should be thinking and looking back at many of the former players who along the way are left homeless, penniless and often in trouble with the law for bad choices made after their career in football or any other pro sport is finally over.

We should all applaud this player and those like him who not only give up the money but also realize there are more important things in life than sports.

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