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Today At Rant Rave I Read…

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Dwayne Johnson
Today At Rant Rave I Read…
To which I responded:
I love Nashville. It is like Detroit during Motown's heydays. I've listened and watched the evolution of Country music and I can't help but feel impressed. The subject matter is still the same, good & bad times, ballads of endless and unrequited love, patriotism and rebellion but its culture has changed. Nashville has fully integrated into the American psyche. Much like other classic forms of American music that has its roots in the heartache and misery of the antebellum south Country music has taken the hot lemons of those dark years and turned it into the cool lemonade that quenches a parched and still turbulent present. Good for you R&B's brother from another mother!
Afterwards I read…
And this is what I thought:
Here is the counter point JLK. Football is an aggressive sport. It seems almost ridiculous to think that anyone taking up the sport professionally wouldn't know the risks involved but the hard facts are there in the lives of countless former professional athletes who now suffer from debilitating neurological disorders that stem from the repeated injuries they received to the head. The only other sport where such a runaway cases of brain injuries are seen is boxing and there is no disputing there that blows to the head is what caused these disorders. Should athletes sue? They shouldn't have to. The NFL much like Tobacco companies should own up to the hazards of their industry and be proactive about minimizing the dangers. Unlike Tobacco which is by its very nature a carcinogen and not a safe product, sports can be made safe. If it takes law suits to bring this about then so be it!
That was followed by…
…and a witty remark by me that went as follows:
Boycotts are sexist by their very nature! What kind of people boycott? Only males hmm? But they are not just sexist they also discriminate against adults and the elderly. The time for boycotts has passed! You don't see people running around calling for girlcotts or geriatriccotts, do you? Let's just give cotts a rest okay?
I proceeded to read the next twelve tirades all of which received a healthy dose of my opinion. If you don't believe me go and check them out for yourself.
32 months ago: If I only had the time to sit and read and read and read. Unfortunately I am poor and must do chores myself or face the rath of the wife, who will be home soon to clean-my-clock because I have accomplished not one worthwhile thing all day long. Guess recovering from working on the daughters well pump and then having to go attend a funeral and then watch the grandkids (3 of 7) for a while was just too much for my aching body.

Keep 'em coming!
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
32 months ago: LOL!
Eugene, OR
32 months ago: I played a lot of park football when young without any protective gear. I recently saw a Rugby match and that reminded me of that. Those Rugby players are much tougher than our football players because the play never stops except for time outs. I agree that football is too aggressive and that it should be stopped because of the head injuries. I also think Mixed Martial Arts is barbaric and should be outlawed.

Someone told me that boxing with gloves creates more brain injuries than fighting without gloves. I suspect the added mass of the gloves causes more movement of the head but on the other hand the focused damage of the fist would break facial bones.
32 months ago: Altruist,

Why don't you and DJ boycott the UFC !:]
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
32 months ago: The mere act of bearing any kind of trauma to the head intentionally seems idiotic to me. I don't see anything wrong with gladiator type sports so long as the head is protected or made off limits. This seems like such a simple fix when the alternative could be millions of dollars in lawsuits.

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