There’s some turbulence on board

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In-flight safety demonstration
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They say that there are only two kinds of airline passengers, those that joined the "Mile High Club" and those that want to join. However, there are times when you should really resist the urge.

Locking yourself inside the airplane bathroom for more than twenty minutes on a tenth anniversary of 9/11 is really not the smartest move you could make. Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks by having an x-rated romp shows quite a lack of common sense. A couple's "intimate relations" caused fighter jets to scramble and escort a passenger plane as a Frontier Airlines flight was making its way into the Detroit. Authorities searched plane and, of course, turned up nothing. The couple was released after questioning by FBI.

The toilet complaint came from a passenger and not a crewmember. It remained unclear was it because of the need to use the toilet or just the plain envy. After all, those aircraft bathrooms are only one for every 50 passengers.

Some say that the allure of Mile High Club is vibration of the plane, which increases arousal; others say it's the thrill of the risk of being discovered. This is the first time that the added thrill came in the form of being escorted and targeted by F-16 fighter jets!
Eugene, OR
36 months ago: Of course the stewards have orders to watch people more closely. You are right it is stupid to try to get two people in there for an extended time.

They might have to start putting sensors/cameras inside and out of the bathrooms, to sense abnormal behavior. They have chemical sniffers that can identify explosives.

36 months ago: Chemical sniffers and increased security awareness are just fine.

If we ever get to the point where we start placing cameras in public bathrooms, the terrorist won!
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
36 months ago: Unless they scale weight them in and out. Seems to me that if you need so lose a tank or a load you should weigh less afterwards.

36 months ago: You've got a great idea here. A simple scale under the carpet that weighted people going in and out would be enough. It can even be made inconspicuous!
If you gain weight in the bathroom, something is definitely not right!

Why don't you try to patent the idea? I'm serious. I really see some money in the special design and installation of such system...
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
32 months ago: That is a good idea, but would fail if someone was using a C4 suppository.

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