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There is Hope For The Unsaved

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There is hope for the unsaved
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Dwayne Johnson
I believe in Jesus. I really do. But perhaps the Jesus that I believe in is the wrong Jesus. Perhaps my belief will damn me to the eternal burning hell of another Jesus, A more vindictive unforgiving Jesus. Perhaps it is this Jesus that I need to love unconditionally. Perhaps? But how am I suppose to know? Every religion claims truth. Every religion has Holy Books written by devoted Holy men that are assertive and convinced that they have found, the one true way to whatever it is that humans really need. How do I know who to follow?

Well I am writing here today to proclaim that there is hope for the unsaved. "Believe in me said Jesus and you will have eternal life." Jesus was so convinced or so delusional of this statement that he proclaimed it to a fellow death row inmate as they both hung their dying. "I tell you this very day, you will be with me in paradise." Should his fellow inmate have believed the words of the crucified Jesus or should Jesus and his fellow inmate both have been seeking atonement elsewhere? No need to wonder. I am here to proclaim that there is hope for the unsaved. Does it exist at the foot of the cross? I believe it, but remember that I could be wrong. Don't follow me or believe because I believe it. I am nobody. Look for salvation yourself. Be convinced of it yourself. Don't let no one dissuade you of that precious pearl of great price that you have found. Let all around you be damned by the8ir own lack of conviction but you hold on to what you have found and in so doing their will be hope for the unsaved.

31 months ago: Dwayne, I can see that you are not sure of your Salvation? The way to find the real Jesus, is to spend some time on your knees, pray to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He will. I can tell you of many stories on this subject.
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
31 months ago: You are wrong. I am plenty sure. I was being sardonic because people are often critical of each other's beliefs without exploring the path it took that person to get there. I find it ironic that the same person who invests so much time in developing an explanation for their faith does not allow for someone else's path of development. They defiantly assault another's beliefs as flawed and supplicate them for conversion. Who am I to doubt your salvation? Then again, who are you to doubt mine?

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