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The End Of The World is Upon Us…Again!

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The End of the World is Upon Us Again
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Dwayne Johnson
I wonder if there ever was a time when human beings lived in happy bliss, not worrying if the end of the world is nigh yet one more time? I'm sure that the Jehovah witnesses could teach the rest of us a thing or two about false expectations and great disappointments. Why exactly do humans long so badly for the end of all things? Was non existence so great before we were born that we long to return to those blissful days?

We humans are constantly trying to bring about our own demise. If we are not collectively wishing for doomsday then we are actively participating in wars. It is not just open declared wars either but proxy wars as well. We participate in genocide. We participate in euthanasia. Goodness knows that we slaughter animals for every imaginable reason under the sun as if we could some how bring them back if we somehow made a mistake.

We kill for pleasure. We kill for sport. We kill for food. We kill for clothing. We kill for self defense. We kill to steel. We kill to punish. We entertain ourselves watching make believe killings. Our religions demand that we kill. We imagine the great reward of all those that opposed us, once again more killing or at the very least eternal torture. Could it be that we long for death because we have surrounded ourselves with a culture of death.?

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