Students ‘Occupy Christmas’

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Athiests only count for aproximately 1%
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"Benicia High School students protesting a decision to take down Christmas decorations across campus. A handful of students staged a sit-in-style demonstration Tuesday to protest the move that followed complaints of cultural insensitivity. Their message: There's nothing wrong with Christmas decorations, and the acknowledgment of Christmas itself does not mean an endorsement of religion. (Picture featured: BENICIA?HIGH?SENIORS?Tori Compton, left, and Danica Sheets at Tuesday's protest."

Even if you do see Christianity as a religion, simply decorating anything on any given day is not the "establishment of religion" ...rather the allowance could be constitutional as "the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech... or the right of the people peaceably to assemble". Jesus Christ was a historical person that many have atributed religious status; however even if that is the case, the acknowledgement of that fact
should not be prohibited.

No one prevents people from celebrating the birthdays and accomplishments of historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. rather there are national hollidays commemorating their accomplishments and benifits that have changed our society. So why not Jesus? Just becaus He has a following second to none, and is recognized every time someone puts their finger on the calendar... someone has really got to hate Jesus to want to tear down decorations in honor to this incredible historical person!

Seriously... get over it! Most of the problems over Jesus have come by the hands of those who aren't even followers... they don't read nor obey His word, and Jesus' Name is slandered by the likes. Why should a member of history be marred by the actions of those who do disservice to this great contriburor? One should question their own agendas... when it comes to iradication of history and it's greatest achivers!

Ironically true Athiests only count for aproximately 1%
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John Piper - "Don't waste your life"
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
33 months ago: Sounds like it's time for the 99% who don't hate God to stand up, and retake their rights.
The Constitution says "Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion...".

Then the 14th Amendment was passed, and considered by the Supreme Court to be intended to extend the Bill of Rights to the States. Therefore, since the 14th Amendment, according to the Supreme Court, "States shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion...".

Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
33 months ago: Cultural insensitivity? It's very insensitive for atheists to deny Christians an open display of worship for those that consider it important. What's next, banning prayer caps and prayer rugs in public places? Somehow I don't think the atheists would go there.

Atheists and secularists may have been stifled in the past, but they should not use their new-found freedom and power to oppress those who still hold religious conviction.
Perfect Horizon
Perfect Horizon
Chicago, IL
33 months ago: Why then do most Christians complain about the Atheists being allowed to put up a display as well?

P.S. A Christmas tree is not a Christian tradition...its Pagan
33 months ago: Perfect,

Which particular complaint from Christians are you referring to? The only displays "Atheists being allowed to put up" ...that Christians complain about are the ones from the Darwinian religion, passed off as scientific.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
33 months ago: I'm seriously wondering which displays PH is talking about? If Atheists want to put up a Christmas display, I say go for it. Even if it is a hate-filled demonstration of intolerance, it's a free country.
33 months ago: OO... That's funny !:]

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