Philadelphia Eagles trade McNabb to the Washington Redskins

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Written by is announcing online that the Washington Redskins have a acquired Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles opening the door for Kevin Kolb to start in Philly which leaves Michael Vick in a back up role. It is believed anyone looking at Vick were intending on putting him in a back up role anyway so this might just be the best fit for Vick.

Washington gave up a second round pick (37th Overall) in this years draft and either a third or fourth round pick next season. Which I would gather is based upon how well Donovan does this season in Washington under Coach Mike Shanahan.

This also leaves me wondering if Washington is thinking seriously about picking up Tim Tebow and allowing him to develop under the tutelage McNabb at quarterback. Of course, this whole play may very well depend on whether or not they can sign McNabb to an extension, which is reportedly necessary to keep him on whomever he belongs too now.

And of course the upper management of the Eagles are using politically correct language when referring to the moving of McNabb and his future as "one of the greatest Eagles of all time" their words not mine.

His future was clearly in play when the last two weeks of last season he failed to garner a first round bye against their archrival the Dallas Cowboys two weeks in a row.

Only time and I am sure 24 hours will tell if the trade is a go and his signing an extension with the Redskins is going to happen or not.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
55 months ago: Good for Donovan. I think I may actually enjoy watching the Redskins in the upcoming season.
Omaha, NE
55 months ago: Well if they cant get Donovan, maybe they could sign Farve. He has not played there. That was sarcastic humor for those who didnt spot it. All kidding aside, If Donovan didn't get it done in Philly, There is not chance in Washington. Maybe its time to oppose the trade or just retire as a Eagle. Then we could all see him on Fox...

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