Penang, paradise Island

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When I was based in Singapore with the Royal Air Force, Penang was the paradise were I desired to spend Christmas holidays, the drive from Singapore over the causeway to Malaysia through the rubber trees, then taking the ferry to Penang, the beaches are the best outside the West Indies. The RAF had a holiday resort for Airmen, were we were served coffee in bed, and there were parties were local girls were invited, with my Trinidad dancing rhythm; I had no problem in meeting beautiful girls.

Penang has a snake temple when I was 19 in the RAF on holiday I went into that place with vipers it was full of snakes hanging all everywhere.

Penang Days of old was dated back to the 16th century where the Portuguese
traders in exploration for spice, disembarked in the rocky isle of Batu Ferringhi
known as "Lover's Isle" to obtain fresh supplies of water. At that time Penang
belongs to the Rulers of Kedah are. Named after a palm tree.

Due to the British domination, the 19th centuries saw Penang relishing her greatest
trade boom. It has a strategic critical port of call in the Straits of Malacca for import and export. Penang was soon connected by ship to Madras, Rangoon, Medan and Singapore. By 1930s, more than forty steamship lines connected Penang to the rest
of the world makes make Penang one of the most significant & busiest hubs in the
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