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For as long as I can remember, I've saved the pull tabs off of every can of soda, beer, etc. that I've opened. I think my grandmother started it. I don't remember what charity fundraiser was involved but the initial rumor insisted that the aluminum in the pull tab portion of the can is extra dense and, consequently, more valuable when recycled than the can it was a part of. The truth is that they're actually formed from an aluminum allow just like the rest of the can. Anyway, we all started saving pull tabs and it has since grown to be an obsession of mine … to the point that I've found myself picking them up off the ground.

It was interesting to read that I'm not the only person who suffers from this affliction. Toni Flowers Perkins recently found her engagement ring in a bag of pull tabs that she had collected. Having lost it more than ten years ago, she thought it was gone forever.

Like members of my family, Perkins donates pull tabs to a Shriner's Hospital several times per year. Another organization that benefits from obsessive pull-tab collectors is the Ronald McDonald House.
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20 months ago: Strange how she donates several times a year but found her ring in a bag after it had been lost for 10 years.

Would be much more profitable for all if they saved the entire can rather than pulling off the tab and chucking the rest in the trash. I'm pretty sure the whole can with the tab weighs many times what a tab does.
20 months ago: I first off misread what you wrote as "I'm pretty sure the whole can with the tab weighs [more than] what a tab does. "

I was all ready to joke that you were making a wild assumption without any proof.
20 months ago: Since that was pretty late in my day, like right before I went to sleep, I wouldn't have been surprised if I flubbed it. I re-read it and nope, I got it right!

Keep trying, I need all the help I can get to make sure I say what I meant to without flipping verbs and nouns and adjectives and all that other stuff I never learned how to work with. Considering I failed a semester of English in High School it's a wonder I can get even the simplest ideas across.

I've been recycling aluminum cans for years. Wife hates the sight of my pile but until there are enough to justify hauling them in they have to be stored somewhere. Usually I don't get the money from them, too many children and grandchildren willing to load and unload them for the $$$. I can even get them to crush them most of the time, sure saves on space!
20 months ago: Actually I misspoke. Wasn't before I went to sleep, just got confused about which remark and when I made it.
20 months ago: I've always found you a clear thinker and writer, Six. But likewise, I am often amazed that people seem to understand what I'm trying to say.
20 months ago: I found my ring in one of the drawers of one of my babies changing table that was stored away for years.
I thought it was gone forever. Funny how it can return to you.Another ring slipped off my finger at work and was found by a co worker.
Rings wind up in strange places. One girl had her father's ring return to her on a beach.
Pull tabs that is no worse than any other obsession.
Anything that is collected gets to a point of being too much.
Through the years I collected some nice things to give to my children, but it is still too much. They might not even want them. They can sell them.
20 months ago: You guys are something else. I'm far from perfect with English because I'm not writing anything of such importance that it has to be read over 100 times before I submit it. I also don't care about being such. Yet I'm scrutinized. I certainly don't do that to people, but a few have done that to me, and yet they admit they are not perfect. They poke fun as usual when they get the chance. I thought it was just about talking to each other.
20 months ago: Look at it this way. Many supposedly intelligent people say that those who use profanity are lazy or that they are just ignorant and they take offense at each four letter word. When I read a poorly written sentence either from misspellings, wrong syntax, incorrect tense or possessive form and a few other sentence structure errors, I have the same reaction as those who object to profanity. It doesn't matter if only one person is going to read it, it should be written properly so that there is no confusion.

It kills me to listen to some of the dialects that come out of some areas of this country.

One thing I have found is that those four letter words cut about 20% of the verbiage needed to get a point across, sometimes.
20 months ago:
Do you realize that profanity is used to abuse?
Have you ever seen a parent get on his kid screaming profanity at them where the child couldn't stand it and wanted to run or hide and had to stand there and take it. Do you know that it is used to degrade a person?
Do you understand this?
It cuts 20% of what? It is abusive language, yet you say that you can't stand dialects from areas of this country.
Do you understand that the purpose of it is to belittle and attack another person?
Say you have a parent that every word out of their mouth is fowl? How would that child feel? I have seen parents do this intentionally when they have a friend over and get really bad. I don't see anything that is good about it.
Anyone using it to replace speech is frowned upon and seems illiterate
20 months ago: I realize that profanity CAN BE used to abuse. That doesn't mean it is abusive just because it is used.

The situation you describe can be with or without profanity. The English (and any other language) language is quite flexible when it comes to degrading others.

Do you understand this?

I already said what it cuts 20% of. Verbiage. If you don't know what that is, try Google.

Did not say I couldn't stand dialects from areas of this country. I said it kills me to listen to some of them. (Like, um, like, you know, like, um, etc.)

Yes I understand that the purpose of profanity CAN BE to belittle and attack another, I also understand that the English language is quite capable of belittling and attacking another person without a single profane word.

That child should "feel" whatever it is intended to feel. The use of four letter words may or may not affect how the child feels, it all depends on how the person uses them and why. A child doesn't know the difference between a four letter word and any other UNLESS someone has pointed out that one is accepted in polite company and the other isn't. Raise a child to use any and all words in proper context and none of them will be profane to the child, they will just be different words to say the same thing.

Anyone not able to use all words in the English language properly should be frowned upon and IS illiterate and IMO, a snob.
20 months ago: Diatribes do you collect anything else?
20 months ago: The only other thing that I collect on a regular basis is gold dollar coins. I have a wooden chest that looks like something a pirate would bury that I keep them in. It seems to be an easy way to save some money.
20 months ago: You are now an official pirate. That sounds cool.
My Dad years ago but gold bricks under his bed. He collected a few.
I think he sold it when gold went up or when he helped me buy a car.

I thought that was a funny place to store money.
20 months ago: Gold dollar coins? Gold colored you mean. I'd like to get some real gold coins but that ain't gonna happen!
20 months ago: He said gold coins? My Dad had gold bricks. What's the difference? It's real gold.
20 months ago: Gold colored and made from gold bullion are two entirely different things.
20 months ago: Dia is it gold bullion?
My Dad did buy the gold bullion bricks.
I didn't know he hid it under his bed until he showed me.
People collect that and coins. He was a coin collector.
Too expensive for me.
20 months ago: Yes, I suppose you would think I am a snob but that isn't what it is about when it comes to profanity. I've seen how it harms people.
That's an excuse when a person is called a snob or a prude by someone without any idea of another person's feelings and thinks they themselves are cool because they are brazen. It doesn't work that way.
Anyone who isn't articulate of course would use profanity to express themselves. I also think it is a deliberate way of demeaning people. That's what counts.
Road rage is a big example of how it affects another person, and it can cause accidents or death.
It harms relationships and it is brutally used against another person in angr.
How is it a good thing? If you do it in your own circle, that's one thing people know who you are. Outside of that when you don't know people, it isn't correct.

It's a big world out there and not everyone speaks the same whether it is irritating to you, or not. Everyone has to show patience to another person. If these people don't meet your standards, then you are the snob.
19 months ago: Exactly what I would expect a person who holds themselves in such high esteem would say.

I am not articulate enough to remain in such highfalutin company.
Content Removed by Sunny1
19 months ago: You are not hearing me. I've seen what it can do to children. It breaks them down and makes them submit to it whether they like it or not. This constant battering with bad language can cause damage.
You are articulate enough and what you do is not my business.
I'm only saying I've seen some pretty bad things come from it. You understand what I am saying to you.These children can become withdrawn and shy away. With the language comes abuse and teaches lack of respect for everyone.
Yeah, I am pretty high minded. That only means that I have seen what it can do to kids. Their grades can fall off, and they don't want to make friends. If the home is harsh, this is what happens. If every other word that comes out of a kids mouth is a curse word, because they have been programed that way by a parent, you see a difference in one without it and one that has been exposed to it.
19 months ago: I'm hearing you just fine. The use of four letter words is devastating to children. Of course the only way you seem to think they are ever used is in the abusive, child beater mode but that is your limited familiarity with their use, not mine.

I guess I could brag on my children and how they did not turn out like you think they should since they grew up with me as their parent, but that would destroy your belief that the use of profanity around children ruins them so I won't. I will say that my children don't use it as much as I do, but they do know when to use it which is a lot better than most.

If respect for a person is based on their language then there are a lot of truly good people out there who don't deserve the respect they have received because they have a propensity to use four letter words, some without any idea of how or when.

19 months ago: Any 4 letter word is meant to be demeaning or is from anger.
If it is used carelessly speaking in a conversation, yes people don't like it unless they practice the same thing.
I don't care what others do, I just can't be around it because I find it abusive.
I'm sure your children are very fine kids.
I don't think while children are learning in those early years, they should be subjected to foul mouth parents.
I worked with a woman and she thought nothing of her colorful language at work, yet she couldn't speak properly. Everything was Yo and ain't and double negatives. She thought she had common sense and bragged. It was laughable because she was ignorant. We all aren't perfect, but we try to correct ourselves. When her kids were around, they were only about 6 or 7, and they used the same language to anyone they met and showed complete disrespect for people because she was that way.
Six, I've seen abusive fathers curse violently in front of their kids when they had friends over their house. They did it resentfully in order to be demeaning in every way. That's what keeps friends away. Other families will not allow their children to be subjected to it. Behavior is taught at home and carried out into the world. This is why some are shunned.
There is nothing wrong with toning it down a bit when it is done not out of deliberate meaness. It's habit forming and the person doesn't probably doesn't even know they are speaking that way.
19 months ago: Most people don't like to be around people with dirty filthy mouths.
19 months ago: And others don't like being shunned for using a descriptive word once in a while.
19 months ago: Six, I was not born yesterday so when you say I'm limited and only see it one way, it is so crazy to assume that. People with foul mouths show their character right there.
I see it violent, and I see it distasteful if used in a conversation to people that might not like it.
Whatever you do with your friends is what you know, and they know, and don't find it distasteful. People can do what they want, I won't stand for it around me. The world is not going to change for me, but I'll pick and choose my friends.
19 months ago: There is no way to say that it is a good thing. The only people who get a laugh from it are comedians, and their followers are just like them who find it funny.
Someone may be telling a dirty joke and people laugh because they are embarassed, or they are the same.
Where is there reason to use this language. Nowhere.
There is no reason except force of habit and to eliminate using many words as you say. I rather express myself accordingly instead of cursing at someone to set them off.
People have to get rid of built of anger, and they use it. Maybe they have to. Better to count to 10 or go for a walk. It is all in conditioning.
I'm really speaking of deliberate actions to hurt another person.

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