Oakland iGrow: A Marijuana Superstore

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Chris D
Seattle, WA
They’re calling it the “Wal-Mart of Weed.” Was this what Obama was talking about when he said he supported "green businesses?"

A new marijuana superstore, “iGrow,” will open this afternoon in Oakland, Calif. The Home Depot-sized cannabis cultivation warehouse is meant to be a one-stop shop for people with medical marijuana permits. There will probably be some great photos from the Oakland iGrow opening – local politicians, business leaders, and some garden-variety smokers.

The Oakland iGrow store will stock lights, fans, fertilizer, and all the good things a person could need to grow some dank nugs. Several local politicians are expected to be on hand for the opening of iGrow.

Oakland, of course, is the ideal place to open a marijuana superstore. You’ve probably heard of “Oaksterdam University,” where you can take classes on marijuana growing, cloning, and creating hybrids. The Oakland iGrow store will even have its own doctor to help issue California medical marijuana recommendations (permits). If you’re new to growing, there will be technicians to answer your questions, like “what’s the difference between sativa and indica?” Hint: stay away from the ruderalis!

The only things that the Oakland iGrow store won’t stock are actual marijuana seeds and plants. Under current California law, only “dispensaries” can sell seedlings and seeds. That’s the law on the books today.

But today is also the day that the Tax and Regulate Initiative turns in its petition to make the November ballot. The backers say they have over 680,000 signatures – more than double the amount needed to put the question to the voters. The proposal would legalize marijuana possession and consumption in the state of California, and set up a basic structure for taxation of the plant.

A tip of the hat goes to the Oakland iGrow staff and financial backers. You guys will be rolling in cash by December.

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Siempre Solo
Siempre Solo
Auburn, NY
57 months ago: Ooh lookie, Green starups! Don’t you just love free market economy? The Chinese factories maybe taking American factory jobs but American pot growers are now taking Mexican pot growing jobs. I love it!
57 months ago: As a friend of mine once said: "if it is meant to be, it will be".

The majority of the American people will make it be.

It is also about time that we let out the millions of our kids in jail for pot crimes.

Just let them out now, and the over crowding problem, will be no more.

43 months ago: How can I get involved

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