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Nadal is classy and adorable and gives it his all. Federer is a great tennis player with his own logo. Djokovic is funny, entertaining and the king of tennis in 2011. We should all be happy to see this guy raising the profile of tennis as a sport and enjoying himself as he does it.

As an admirer of Roger Federer's Bolshoi-like footwork and graceful forehands, I stopped liking this guy when his father started wearing hats with the stylized "F" logo. I liked him least after Djokovic defeated him in the semi-finals of last week's US Open when he disdainfully opined that he should be in the winner's press conference as Djokovic only won due to a fluke "lucky shot," implying, of course, that he, King Roger, won matches by hard work, never by luck and dismissing Djokovic with a wave of his hand.

Nadal, on the other hand, who played four exhausting sets in the final, could merely shake his head and be gracious as he simply said, in essence: "I did my best but Novak had all the answers. Congratulations to him."

Djokovic, a gracious winner, spent the next day making the rounds of talk shows in New York and he was witty and funny and great for tennis. Roger Federer could go down in history as one of the best players ever to grace a tennis court as he flew through the air with the greatest of ease, but he is in danger of losing his lofty position by failing to step off at the top, instead riding the bitterness trail downhill. Roger might want to give Pete Sampras a call.

One senses in Djokovic that, even at 24, he is thinking ahead to a life after tennis. Roger Federer might want to think about that too.
Perfect Horizon
Perfect Horizon
Chicago, IL
35 months ago: I personally like Rafa much better than Djokovic. Cannot stand Roger Federer AT ALL

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