New ‘Bagel Head’ Fad Is Crazy!

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New Orleans, LA
OK, Japan, we get it. You’re the king of weird.

A new “beauty” fad in Tokyo clubs has teens injecting themselves with bags of saline, disfiguring their heads! They call themselves “Bagel Heads” or “bagelheads.”

Fortunately, the saline injections aren’t permanent. The weird shapes only last for about 24 hours. The bagelhead bumps can even be shaded blue or green with food coloring and molded into any shape you like.

Leave it to Japan to push the boundaries. The YouTube video shows how saline injections are done. Ew.
Tacoma, WA
64 months ago: Boy I can't wait to stick one of these in my head! How come Wal-Mart isn't stocking Bagel Head kits?
64 months ago: Is there no absurdity threshold beyond which the Japanese will not go, no pop fad too silly to be embraced by the country that brought us the comic book hero called "Rape Man"? Apparently not. I think some Haiku are in order:

Mount Fuji crackwhore
teeth growing from her forehead
bite off my penis

Land of rising sun
Yoko Ono Eskimo
Turn me on dead man

Where is my pancake?
Monster people frighten me
sexy monkeys fly

Spring rains bring madness
bagels rotting in my face
bad Tokyo Pop

Fly me to Japan
Una paluma blanca
I want to eat Pink Lady

Who will fight the bear?
help me with my calculus
hide the dog face boy

Funky Billy Chin
Sammy Chong kung fu fighting
Sorry wrong Asians
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The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: Put a BIG RED dot in the middle so I have a good target.
It might be the next fad at the gun range.

'Bust the Bagel Head' I'm working on the trademark right now.
64 months ago: You really didn’t do your research very well before posting this story. Bagel heads was just a fun term made up by a person on a bulletin board called ****ed Gaijin when he first reported and cited the original story.

The people who do this DO NOT call themselves bagel heads.

I wish that journalists would actually do a bit more research before posting this sort of name as fact. It isn’t that hard to do. But I guess why let the truth get in the way of a good story.
43 months ago: Ya know,........the way their heads kinda slope to one side,... I think it's photoshop,...
.........I hope it's photoshop,.................that just ain't right, es bueno.
25 months ago: Yeah, its pretty weird. You can read more about bagel heads here:

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