NASCAR:Points changes coming

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After seemingly an indefinite period of stubbornness NASCAR in its infinite wisdom is considering sweeping changes to the points system. The current system has been in place since 1975 and as most fans know, is certainly NOT rewarding the winners over those who can lead the most laps.

This of course being the main reason for the "chase" format in the first place the year that Kenseth won despite Gordon being dominant most of that season winning three races while Kenseth had one win all season.

The point's format seemed at its inception to be better than the system they had in place at that time. Of course, over time we can always see ways to better things or improve over time. This is inevitable that these drastic changes are occurring now along with the SPRINT Cup drivers stuck driving in one series instead of taking seats from upcoming drivers in the Nationwide series.

Failure to upgrade may very well be to the detriment of NASCAR and its owners, affiliates, teams, drivers and ultimately the fan base. As companies move operations out of the US and jobs become, scarce incomes are definitely downgraded. Expansion of the audience is necessary evil in order to improve or carry the status quo of the series itself over time.

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