Michigan Football:Success starts with a "Michigan Man"

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Does the head coach at University Of Michigan's Football program have to be a "Michigan Man?" Not necessarily if and only if this person understands the traditions, the impact of rivalries and most importantly the idea that we need more than a high flying offense I.E. a solid DEFENSE!

Rich Rod was leaving many to believe that we were going to get better and after three years, all we got was 0-6 against Michigan State & Ohio State respectively. At the very first press conference, when asked about Ohio State game he replied that it was just another game to him. That right there emphasizes the fact that he had no idea how important the rivalry was Michigan Football is more than about Rich Rod.

Clearly, his ability to teach his best Quarterback to tie his own shoelaces in college football leads me to believe he had not a clue what was going on. His inability to make himself do the weekly TV show was another drawback offending traditions of being a "Michigan Man" and was only working to alienate his inability to win on the field.

The most recent stab was the loss to Mississippi State giving up 52 points while his highflying offense was only able to score 14. This was an embarrassment to the school, its student body, the players and more importantly should have been an embarrassment to him. Personally, in his press conference tidbits I did see he sat there with the same attitude of "who are you to question the great Rich Rod?"

Is Les Miles the coach to take the Wolverines back to the promise of the rose? Maybe, maybe not who really knows because whomever they do get does not come up with a powerhouse defense along with a smash mouth offensive program it will not matter. Winning resolves all issues more than anything especially in the "Big House."

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