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Marriage As It Was Intended To Be

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By Definition.
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Huey Newton
Without a man and a woman there is NO MARRIAGE. Gauntlet across the face. Whack!

Man and Wife.

One man, one woman, one lifetime. That's the perfect plan. PERFECT.

Unfortunately sinful folks can't execute perfectly. But we can execute well if we are willing to take responsibility and not make excuses for our failings.

A marriage is a union, but not all unions are marriages.

Folks always seem these days to want go around tinkering with that which is not broken. Marriage is great and it works for those who work it. The problem is with the people, not the concept.

The problem is with that prideful, self-centered, self-righteous and the corrupt people who give marriage a bad name. The prenuptial signing, promiscuity endorsing, self-centered jack azzes that sacrifice their families for their feelings; they are the problem.

These losers give the fuel and the fire to the fakers, the whiners, the quitters and all those who make excuses as to why their marriage or another's marriage is/was a disaster. Don't be in that number.

Some folks enter into covenant without any understanding of sacrifice, the guts to face the hurt, and commitment that is takes to be successful at it. That's not a marriage problem; that's a people problem.

There are plenty of folks out there not living to their potential. More than half the marriages in the secular world these days end in separation or divorce. It is easier to consider marriage the problem and not people the problem. This is done because insecure and self-righteous people hate accountability. Hate it.

It's easy to say a man and a woman together forever is not possible, right? So don't try. Excuses? Yes, and poor ones by the pound. The easy way out.

It takes people of a larger heart and a larger vision to buck that nonsense and have a victorious marriage that withstands and survives all the crap the world, the flesh and the devil throws in that direction.

It has to be SUPER to work exceptional and beyond expectation in the natural. Otherwise the manifestation will be ineffective or mediocre at best. Results to be trodden under foot or spewed out of the mouth of that which is greater than ourselves are a waste of time, life and resources. That is no way to victory.

Some folks, not all folks, but some folks (and I didn't name any names) have the audacity to attempt to pervert that which is meant to be sacred and redefine it into something which it is not. That's called WICKED. Like a wicker chair. Twisted.
Twist? Get it?

News Flash: It cannot be done. Not in reality.

The counterfeit is never the real. NEVER. Regardless of how many folks peddle it, or how many times folks try to cash it. It won't cash. It won't spend. Nor should it. After all, why should it? It's fake...
Alexander O'Neal -- Fake

….and it always will be FAKE. Not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, Just calling it as it is.

If "alternative" relationships help to ease the pain of life, give certain folks the love they are missing or understanding they are forever longing for, anyone would be less than compassionate if they didn't at least try to understand where they are coming from. Right?

Why is it that the biggest proponents (Not all but most) of counterfeit views of marriage outside of those relationships are either singles, shack-ups or divorced? There's no mystery. Failures like to run in packs.

They give comfort to the quitters, solace to the losers and excuses to the timid and fearful.

Understanding and tolerance does not have to be lock-step endorsement or mandated. That's not compassion or tolerance, that's stupid. Why would anyone in their right mind expect, need or desire that anyway unless they come from a point of ultimate insecurity?

One can tolerate another's religion or political affiliation or viewpoint without having to endorse it. Why is that so difficult for some people to understand when it comes to marriage? Hard headedness, that why.

Like I've said before, I don't care if someone wants to marry a shoe. Go ahead. But that is still not a real marriage. Foam and froth at the mouth all you want. That changes nothing.

Tolerance has to do with thought. But thought does not always lead to the same place. Does it?

No matter.

Tolerance goes a long way but tolerance NEVER has to do with unilateral endorsement of anything. There are bigots and racists on this site that are tolerated. That in no way however means one must roll over and submit to their secular, Darwinian and hedonistic non-sense. That's for suckers only.

The divine covenant of marriage works. It works perfectly in my life and the lives of many, many, many others. Y'all can cuss and fuss all you want. Foam at the mouth. Go ahead. Those are still FACTs.

Marriage as a cold, legal contract is a joke. It rarely stays the course and is most often riddled with avoidable problems and failures. Anyone who is dependent on the state or local government to define for them what marriage is has lost their mind anyway. Some things are self-evident.

Also, unless there are physical problems or a choice not to, healthy and authentic marriages produce children. Nations are built on families and authentic families start with a man and a woman. Period. That's how we all got here.

A nation is only as strong as its families. It makes sense for us to go for the best and not just settle due to confusion or pain. Settling for less than the best is what victims and folks who have given up do.

On top of that, real and intimate sex is better with a man and a woman for obvious physical reasons for some, and not so obvious spiritual reasons for others. There's the rub.

The most satisfying, most frequent, and most meaningful sex is between a man and his wife in ravenous and passionate LOVE with each other. On all levels: spirit, soul and body. Every aspect of human being and being human.

I challenge ANYONE here to dispute me on that one. Personally and in detail. Okay? If not, shut up.

In trust and in privacy, where each participant sees their goal as to meet the other's need not (simply) their own. That's the lick. Get it? But that's not all there is to it. If that's all you've got, than it's way too shallow and doomed to failure so watch out.
Wake up.

Other folks can do what they want, but they should have enough sense not to argue with divine providence. That's a futile endeavor.

"Anything goes and every lifestyle choice should be supported universally by everyone, everywhere and without exception."

That particular moronic thought pattern has shown its ugly head here at Rant Rave in the past. Too bad for the purveyors of that garbage, it's simply not true. It's a LIE and it will continue to be a lie regardless of how many times it's put out there. Moral and ethical relativism are the destroyers of society not the salvation of it.

Let's hear some personal, HAPPY MARRIAGE TESTIMONIES from the Rant Rave community. That would be wonderful and encouraging. Shut the whiners down.

Also I'm not forcing or attempting to force anything on anyone. Let me get that out of the way before some dunkoff attempts to take it there. I am keeping it real. People can be jealous, attempt to ridicule, disparage, or whatever but that is YOUR problem, not mine nor anyone else's.

Folks can buy into abiogenic fantasies and science-fiction comic book fairy tales all they like. That does not change THE REAL. Man and woman beats any other combination out there hands down. HANDS….DOWN…PERIOD….OK?

Do whatcha like…..
Digital Underground -- Doowutchyalike

However, recognize the REAL. Give respect even if you choose to do something else.
Even if one does not endorse traditional marriage and the nuclear family, do yourself a favor and don't hate. Hatred and phobias are for losers.

Either that or don't be too surprised when you end up looking like a fool, having to deal with the consequences of a fool, due to your own foolishness.
Thank you for reading. Be blessed.

Breakwater – Love of My Life
Stylistics – You Are Everything
Living Colour -- Love Rears Its Ugly Head
UPDATE - 27 months ago
When it's all said and done MARRIAGE is till and man and woman. Call the other thing whatever one wants but it ain't a marriage.

Attach all the accoutrements and societal benefits of a real marriage and it's still a counterfeit and will always be one.
UPDATE - 25 months ago
This was brought up on another post and I believe it would be relvant to post it here:

"Christians tend to believe in some obscure things from the old testament that deplores homosexuality while Jesus didn't even mention the subject."

Jesus in the NT quoted GENESIS and stated that God created us MALE and FEMALE and that the two become "one flesh" in marriage.

Matthew 19:4-9; Mark 10:6-12

Those verses are hardly obscure. There are plenty of others both in the NT and OT, but since Christ was brought up; there you have it.

Gay couples cannot become one flesh in the biblical way and therefore in the eyes of JESUS and God the Father they can NEVER be married. Period.

Two females cannot become one flesh and two men attempting to be are just plain nasty and perverted.

Folks are free to disagree with JESUS. However when any same sex couple gets married in a church they are simply making a mockery of the God they claim be serving.

A homosexual partnership or union is not a marriage by Christian terms and NEVER will be.

People are free to do whatever they want with the law, but a legal right can still be WRONG.

The world can do what it wants but The WORD stands forever. Romans 3:4; Isaiah 40:8

I know that sticks in some folk's craw, but them's the facts. Like it or lump it.

UPDATE - 24 months ago
Pastor Tony Evans stands up.

No compromise.
UPDATE - 24 months ago
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders

- Game Of Love (1965)
27 months ago: Huey,

Your post is refreshing in this world of confusion and compromise...
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: When folks fight against what is self evident and ignore the reality of objective truth, it takes folks of a certian cut not to roll over with the "anything goes crowd and everyone must endorse it" crowd.

That's not tolerance. That's ignorance and stupidity.

Those are the true breeding grounds of hate and bigotry. I wish more folk could understand that before we further destroy our families and this planet.

27 months ago: I met a few of these jerks Huey. To quote you. "The problem is with that prideful, self-centered, self-righteous and the corrupt people who give marriage a bad name. The prenuptial signing, promiscuity endorsing, self-centered jack azzes that sacrifice their families for their feelings; they are the problem."
Men and woman are problems at times. They can cause grief , and what they cause may be harmful for years and years to a partner that is just the opposite of them. This is the reality.
Problem is that if you try to get rid of one of these self-centered bozos, you can, but it takes courage to be on your own with kids. Woman who have children are scared of losing their financial resources and are deliberately kept down and made to feel worthless. Sometimes one partner is very jealous of the other and actually wants to be them so they abuse them. I saw a lot of this. There are so many problems. Woman can't go out after a divorce and work because they don't have the skills from staying home for so many years, or they can rebound into another bad situation. A lot of damage can be caused by men and women who are abusive. Then you have the guy who least suspects anything and his wife is out running around. They get hurt really badly. Some men don't like being alone. I saw a couple who were in their 70s get divorced. Because they are older, doesn't mean they are good people.
Times have changed so drastically and there are a lot of unmarried people out there looking for the right person and just give up. It is heartbreaking to see young people today struggle when they are looking for the right person and want to start a life and have a family. If a person settles that causes trouble and unhappiness down the line. It would be mundane drudgery.
Look at these social sites, anyone who has gone on has found them to be dangerous at times and you meet sick individuals. There is no such thing as meeting your true mate on line.
I think the worse type of guy is the one I call a show boater. They like the limelight and the attention from woman but have no real intentions. They make a person have hope and dreams and don't come through. Usually an older person will do this to a younger person who is blinded by their attention.
Woman have the problem of listening to that clock ticking, and it is very hard for them sometimes to make a good decision. Not always sex and passion is ranks first in a relationship and is something that is going to last. As woman we have to look at everything. You have to be compatible. Men think one way and woman another. Woman want a nest. I don't know any more what men are looking for. The few good men out there are hard to find.
What kills me you can see some young men standing around looking at woman rating them. What kind of breed is this? They are useless.
Todays society it is very confusing but look at what is out there and what the odds are of finding the right person.
On the good side, my parents had a very long and successful marraige. I got the benefits of them being role models. You still have to be wise and choose the right partner who will be attentive, a good parent, and provide.
27 months ago: I know we think differently here, and I'm not preaching. I can only offer my opinion.
The world is going to be what it is no matter what you or I think it should be. We are only here for a short amount of time that is allotted to us. I think myself I would rather spend it doing whatever good I can as I see you do.
Hate is the worse word in the world and betrayal to me comes second or first too, depending who is doing it.
You can either live in a world that God provided with all its defects and imperfections that only he understands the reasons why and can handle it himself because each person is accountable for their actions and have to answer for it in heaven; or we drop out and don't become part of it which is not what is expected of us. I believe we are supposed to achieve tolerance of each other.
I believe our duties that God placed on us is not any easy one to realize, but we are all human beings needing and wanting the same things.
We all answer to one God only, and he guides us. We can't do his job by criticizing others who have different styles of living. If we do hat, we question our Lord's judgment. It's like saying he hasn't done his job. I don't criticize anyone with a different lifestyle if it is based on goodness and good intentions and not the kind that intentionally is arrogant and hurts others, especially children. It is not my place, and I have to be humble to that. That's me. I don't expect anyone else to think that way about people, but I could never hurt anyone who acts or thinks differently than I do in their own private lives. I respect and honor God more in this respect to leave things well enough alone that otherwise don't concern me.
I also know that out of perversity can come a lot of goodness. The answers fall where they will.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Sunny1 - you have a world of wisom in you. As a happily married woman I know you can understand where I'm coming from. I always appreciate what you share.
27 months ago: Yes, Huey, thank you. I always have been a happy person.
I understand that we don't want anything to harm our families and our children, and we protect them.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: ...I'm at a total loss...this post and your other on independence truly are a testament to the brainwashing power of religion. If you want to live in a place that allows 1 religion to be the law of the land I strongly suggest you move to Iran. If you want to stand for American ideals then I suggest you learn the difference between the right to exercise whatever religion you want and the Constitutional protection I have from you and anyone else who shares a similar psychotic brainwashed view of the world. If you can't stand the idea of gay people getting married there are simple, Constitutional solutions for you: Go to a church that shares that view. Don't marry a gay person. Enjoy your life with your wife and leave other people alone. That is the general idea of the Constitution, it protects us from each other and from the government. You have the right to your opinion, you do not have the right to create laws based on it.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: PH - for the last time, I am not a legislator.

However, I will speak the truth, especially when a lie is shoved into my face and I am commanded not just to respect it, but to endorse it.

It's not a matter of "can't stand" its a matter of calling it like I see it. People need help and hope not a head fake.

Chicago, IL
27 months ago: You act as if religious belief = truth. That is the ultimate lie. It is a faith, not a fact.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Just like your primordial abiogenic fairy tale, no? We all evolved from rocks.
27 months ago: PH,

To you it seems, nothing is sacred... the only thing you get upset about is when people try to do the right thing. Your perception is marred by tolerance for chaos and depravity, only a change of heart will change your mind. Obama says 'change' is possible...
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Telling a group of people who don't share the same religious bigotry as you that they are wrong and you are right because you believe what you were told is not the right thing...period. I don't tell you to not believe in your brand of fantasy land/religion...I'm not trying to legislate that you have to accept anything, I'm suggesting that the Constitution be upheld and that I too am protected from you telling me I have to believe in your version of things.
27 months ago: PH,

There are 'higher' laws that don't answer to national laws... such as moral, and laws of nature... that impact the next generation, no matter what we tolerate as tolerable.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: True. And Morally it is wrong to try and tell people that they have to do what you say because of your own personal religious views. In terms of nature, Homosexuality is found in almost every species on this planet.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: There are species on this planet that eat their young too.

Now are we suppose to endorse that becuase it is found in nature? Get real.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Truth is the one that said we need to accept the laws of nature...
27 months ago: Just don't mix those up with so called God's laws and it will be easier to get along.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: The only folks who have a problem with the 10 Commandments are the ones who just love breaking them without remorse.

That's not directed specifically to you Six. That's just a fact.

Natural law is great, but it's just as fallen as we are.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: And also another important thing: Marriages do not produce does.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: The best sex is in marriage, but unfortunately you would have no way of knowing that.

Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I happen to be married...
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Congrats Bro. I didn't know. Please forgive my assumption.

So at least we can agree on that one.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Thanks :D Been 1 year and 1 month today.
27 months ago: Actually the best sex is with someone one you really care about and have a good relationship with, a piece of paper ain't going to make the sex any better.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: You got that right.

The paper IS NOT what is important, it's the lifelong commitment.

That is what brings a depth to the relationship that makes the intimacy that much more meaningful and therefore that much more pleasurable.

27 months ago: Both do.
27 months ago: This is such a painful subject.
27 months ago: Perfect I know that we all have our own beliefs. Some people face very challenging obstacles in life because they dare to be different. It is because we make choices that others may not agree with.
The guys are standing up for what they believe in, and so should you. They are strong in their opinions, and you are equally strong, and I see it.
Each one of us has to be confident in who we are as people. I don't have to prove anything to anyone, but we all can go through hell now and then. I have those badges in life to prove it which I earned.
That is all it takes. If this can be achieved, you won't feel that wave of having to defend yourself.
27 months ago: Congratulations Perfect.
27 months ago: I really didn't understand then what the argument was Perfect.
27 months ago: Perfect's argument is the same as mine. Those that believe in a religious teaching do not have the right to force those who do not believe in that religious teaching to abide by that religious teaching. The US Constitution was written in such a way to guarantee that each citizen has the right to, or not to, believe in a particular religion or none at all and the government is charged with the authority to ensure that no citizen is forced to abide by another citizens religion AND it is also charged to NOT make laws that support one religious belief over another (something that it has failed miserably at doing).

Huey's post is his opinion but given the chance, Huey would encourage his state legislators and his states Federal representatives to pass laws that support his religious beliefs that he formed his opinion from. So would Truth and Sunny. None of you seem to see a problem with passing laws based on your religious beliefs, even if it means you are forcing another citizen to abide by your religious beliefs, you feel that it is your God given RIGHT to subject others to your beliefs. Possibly you would call it your duty. Of course if you really believed in the Constitution you would cease and desist in your law changing/supporting efforts that espouse a particular religious belief.

That type of coercion from voters is how those religious beliefs from mostly Christian religions became laws that force non-Christians and the non-religious to have to abide by some one else's religion or end up in jail or at the least, embarrassed in public.

If you doubt me, then tell me why I can not buy alcohol on a Sunday in this state (except on military bases). Not having any "Holy" days and (when I worked) not having very many days off, there was only days I had time to relax or days I didn't and sometimes I like to relax with a beer or two.

When I vote, I try very hard to ensure that I am not voting to support a law that is based in religious doctrine. I also encourage my legislators to do the same and to steer clear of religious backing that will cause them to be beholding to that religious sects goals.

Here is a simple fix for the "marriage" problem: Change all laws that state that a "couple" must be married in a state recognized ceremony (or at least sign the paperwork and take a vow) to attain the legal standing of two persons who share all their assets AND the benefits of one or the others employment.

If you don't understand what that means here is a short explanation.

Gay couple, one works at a national company (or smaller) that offers benefits for its employees consisting of life insurance, health and dental insurance, retirement, gym, country club, disability insurance short and long term and a few more thousand dollars a year in company paid benefits. These benefits are only allowed to cover the employee and his/her family if they are legally married. Legally married. Legally married. Legally married. Legally married. Legally married. Legally married. and no I did not have a typo. I wanted to emphasize that legal term that denies thousands of "partners" access to the benefits of their employed partner. Benefits that if there was no religious based definition to the term "marriage", they would be enjoying the same as the heterosexual couples do.

Getting this changed across the country is what all the groups fighting about the definition of marriage should be doing, not whether it is man/woman, man/man, woman/woman, or any combination you might desire.

Homosexuals are here to stay, they've been here for as long as humans have been on this rock and they will be here till we are all gone. Better to learn to live with them than to end up attempting to eliminate them because last I heard killing someone just because they are different than you are is one of those Christian sins. For me it would just be morally and ethically wrong.

Of course if you get a law passed that al
27 months ago: You are so far off base.
You are like the neighbor that dosen't know you personally, but because they feel you are different like punching someone who could be their best friend but will knock on your door first to help them. These people will prejudge and in that way take out their own frustrations and insecurities. I don't think I was ever mocking or destructive to any one person,especially Perfect. I don't appreciate you using some wild accusation because you want to buy alcohol on Sunday. I happen to really like people of all beliefs, but you want to tear me down for it. You want to buy alcohol so badly on Sunday, stock up on it. That seems to be the most important platform for you. I'm thinking more of the children and families that can't eat or don't have a roof over their heads.
Is there something that you can talk about that is meaningful. Apparently, you have never read anything I have said. I am a Christian and proud of it because I have an understanding of others, even you.
Seems the most important subject to you is buying alcohol on Sunday or relaxing with a beer. I don't have to do that. I'm too busy helping or caring about someone else. Read and understand what people say.
27 months ago: I was afraid you might miss my point and you did. It has nothing to do with buying alcohol on Sundays. It has everything to do with laws passed to appease the religious zealots who want to force their religious beliefs upon the masses.

Why are there laws that prevent the sale of alcohol on Sundays? Do you have a clue as to their origins? Do you know why they have nothing to do with anything other than religious beliefs against the consumption of alcohol? Which is totally illogical since the Christian hero Jesus Christ drank copious amounts of wine along with all his disciples and other followers. And you can bet that the Pope doesn't drink just water with his meals.
From what you say, you think I drink constantly and don't have the sense to buy enough to last over the weekend. Sorry to have misled you, I have plenty to last several weeks. My other argument on the same bent as this topic, is the existence of Dry Counties. I live in one. It is 35 miles one way to the liquor store.

Religious zealots made this county dry in 1958 by submitting a petition signed by about 20% of the registered voters to get it on the ballot. Guess what the percentage of voters to get it on the ballot for a dry county to go wet was at that time. Please just guess. 20% like the wet to dry? 30%? 40%? Sorry, you lose. The religious zealots made sure that the number of registered voter signatures on a petition to get a wet vote on the ballot was so high as to be almost impossible. 45%. Do you think that is fair and democratic? A 25% difference. If you do then you need to change you citizenship to some other country or do like I do and work to make it so. Oh yeah, the legislature finally corrected that religious bias in the states constitution a few short years ago, it now takes an equal number of registered voters on a petition to get a wet/dry vote on the ballot. So far every county that has submitted a petition and got it on the ballot has gone wet.

No petitions have been circulated or even proposed for a county to go dry. Could be because good citizens realize that forcing their beliefs upon others is wrong……. In the meantime it costs me and others like me (those who like a beer or two now and then) extra money to acquire our drink of choice and that means burning extra fuel causing extra pollution all to satisfy a bunch of whining religious fanatics desire to force their beliefs upon the masses. It has nothing to do with planning ahead you see.

Your concern for the children and families is touching but off the subject. It has nothing to do with abuse and lack of control and everything to do with what is just.

Unfortunately for me, I tend to read every word, misused, misspelled and out of context they may be, I do read them.

As for you understanding me, keep trying, you might get a glimmer in a few more years.
27 months ago: You don't know when people are sarcastic, do you.
27 months ago: Exceeded my character limit and it actually got cut!
27 months ago: Six I really would like to know what you do to make this world a better place.
You are always complaining and have a chip on your shoulder. Every one of us could do that, but we don't.
Perfect doesn't need to argue a point with Huey and Truth. He believes in what he wants. We all do. I don't go out and think I have to pick a fight or argue with the world because I want to make a spectacle. I should have confidence enough to be who I am and let others be who they are.
Content Removed by Sunny1
27 months ago: Well, their are billions and billions of Christians in this world, but they don't all agree alike. You don't get it.
27 months ago: Six, I know one thing for a so called nice guy that you feel people pick on, you don't treat woman well. You don't acknowledge them, you twist what they say, and you don't want to think they have loving hearts.. What's that about? Let me guess. Oh, yeah.
27 months ago: Six, I don't think you realize you are pushing your beliefs on others and accusing them of it at the same time.
There is a lot of self-indulgence coming from here.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Did anyone play the Alexander O'Neal video? It's the bomb.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Love Rears it's Ugly Head

Living Colour

This video fits this post perfectly.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Love is complex, not to mention multi-faceted.
Content Removed by Sunny1
27 months ago: I guess they sweep known violence within the Gay community and their promiscuity under the rug.
I guess AIDS is something that is non existant.
They are problems that have to be dealt with.
Life is multi faceted, not just love.
You think everyone sits on their back side drinking beer thinking about some non important thing to say just to talk about being Gay.
27 months ago: And husbands never beat their wives and heterosexuals don't get HIV.

Some even stand up! Actually I don't even talk about that stuff except here where there are so many anti gay, anti freedom religious zealots.

Just so you know, I'm not gay.
27 months ago: It is a character trait to be violent and cruel. It is a sign of bad character to cheat on a loving partner, but it is higher in the Gay community.
We all know how heterosexuals get HIV. When I think about the little innocent children who die in hospitals from getting it accidentally and their lives are taken from them. I think about men or women who die from it that never had contact with a carrier. Look at the heterosexuals who raise money to fight this disease, and they don't descriminate. Smart intelligent people never throw stones at someone else. They look to help and never judge. I know you aren't gay. I know you are a gently soul but I can understand Huey and Truth. Let everything be and run its course because that is the way life is. Why worry about it? I'm not anti gay, anti freedom or a religious zealot. I'm a human being that cares about other people. There are millions of others in this world that are the same as I am. For those who don't, who cares. Each one of us has a life to live that is our own and we are on our own journey that we alone are responsible for the quality of our lives.
I was only saying that people who believe in God wisely have open hearts and take everyone in and don't judge. They are not the culprits because they are religious, they are simply people who would help another person. You don't see God the way I do, but I thank God for people who do believe in God. It doesn't matter what church or organization you belong to, it is that you belong to something. Something that keeps some order in your life and keeps you happier.
I'm all talked out. I hope you understand where I am coming from.
27 months ago: Six,

In your novel above you mentioned "legally married" a few times to describe those receiving benefits... you can change laws of cohabitation without changing historical terms, not for the accommodation of something the term 'marriage' was never meant to include. That way you can have all your benefits without the bastardizing of a historically sacred term and definition.
27 months ago: Don't tell me, tell your fellow hardliners to petition their representatives to get the word out.
27 months ago: Guess I'm just a wordy guy!
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Once again, you are wrong. Christian "marriage" doesn't include gay people. Other religions the word marriage is open to anyone. Once do not have the right to legislate based on YOUR religious beliefs. If you say marriage is a sacred term and must be protected to a man and women you are literally saying that people of many other faiths don't matter and only Christianity matters.
27 months ago: Sunny,

" I believe we are supposed to achieve tolerance of each other."
Really? I guess I've exceeded your tolerance level.

"We all answer to one God only, and he guides us."
This statement is proof that you believe that everyone is subject to your religious beliefs. If you preface "We all" with some disclaimer that it applies only to those of your belief, then you are not consciously including all humans in your belief. You don't do that and you didn't, therefore my inclusion of you with Huey and Truth is a valid point.

If a person does not believe in deities, and you attempt to include him/her in your statements, then you are violating their personal right to not be lumped in with all the believers of a way of life that he/she does not wish to partake of.

"I don't criticize anyone with a different lifestyle if it is based on goodness and good intentions and not the kind that intentionally is arrogant and hurts others, especially children."

Really? Six posts in response to my response to Huey's article and message and you don't criticize and here's the one you deleted:

"Stop pushing your beliefs on everyone because that is what your doing and at the same time blaming other people for not thinking like you. Think before you speak . What were you born yesterday?

Left By: Sunny1"

Who doesn't think like me? Raise your hands please. Nope, was a born bit before yesterday, same as (RIP) Patrick Swayze's wife. I try not to push my beliefs on others, but I do like to offer the counter argument to those who do. To just read what someone posts and not respond is the same as agreeing to their message, in fact, to not respond with a counter argument is tantamount to active support of their position.

" Six, I know one thing for a so called nice guy that you feel people pick on, you don't treat woman well. You don't acknowledge them, you twist what they say, and you don't want to think they have loving hearts.. What's that about? Let me guess. Oh, yeah."

Really? Tell me because I really want to know what you think I'm like and I would really like to know where you got the opinion that I don't treat woman well. My mother, sisters, wife, daughters, sister-in-law, nieces, mother-in-law and a few hundred other females might differ with you. Oh yeah, people don't pick on me, they discuss things with me from their perspective and I try to give them a counter argument/opinion from my perspective. Very few have expressed such a negative opinion of me personally as you, they may take offense at my opinion but they have enough mettle to leave the personal comments unsaid. And who said I was a nice guy? Been knows to pull the wings off flies and other cruel and fun beer drinking activities!

"Six, I don't think you realize you are pushing your beliefs on others and accusing them of it at the same time.
There is a lot of self-indulgence coming from here. "

Hmmmm… Really? Am I arguing to have laws passed that are based in religious doctrine or am I arguing that we as citizens of the United States should all work to remove religious based laws from the law books and not pass any more? Which is being a good citizen and which is not? Do I insist that others are going to some imaginary place depending on whether they are good or bad and that if they want to be good they have to believe a certain way and pay a tithe and shun those who don't?

And all this time I thought I was just countering someone else's statement of fact that were in fact just statements of faith/belief. Maybe I should define "fact" and "faith" and "belief" in terms that all can comprehend. Of course then I would have to define "shall" and "should" and "may" and we really don't want that now do we!? Look them up if you have doubts of their REAL definitions.
27 months ago: Apparently you don't read anything anyone says becaue you are too busy listening only to yourself.
As far as religion, you shouldn't speak for everyone, because my good friend is Gay and his a partner and is a Christian.
You know what a female is not welcome here on this post.
27 months ago: I am disappointed that you feel that way. Females have been welcomed with open arms on this site and will be even after you have turned a blind eye to it. Of course they do have to be able to do more than throw stones......

Mainstream Christians do not share your view. Or better to say, most of the major Christian sects in this and other countries do not have an open door policy toward gays. Name me one besides Episcopalian. Fully accepts them, not just tolerates them.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: How do you come up with the "a female is not welcome" argument so many times. I have seen you use it several times over the years and every time it just baffles me. You are the same as all of us...when challenged you should stand up and make an argument, not back down and claim that you are the victim of sexism.

The first time you used that argument on me I didn't even know you were a woman.
27 months ago: What did I wake you up? How many woman feel welcomed on this site? They would write more. You complain about your rights and Gay rights, but when backed into a corner you tell the guys you are married so they think you are not Gay? That's a cop out. You aren't standing up strong enough.
Tou certainly feel you have rights no one else has. You don't. Try looking at the needs of others besides yourself. The majority always rules for what is good for everyone, not just a handful. That isn't because of religious beliefs. It is only you that is saying I feel I am a victim of sexism. Wouldn't you love to believe that one. I don't think you have a chance on earth in challenging me with that one. People walk away when people's opinions are rigid and that is what I do. I can't be bothered. You don't like it when people are nice and you don't like it when they aren't. Who is going to stand up for you but heterosexuals. That's who you cry to.
27 months ago: I remember you got mad and got off, and I really missed you.
So, I'm talking to you and Six and that's all.
I'm not trying to force any of my beliefs on you, but I'm trying to impress you that many Christians fight for your rights to live life the way you want. What's the issue of constantly arguing and being so dogmatic regarding Christians.
I don't need any help when I argue. I'm pretty strong in that area. I believe in having respect for God and Country the place where I live. You don't show much respect for other people with their beliefs. The Constitution covers everything and every one.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: "The Majority always rules for what is good for everyone"

~This is SOOOOOO far from the truth. This is exactly what the Constitution was designed to do...protect minorities from majorities. White people were the majority in the late 1700's and early-middle 1800' people were minorities...and oh yeah...they were SLAVES. That is the best thing for everyone isn't it. How about political men stopping women from voting in the early 1900's??? Was that for the best of everyone? Mid 1900's black people were second class citizens still...I suppose that was best right? How about today with the Christian majority discriminating against gay people?

History has one lesson...Majorities ABUSE minorities...and that was what the Constitution of this country was designed to stop.

Are you seriously saying that you think that I'm not married and also that I'm gay?
27 months ago: No, you're arguing. I don't know whether you are Gay or not.
You sound offended by that. That's a reflection of someone who is looking down on people.
Don't give me that about my views on minorities. We just single-handed opened the doors of a school that we advocated for several years and succeeded for minorities. Have you done anything for people less fortunate except having to do a lot of talk. Put your money where your mouth is. If we didn't do it and care, no one on this planet would of. I'm someone who cares, I've never lived predjudice, and you can't accept that. If I bashed you, then you have an argument. You don't have one.
You don't know the Christian majority or what they think. Do you ever try really to find out anything that is the real truth. Wallow is self pity.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: This is nearly incoherent but I will try to address it anyways:

I'm not offended by Gay people. I'm offended by you saying I'm lying about being married...message me your email account and I'll send you some pictures if you want.

I'm not sure what you are talking about with a school and allowing minorities in...I'm not sure where you live, but that hasn't been an issue in Illinois for about 60+years.

I have done a lot of missions trips throughout Central America. I have helped build 3 homes for people who had nothing. My family took in another family when they had their home destroyed by a tornado. I did all this without being a christian. Christianity is not a requirement of charity...I base my morals and my willingness to help people on being a human being and wanting to help other human beings...I don't do it so I can get into heaven, I don't do it so "god" will like me, I don't do it because someone else told me to...I do it because I'm a human being plain and simple.

The real truth? I'm not the one who believes in a fairy tale book blindly believing something of which there is zero proof.
27 months ago: Why do you even do those things if your heart isn't in the right place.
Maybe you need more education to learn about other people's religion.
Allowing minorities in. Is that what you said. There not minorities that's their country. I refuse to talk to you about something so dear to my heart because you make fun and have no latitude of understanding. You see that is what will hold you back and down from achievement.
When you do something that the President recognizes, then I'll listen to it, but meanwhile you are insulting because you have no understanding. People do things because they want to help and that's it. Aside from celebrities who like like the publicity. It is great that you can what you can. I don't see any sense in going any further with this discussion. Brick wall.
27 months ago: You don't get it.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Where did you open a school that was preventing a specific race from attending? Was it in this country? I doubt it, but since you seem incapable of fully explaining yourself I'll just assume it was in a different country.

After studying religions in college for 4 years I think I know a thing or two.

I'm not making fun of what you do, I just want an explanation of exactly what type of discrimination you ended at a school in America (mostly because I don't believe you).

I already explained to you: I help people because I'm a human is a human thing (not a religion thing) to want to help people.
27 months ago: I didn't miss the point. You haven't been around enough then where you have been in contact with other people's thinking who are just peaceful and kind. No one has to tolerate anything they don't want to. It is our freedom. Also, I did not say females were not welcomed on this site, I said post. It had nothing to do with Huey or Truth.
You talk about Mainstream Christians. You don't get it. In every religion people have different opinions and beliefs. It isn't the institution but the people who have a right to think the way they want to. That's freedom. I'm a Catholic and my way of life is to follow the 10 Commandments which keeps life in order, which is the best thing that could happen to the human race. Why do you even bring up alcohol and make it so important as a comparative point. If Sunday is a day free of purchasing beer, etc., people can have a clear head to be with their families and be together. It is one day that is not concentrating on drinking. Also, you can go into a bar on Sunday and you can buy the day before. My Town doesn't allow the purchasing of liquor but you can go to the local men's club and drink yourself under the table. Why is this so important to you that there is a law that prohibits purchasing of alcohol on Sunday. There are Blue Laws that close the malls on Sunday so that the surrounding neighborhoods have some quiet. There is nothing bad about that because those laws are done for the quality of life for everyone.. It sounds to me you just like creating an argument when you know the guys are religious. You have not exceeded my tolerance level. It's impossible. I'm trying to tell you but you won't listen. What do you want it all and no one else can be who they are? You are crying Wolf. You are someone's child and that's enough for me, but you have to return respect. I'm not even mad at you. I'm trying to tell you that everyone is trying to survive and everyone comes across descrimination at one time or another, but we have to deal. No one person or group is special.
Maybe if you were accepting of others, then people would be more accepting of you. I wrote a nice posting about how I felt. You didn't even have the courtesy to read it, but I read yours. It is obvious to me you only hear yourself. Gay people are all the media where no one thinks twice about it.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: This is all good and well, but why should I have my right to shop, buy a car, drink etc. on a Sunday? I'm not Christian. Sunday isn't anything special to me...why is it that I am having my rights taken away because its a Christian holy day?...I was pretty sure that the Constitution protected me from things like this.
27 months ago: Well, the issue here is that you have to respect other people's rights. We share this country with people of many different beliefs.
It doesn't necessarily have to do with being a Christian. It is a day to rest for people. Most banks and offices are closed on Sunday so a credit check can't be done for large purchases. Not all places restrict you to make a purchase of alcohol on a Sunday.
I use to go to a shore town in my State. The Town was own by an association and was primarily prostestant. The beaches were closed until 12:00 p.m. and no cars were allowed in the town on that day. You could lease a place for 99 years, but you could never own your own property there. That has changed today. I didn't think it was right either, but that was there towns regulations. You never saw anyone of color or any other religion but people fought it and it changed. If you feel so strongly about it, fight it.
The Constitution protects everyone's rights.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: ....Ok. But I don't care about Sunday...its just a day. The reason I can't buy a car on Sundays is because of Christian tradition. (I should note that I live in Illinois and I can actually buy a car and/or go to my bank on Sundays).
27 months ago: That's my point. It isn't about religion. Some places just need a day of rest so people don't have to be on the constant go. People go to church on other days besides Sunday. You can go all week. I don't have to defend my church.
That's all please Perfect.
27 months ago: You also have to realize the banks save money by not being open on Sunday. There are automatic ATM machines that do their work. Living in the Metropolitan area I think there are too many people to handle all business every day.
Places aren't open because of inventory count, they close down, but people are working. One county the malls are open, the other they are closed. People in surrounding homes only see lines of cars day after day. So the people voted for the blue law.
Okay that's it. Finished. You can write but I can't answer now.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: /sigh...its about religion. I don't need or want a day of rest...that is a Christian ideal, that is the reason stuff is closed on Sundays (again, not where I live but in some places)
27 months ago: PH,

Getting back to the heart of this post, anyway you look at it 'religion' has a lot to do with what is allowed and what is not... if someone is "offended" by a prayer in school (because of differing religions) the prayer is removed... if someone is "offended" by a bible verse or quote in a public place (because of differing religions) it is removed... so 'religion' or simply what people believe or don't believe has a lot to do with every aspect of our society and trends. It would seem special interest groups get first 'kick' and the majority has to suck it up.

The "Christian ideal" is on it's way out and no longer can be said that it is forced on anyone... it is targeted by the liberal media and enforced by government. The problem as S.E. Cupp puts it, is that it is damaging to the society already built and established on Biblical principles traditions and morals...

S.E. Cupp discusses her new book, Losing Our Religion:
The Liberal Media's Attack On Christianity. don't live in a vacuum, the rights you and I enjoy have been established by strong individuals that paid a high price... civilized nations are founded in blood. When people believe that we are more than we appear, and are worth more than we are told, and have a hope beyond our means... CHANGE is soon to follow! No faithless, hopeless, worthless individual has done anything but destroy.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I think the difference of opinion comes from a basic understanding of what sort of religious rights are protected. For me: People are allowed to practice whatever religion they want, however they want to private life (i.e. In your home, or place of worship, public spaces*). However, in government funded areas no specific religion is allowed to be favored. This means no religion in Public Schools. No government sponsored Christmas displays at the court house/capitol building/city hall. And most importantly, no laws that are based on any particular religions beliefs.

Moving on. You are right about the majority having to deal with getting told no the most...that's why you are the majority. That is the Constitution doing its job. It is protecting me (an Atheist) from you (a Christian). Christians often complain, similarly to what you did here, that they are having their rights taken away. This is simply not true; we are asking that you exercise your rights the same way the rest of us (Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, Pagans, Druids, Jews etc) have to. Keep your beliefs to yourself. Talk about them with your friends who share them. Go to Church and discuss them with that community. All that the minorities want is for everyone to follow the rules the same way. That is the idea of the Constitution...Fairness.

Religion/Faith/Spirituality is not a requirement for morals.

*public spaces are fine ASSUMING that all faiths are allowed equal access
27 months ago: Well said. Because people don't have an understanding of Christianity, they want to wipe it out. It never will happen. You can't take God out of the people.
Anything good is looked at as a threat.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: That is not even remotely close to what I said.

I don't want to wipe out Christianity...I want people who live in the United States to follow the Constitution of The United States.

I'm not threatened by Christianity. I'm offended by anyone (Christians in this case) who feel that because they are the majority they can ignore the Constitution.
27 months ago: PH Wow.
I think Truth has a point here about Christianity in his comment.
I know that Christianity will never be separated from the people no matter what someone does to stop the influence in public schools or offices or anywhere. It will be here forever. Our Presidents will always work for the people under God and Country.

Everything you are saying points to discriminating against the beliefs and practices of Catholics, Jews, Protestants, etc. Speaking against Christmas which is a spiritual Holiday for children and families to enjoy is wrong. You are obviously very discriminatory against people's ways. Christmas is joyful. If you don't believe in it, you don't celebrate. I don't celebrate Hanukkah, but it is beautiful. I respect it. We all choose what we want to follow. You have choosen your way. That's fine with me.
I love Disney at Christmas Time. I love the joy of Christmas and the spiritualism. What else is there? The only place left is cold and dark floating in endless blank atmosphere like demons? When people lose warmth in their hearts, we are headed for tragedy. A lot comes from coldness in a home when a child is raised. The parents hand it down to the child. It is a shame.
You choose not to have children. Having children is about teaching them to grow up to be good humanbeings when a parent is responsible.
I'm a good mother and a good wife. That shows in the reflection of children's accomplishments and values. I wouldn't want it any different. I want my kids to enjoy life and be able to bring love into it, not hate.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: You are bordering on crazy here. I am not discriminating against Christians...I am asking them to follow the Constitution. I'm not speaking against Christmas, I think Christmas is great for those who celebrate it...Again: I just want the Constitution followed...which means that the Government is not allowed to support any one religion...ergo: NO Government purchased Christian displays...I don't care if a Christian group wants to put up a display (So long as every religion is given the equal opportunity to do so).
27 months ago: Lots of luck. Thanks for the conversation.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I should add that I have done lots of good things for people. I don't know if I'm worthless or hopeless but I am faithless I guess...
27 months ago: PH,

You obviously see yourself as worth something as well as those you have done good things for, and that is hopeful for change... as to faith that's a givin... one can believe in themselves as god.
27 months ago: BTW PH,

Thanks for being transparent and sharing your life experiences with us, it is good to get to know you a bit better, and that's inspiring!
27 months ago: Six, life is so big and has so many good things to offer. You just have to look for it. You shouldn't care about anything else except taking care of you right now.
27 months ago: The difference between me and you is that my life is full of fun and hope and dreams. This morning I got the greatest news of a lifetime. Life is never a drag for me. You never know what is around each turn.
Content Removed by Sunny1
27 months ago: Okay, I guess this is where you think I back away. I'm tired so I'm not going to write anymore. Have fun today.
27 months ago: Good post, Huey.
27 months ago: Perfect some people aren't as strong or healthy as you may be. With the economy as it is, people find work on any day they can find it to meet their responsibilities. I need a day of rest from this conversation. Then family like to get together on a Sunday. The one day a week they can see each other which is free from the busy stressful week. They sit down have a dinner. All is good. The children see each other and play. It is important to some people. You arer married and you will probably have kids and time is so precious to spend together. Not all about religion as you think. It to me is about family. Thank God for Sundays to spend with my grandparents, aunts, and cousins. I have grand memories. Christians have God in their hearts every day and minute. A good Christian sees no difference in color, race, or creed.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: What's wrong with Saturday? I have several friends who are of them has Tuesdays and Thursdays off. I visit my family for dinner on any day...doesn't have to be a Sunday to see my family. My wife and I won't be having kids, but I do get the importance of seeing family...I'm simply suggesting that any day is a good day to do that.
27 months ago: Right. I like both days, but any day is good. I prefer the weekends because people are more relaxed and look forward to company. They don't want to be alone when parents are older.
I love to have fun all the time if I could. Unfortunately, jobs don't give you that option of taking off during the week. Some jobs you can work from home with your notebook, which is good, but you still have to put the time in.
People need 2 days off if they put in 40 or 50 hours a week straight. Heck, I hate working anyway. I worked all my life for someone else to make money. What's worse? I rather have fun.
I had a boss that didn't treat her employees well. It use to make me so sick.
She would come in and do nothing to run her business which she just started as a brand new company and at 2 o'clock said she doesn't want to work, I want to be home with my kids in the pool. She was rubbing it in. Or, she would come in after her kids had viruses and stand over you and deliberately cough on you. She was no good in every way. I don't owe work anything. I paid my dues as most people have.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I work 55-65 hours per week. I have fun literally every day. My wife and I go for walks after work, go golfing, go to local concerts, movies and many other things...and we do this regardless of the day of week. In fact I prefer doing things on the weekdays after work rather than weekends, I prefer to be home on weekends just watching sports or playing games with my wife.

I agree that people need two days off...I'm simply saying that lots of people work weekends and have weekdays off...Sunday is not a special day...its just a day.
27 months ago: You have smarts. Maybe you should work for yourself. You should have good money without all those hours. It doesn't take much but a leap of faith. Do you understand that?
Sunday may not be for you, but it is for others. I don't really care what you do. You have a style that is yours. So do other people. This is crazy to argue about a Sunday. You better make sure you understand woman. You don't do a good job here. What you may like your partner may not like and doesn't say anything to appease you. Everyone when they first get married does the exact same thing. Better think twice.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I actually do work for myself (with my father).

My wife and I have been together for 7 years (married for 1). We are just fine. What you refuse to recognize is that the reason Sunday is what it is in this country is because it is the Christian holy day.
27 months ago: I'm happy the two of your found each other. Of course, I refuse. It's kind of petty. I think you said that before about working with your dad.
It's nice.
27 months ago: Before you start calling people crazy, look over what you write. You don't see what other people are saying to you.
I actually worked for my dad too. Felt better when I got on my own job. Don't get me wrong it gave me a good foundation.
You can't control minds and the way people live or think.
The Constitution is for everyone. No laws are being broken.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I own half the company...I think I'll keep it that way.

The Constitution is for EVERYBODY. That goes for Christians too. Laws are being broken when the government refuses to allow an Atheist group to put up a display along side the Christian one...That is an endorsement of religion...its unConstitutional
27 months ago: Sunny, you really need to try and comprehend what PH has been saying about the constitution. When you make a statement like that ("The constitution is for everyone. No laws are being broken.") it proves that your comprehension of the topics discussed regarding the constitution and laws is not very good. Somehow you are missing the point because you keep saying that it is for the good of everyone and that there is nothing wrong with the reason behind the laws because it is good for everyone. Viscous circle that misses the point of the laws having been based in religious belief not held by everyone.
27 months ago: The topic here originally was about marriage. Who got off what subject? We were talking about Gays also.
Somehow you are missing the point. Laws are made for the benefit of all.
You can try and be demeaning, but it won't work. I live too well. Everything that came from him was being discriminatory. No one is going to knock Christianity to me without a good argument. I can interpret the constitution backwards and forwards. I thought I was talking to people not an obstructive force. Which one of you went to Yale or Harvard. I didn't think so. You aren't experts. You talk a lot and say nothing.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I have Master's degrees in Constitutional Law and Political Science. I'm pretty sure Georgetown and University of Chicago are equal or better (respectively) to Yale and Harvard.

The subject was Gay marriage. What CONSTITUTIONAL reason can you find for why they should not be allowed to marry? What benefit do I (a non-Christian) receive from laws preventing Gay people from getting married? The truth is that there isn't a benefit to all. It is simply a case of the Christian Majority trying to abuse their power over a minority that they don't like.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: More importantly, what benefit do gay people receive by not having the right to marry? You said it was for the benefit of everyone...I'm not benefiting, gay people aren' know who is??? Right Wing Christians that want to force their religion on others.
27 months ago: I don't think so, but you did okay.
Then you should be able to achieve and move forward like they have in high government and maybe change the Constitution to suit you because you will gain power from the Constitution of the USA and be Perfect Almighty. Don't think of other people and what they stand for.
Your stuck on these ideals. It doesn't work. You stuck on petty thinking. It doesn't work. You need to make room for all. Get off the grand standing. Life is too short.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I've got bad news for you...But Georgetown and UofC are both ranked higher for their Political Science departments than Yale and Harvard...

I don't want to change the Constitution...I want it followed. Maybe you should read it again...especially that bit called the Establishment Clause (even Wikipedia would help you).

How on earth am I grand standing by suggesting that Christians be subject to the Constitution?
27 months ago: Maybe they need a strong leader who is a solid believer in Gay rights.
Why don't you try to be a leader and advocate for this change. Is there anyone strong enough or smart enough.
Basically, are rights are protected. I'm a Christian and I believe in God.
I don't believe in gay marraiges and only because of confusion it could cause if there are children. Also, their history on violence. Those issues have to be ironed out.
You don't need to argue here go try and make change. That's the American way. Why do you feel you aren't benefiting? You live in this country. You have your own business. What do you want? People not to have faith or you want people to not have Sunday for religious worship. No one is asking you to observe Sunday as a religious day. You want the constitution to stipulate No Sunday Worship? You want the Constitution to just be rewritten for Gay marraiges. Some people can't go running around like you do during the week. You say you work all those hours, so I don't know how you have time to play during the week. Most people are too busy with their families. I know in business it owns you when you are successful. You do look down on people. I pick it up in your attitude. Because true leaders would not do that.
27 months ago: The acceptance has to come from people. Nothing is going to change people. You can't force it even if the laws change.
27 months ago: Are those the people who can't get accepted?
You do grand stand a lot. You are not going to be treated seriously because of the way you talk to people.
Go out and make changes.
Become a Senator if you can.
You say you have ability. Go try to attempt change.
I don't talk about the Constitution to any one because debate can go on endlessly. That's for the politicians to hack out.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Holy s*%&...its like talking to a rock. You have very clearly never in your life read the Constitution.

Where does the Constitution say that gay people can't get married? If I remember correctly it was the far right that was trying to ADD an amendment to the Constitution to make it illegal.

I want the ESTABLISHMENT CLAUSE upheld. I want laws to stop catering to Christianity. It is UnConstitutional. I don't care about Sundays being your day of worship. If you have a job you have every right to say you cannot work Sundays...and better yet you cannot be reprimanded for that. Just like many Jewish people get "random" days off for religious holidays. The point is that Sunday is what it is today because it is Christian holy day and Christians are the majority. This is not rocket science.

I work from 6:30am until 5pm. After 5pm I go out and golf, or go to a movie, or go to dinner with my family, or play frisbee, or go for a walk, or go to a beach...again...its not rocket science.

You said all laws are for the benefit of everyone. How do gay people benefit from not being allowed to get married? How do I benefit from that?

Violence? The rate of Violence between Gay couples and Straight couples is identical (about 25%)...this topic has been extensively researched the data is clear...the violence rate is identical.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I actually miss TCG and RSG
27 months ago: Maybe you don't have the background to understand the Constitution.
27 months ago: I am a rock that people rely on. I don't believe in gay marriages. I don't care. Why are you so obsessed with it? I don't care 2cents.
Christianity is here to stay in Jesus' name. I'm proud of it.
No it isn't rocket science but I've been there and done that and I know big business inside and out. I can't be fooled. I have known my entire life all very influential people. I know what it is and clearly you don't. and I had my ups and downs.
How do you want to benefit from Gay maraiges. Do you want to exploit it? You said you aren't Gay. I know a man and women who got married because they both were Gay and they tried to hide it from the company. Do you do anything for fun? You like to make a lot of noise.
Sorry you haven't experienced enough to talk about anything and get beyond listening to only your words. Leave the Constitution to the people who are scholarly. Do what was suggested and try and advocate to work for changes through the State you live in. Try and change the laws at that level. It will never happen with the Constitution. Never. You want, you want, but you don't do anything. It can't be all the time what you want. It goes by vote and what the majority of the people decide by voting. Have a nice day. Rock
27 months ago: PH, I had a long response to Sunny but decided to hold it for a while and see if she ever actually reads anything you have written but just like everything I've written, she ignores it and returns to spouting basic gibberish with no regard to facts in evidence.

I don't have your credentials, just a basic 2 year degree and it isn't in philosophy or government or law but I like to think I have a good understanding of how the Constitution is supposed to work. After reading Sunny's post, I'm pretty sure she isn't even aware of its ramifications.

I think Huey is having a good laugh and Truth is giggling up a storm!
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I kinda gave up...I make a point about specific amendments or clauses of the Constitution and the response is totally unrelated and tells me that I am trying to drive Christianity out of existence...I honestly believe that she has never read the Constitution. She should be ashamed of herself; Truth knows more about it and he is not even American.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Also, you don't need to have the same degrees I do to be able to understand the Constitution (I only mentioned them because I was told I knew nothing about the Constitution...and also found it laughable that Harvard and Yale were "better" schools for political science than Georgetown and UofC). It is a pretty simple document (granted the interpretation can get complicated). You are quite well versed in it and that is a good thing. It's always a pleasure discussing with you.
27 months ago: Let me know when it is safe to come back... !;]
27 months ago: Perfect, I think people need a "get out of jail card" to get away from stress. They want fun with their kids. Do something special they like to do? Go to a concert, sit on a beach, and bask in the sun, go to a movie, travel. sky dive. or take a quiet walk to reflect People are looking for a little relief to have fun and share together with their love ones and even some peace and quiet to communicate with their inner selves. What else is important. Religion is a choice of each person. Certainly arguing about being off on a Sunday a lot of people would shout and yell about not having the free time for fun and relaxation. I don't think most people are radical about religion.
They want to make money during the week and spend it on the weekend to enjoy.
27 months ago: You can't explain anything to you because you are opposed. I can't be bothered. I'm not speaking to you of accomplishments. You don't understand.
How about schools like Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. I guess you don't believe in those schools. Some people do attend them.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Could you try to use the "Reply" button...or atleast put a complete thought into these responses. What on Earth to Princeton and Harvard have to do with this? Where did that even come from?
27 months ago: Maybe you should go back to school. Why don't you answer Truth?
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Where did I not answer Truth? Again...please...a complete thought...or at least use the "Reply" feature of this site so your comments are in the right place
27 months ago: This is too far off the topic. You don't realize how much people have or how much more they live. I would never criticize you, and I'm not. You and I don't see eye to eye that's all. You are doing well.. It doesn't matter what you believe or anyone else believes. We do our best. We are just different people.
Those schools I listed are good learning institutions of which many in my family have attended and achieved higher ground in governmkent. Maybe you should go for it because you have ability, but you have to keep an open mind. I left my father's large corporation and did much better on my own.
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Content Removed by Sunny1
27 months ago: Truth it is safe. You can pick up from here. I said what I had to in support of my faith.
27 months ago: There are a lot of good people that are Gay, but I don't believe in Gay marraiges. This is my opinion, and it isn't directed to anyone in particular. I can't waste my breath on ignorance from others who would destroy religion if they could. This is not about the Constitution, but about personal grievances regarding Christianity. This is a tactic from people who are not followers of Christ and don't accept people who are. It doesn't matter to me as that is their loss. I love God and I am a Christian. I respect all religions. I even accept their lack of it. Sunday is very important day to millions of people of faith, but they don't think that counts or it is important because it is what they want. They want to take away that right. Sometimes the devil rears its head in ugly ways.
The Bible is a history that brings Jesus into our lives and teaches us wisely. I learn truth from it, not hate. In a court of law the Bible is recognized as a way of truth and it is so valued for righteousness and truth that it is sworn upon to carry that out under law. That is how much importance is put on it. So, what possibly could be their argument there. They went to school for Political Science and what do they think of this tradition in the court room. Where did it get them? Apparently, they don't recognize the Bible and refer to Christianity as a fairytale. The courts don't think of the Bible as a fairytale, but they know better because they went to learn Mickey Mouse ways instead of learning. I think they spent more time on the importance of spring break and drinking beer, not learning. No one is asking them to accept our ways, but they mock it. That is a lack of character.. What they learned in their schooling doesn't measure up to anything at all and it shows in their language. The one brags about a school but knows nothing of faith and life. Of course colleges are good if you get something out of it. I don't see it here. You learn about truth, acceptance, and humility which are the true tools of life in order to have vision. They don't have vision. They refuse to see scholars in this world or recognize people actuality do achieve great things just by caring and accepting others. You can't say I went out and helped people, but at the same time not understand their different faiths and beliefs. That is why they don't get it. I see too much resentment for them to really help anyone. You have to have love and respect for your fellow man in order to help anyone.
I would hope my children, who can talk about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution fluently, would never enter into a marraige with someone who has no understanding of life, faith, or hope. . I don't even see a knowledge of the Constitution and they never mention what falls under the Bill of Rights. I won't discuss this with them. I refuse to have to defend it to people like that. I have kids that know more. It is quite obviously that they only scratch the surface. No real intellectual smarts. Nothing is perfect, not even the Constitution because in the beginning when it was written it didn't make provisions to end slavery and that is only one thing. Change is good if it is for the good of all people and only the people can do this.
Well, I hope that get their gang together for little me. I guess they want a gang war to beat me down. It isn't going to happen.
This is so funny. I had a good laugh about it. I can't take this seriously and not even mad or think they matter.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I honestly believe that you have not read a single thing I have written to this point, so I will try again.

The Constitution of the United States of America is very clear on this matter:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

So, This means that you are 100% free to practice whatever religion you want to. You are free to do this in your home, at your church, on the street, in a park, anywhere you want. HOWEVER it also means that your beliefs are your own and that the Government cannot establish any laws which would be an endorsement of any specific religion.

For example: You are free to not support gay marriage as a religious choice. You are not free to request that the government create a law that bans Gay marriage based on that belief. There are no non-religious reasons for gay marriage to be banned, and in fact several religions already sanction gay marriage (Hinduism, Wicca, Paganism, Pantheism to name a few). By establishing laws that ban gay marriage not only would the government be establishing legislation based on religion, they would also be prohibiting the free exercise rights of other religions.

In a court, the bible is not actually a requirement of swearing into a court oath. It is presented as an option to Christians as a way to bind their testimony to their conscience. No court in the United States can FORCE you to swear on the bible, and in most courts today they simply have you place your hand on your heart.
27 months ago: I'm really disappointed in these two young men because I had actually found them interesting at one time, and I enjoyed speaking to them because I liked their spirit.
My opinion has changed because of rudeness and lack of respect.
It is amazing how people can boast about going to some school for a certain career, in this case Political Science, and yet not work in the field. The point I was trying to make was just that, not where they went to school, but they showed their true colors.
I don't believe either one has taken the path that they were educated in. How can they talk and bash others who have done so much more to enrich lives in every way possible.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I am really disappointed in you. You have completely ignored everything that has been said. You abandoned all reason and are not even reading what is being written.

I work in my field of study. I publish articles in multiple journals, I am a sitting member of the Heartland Institute and am a contributor to the Center for American Progress. I have taught at both a large state university and a small community college. I also happen to work at a company that I partially own...not sure what your point is on this.

27 months ago: I wonder if either of these 2 guys if they had to go to court would put their hand on the Bible to be sworn in since it is a fairytale. Could they object to it? Would they have the nerve to or just do it and laugh? Interesting.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I have testified in court, I did not put my hand on the bible.
27 months ago: It is hard to believe anything you say. Doesn't add up.
People don't treat others poorly and make remarks to those that try to communicate with them. You look down your nose. I have know idea why.
Did not put your hand on the bible? I guess you can say anthing then.
That's your right. I have my opinions and you have yours. I don't want to carry this on anymore. You lack experience in life. I'm disappointed in a young man acting so rude.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I put my hand on my can easily look this up yourself. Swearing on a bible is not a requirement of the law to be sworn into court. Similarly, Muslims swear into court using the Quran...Jews use the Torah...

If using logic and presenting factual evidence is rude then perhaps you would be better off using the forums on a church website.
27 months ago: That isn't the point. You are none of those faiths. You don't know what you believe or don't believe. All those people you mention have religion and faith. You don't offer much by saying I put my hand on my heart.
That is hypocritical to me. You don't really know what it is to do a lot for other countries. I had hands on for years, and I don't fane that I care.
I wish you had life experience to fall back on. You are rude and insulting.
You don't seem to have vision. You don't realize that other people live to their highest potential and that their are geniuses out there. There are some very smart people on this site. You fight them every word as you do me.
You are still on that road of learning. You are in no position to speak to others from your high horse because that is what your actions show.
Too bad. I don't feel like speaking to you anymore.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: ...So you are literally going to not read anything I write and then respond with pointless babble. I understand are lazy.
27 months ago: Being married for a while and having kids and raising them to be accomplished and well-off says a lot for me. I remember what you said a while ago about family experience.
I don't have to brag.
Maybe you should go on a counciling site for your rudeness. Or maybe you should join a church group site. That will teach you. Happy Friday the 13th.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: How on earth is presenting factual evidence being rude? You are on a discussion/debate site and you are refusing to read and respond to what is being written...that is rudeness at its finest.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Hi Sunny1,

Don't take you eye off the prize.

I originally put this out to share my thoughts on this issue knowing that others would chime in with a different view point. That's to be expected and I wouldn't be as much fun any other way.

Your stance is solid. Don't feel the need to make others always understand or appreciate where you are coming from. They won't and all you will do is set yourself up for disappointment.

You have battled like a champion on this post. That speaks volumes with regard to your conviction and passion.

Don't let another's view sway you from standing up for what you believe is right and don't let any negativity discourage and frustrate you into silence.

I am very, very THANKFUL l for you input here and I am looking forward to writing many more pieces and having you share your thoughts there.

Just keep swinging. All the best.

Chicago, IL
27 months ago: There is a difference between standing up for what you believe in (in this case anti-gay marriage) because of your religious beliefs and understanding what the Constitution says.

Any law adopted that would prevent gay marriage would be Un-Constitutional as all the reasoning presented here is based on Christian ideology. There is no legal reason why gay couples should not be allowed to wed, only religious opposition. I respect your right to speak out against it, but it crosses the line when people call for bans on gay marriage. It is Un-Constitutional and thus un-American.
27 months ago: OK... Kiss and make up...

Sunny don't take things so personally, we all enjoy a good debate, but sometimes we won't get another to see things our way. PH disagrees with most of what I have to say, but I respect and appreciate his view even if it's wrong !:] There are many more topics to rant and rave about, let's not get worn out on just one !:]
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Marriage is now and always will be a union between a man and a woman.

It does not matter what the government says, it does not matter how society warps it.

Man and woman for a lifetime is the perfect ideal. That's how family is created and that is how civilization is built.

Two women cannot physically consummate a marriage relationship. Nor can two men without doing some pretty nasty stuff.

Folks can do what they want in their own bedrooms. That's there prerogative. But it's also one's personal prerogative to call what is reprehensible as it is.

If folks want to urinate on each other until their bladders turn inside out, go ahead. That turns some folks on. Just don't get mad at others who think that behavior is sick and refuse to see it any other way. That's called conviction and those who speak to tolerance simply need to stop being so high and mighty and tolerate folks who see things differently. I didn't say endorse, I said TOLERATE. Has nothing to do with fear, prejudice or phobias. It has to do with ethics, morals and convictions; not to mention good hygiene.

Even where so-called marriage equality is touted and affirmed, same sexes still will never be married. Hooked up? Yes. Married? No.

Only a man and a woman can be truly married. Has nothing ultimately to do with religion either. It's simple common sense. But common sense is not so common these days.

You can call a dog a horse all day long but guess what? A dog will always be a dog.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: So, Paganism (which has existed FAR longer than Christianity) and has always endorsed same sex marriage is something that, according to you should just be disregarded?

This is where the Constitution becomes important. Christian marriage is a pledge of love and commitment between a man and a women. Atheists pledge the same thing when they marry. As do every other group of people who get married. The problem is that you are merging two separate things:

Marriage has two parts. 1 is the spiritual/religious/holy bond created between two people at their chosen place of worship/overseen by a church official (priest/pastor/minister). The other part of marriage is the legal act of marriage. The government licenses, taxes and sanctions the legal act of being married. It is 100% acceptable for a church to say: "We don't marry gay couples/gay marriage is a sin" etc...HOWEVER, and this is the important part: the Government has no such right. From a governmental viewpoint marriage is a contract: you don't have to specify that you are getting married by a catholic priest, a protestant minister or a judge to get the have to simply meet the requirements (typically be of a certain age, sound mind and body and willing to enter the contract).

The federal government is not permitted to pass a law banning gay marriage because all people must be submitted to the same requirements for a government contract. They cannot discriminate based on protected qualities (sex, race, age, gender, nationality, creed, religion or sexual preference). The Constitution protects these rights.

Chicago, IL
27 months ago: NOW: there is a big caveat here. State Governments are permitted to determine things differently. A state constitution could ban gay marriage (as it does in South Carolina) or allow it (as it does in Iowa). This gets tricky though, as the Full Faith and Credit clause indicates that licenses from a particular state must be recognized by all other states. An interesting example was the case of a lesbian couple in Texas who were married (in a different state). Texas does not recognize same sex marriages...however a judge allowed the couple to get a Texas on earth can you get a divorce if you aren't married?

This issue is complicated. I am sometimes too rash in my responses and not clear enough. This, I feel, is more clear.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: "So, Paganism (which has existed FAR longer than Christianity) and has always endorsed same sex marriage is something that, according to you should just be disregarded?"

Yes. Just as in the same way the worship of the pagan god Moloch should be disregarded.

As far as the legal aspects go, the Federal government should stay out of it. That being said, regardless of how it shakes down a dog still will NEVER be a horse.

Try as we might, we can never legislate righteousness. It will always boils down to individual choices.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Moloch is not a Pagan god...he was an Ammonite god.

Please use scholarly sources when providing evidence of things.

The Federal Government isn't in it is the extreme right that is trying to force the Federal Government to be involved by requesting a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage. As it stands there is no Constitutional ground on which to stand.

Righteousness to you. Not to everyone. Do not confuse Christianity with Truth...Christianity is faith based, not fact based. You can ignore the natural world as much as you want, but regardless of what you say homosexuality exists in nearly every species of mammal, its only looked down upon by religious people.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Also, be aware that the brand of Christianity you follow (along with all other forms of it) are all mutations of older Greco-roman Paganism...or did you think bringing a Tree in your house was somehow related to Jesus being born?
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: You are correct. But Moloch was adopted by pagans and worshipped by them as a diety as well. So my last post stands.

BTW - Christianity is based upon the FACT of the resurrection.

You may not believe it. That's your prerogative. However there is enough evidence to convince even a hard core skeptic of the historicity of the event if they care to study it and are open to the possibility. On this particular post, I'm not going to go there. However, I more than likely will write a separate piece on it down the road.

Also, by this time you have some idea but hardly a comprehensive idea about which "brand' of Christianity I subscribe to. You are still learning, my friend. Just like I am still learning about your beliefs and positions. Neither of us is there.

True, Christmas trees have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. However they do brighten up the Christmas season in my opinion.

Finally, it's a poor example to excuse aberrant behaviors in humans with reprehensible behaviors in species of animals.

Many animals eat their young. Are we supposed to accept and endorse that behavior in humans just because it's found in nature? I don't think so.


But a horse is still a horse and a dog is a dog.

We're going to have to agree to disagree here because nothing you've posted has changed my mind a bit and I'm sure you feel the same way on the flip side.
27 months ago: Him first!
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: I assume this is supposed to be a reply to truth's comment...

I'm not apologizing to you, you didn't read anything I didn't respond to anything I wrote. You replied with unrelated comments. You then proceeded to call me rude. You could have simply read and replied to what I wrote and this whole thing would have never gotten to this point.
27 months ago: Thanks Huey. I had a lifetime of having to stand up as well I'm sure you and Truth have. I stick to my guns. I never care what other people think or care about their opinions. I argue mine the same back.
Hallellujah today was dedicated to all of you including Cypress and especially Perfect.
Chicago, IL
27 months ago: Look, I don't have any issue with seem to have taken one with me. I like you. I have seen you make really great arguments in the past. I appreciate that you stand up for what you believe in, but for whatever reason, on this post, you seem completely unwilling to even read what I am actually saying and respond to what I say instead of just restating your point.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"

You are smart, you could at least make an effort to address what I am actually saying.
27 months ago: Okay. I never thought you did.
27 months ago: Okay. I never thought you did.
27 months ago: I told you Perfect I was tired earlier.
I'm busy all day and night. People rely on me.
A mother's job never ends. A wife's job never ends. I usually have fun on this site during the little time I have.
Sometimes I don't have time to read word for word so if I miss the point you will have to excuse me. I still stand strong on my beliefs and you should on yours, which you do.
27 months ago: You know that saying "I am woman hear me roar".
I would say that is fitting for today Friday the 13th.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: Sunny - realize the world will never accept many of our stances. Jesus did nothing but good, yet they crucified Him. Never forget that.

"If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you."
John 15:18

Folks like to pick and choose Jesus word's when convenient rather than simply live by them. That's hypocritical to the max. Live it or leave it alone. No testimony is better than a raggedy one.

Our job is to share the truth and leave the consequences with God and the ones we share with. Some feel that is pushing our religion one tem. Oh, well. That's their problem not ours.

If in a commencement speech, I want to thank my parents, my teachers and my LORD, some lobotomized folks have a problem with that.

That's rich. These are the same people that want to force their unproven theories, ideas, religions, secular philophies, and superstition to our kids in public schools sponsored by our tax dollars and we are to remain silent and not protest at all. I don't think so. Not on my watch.

I don't have too much time to deal with jerks like that on a personal level. They have enough problems without me adding theirs to my own.

Funny thing is though; if I mention Buddha or Ophra there is no issue. If I quote long passages from Ghandi, I'm ok.

Say JESUS and they start foaming at the mouth. Why? Because their hearts condemn them. They KNOW in their hear that they are not right with God and their flesh recoils at it. See, Buddha and Ophra won't call them out in their darkness. Jesus will and they simply can't stand that.

Pray for the folks on this site. Don't take anything too personally and dial back some if it gets too hot or becomes pointless. Thank you for the time you put in here.

Everyone has a center point from which they drive their existence. Some folks live their center from themselves and themselves alone. Others realize that there are forces of existence that are powerful and meaningful outside of our own selves.

We will all reap what we sow. Let's just make sure we are planting the right seeds in the garden of our lives. That way, come harvest time and Judgment Day, we should not have too many surprises.
27 months ago: Huey, my faith is too strong because I have gone through so much and always bounced back up. Got through a lot.
I never get mad. People choose their own way. They're suppose to.
Christmas Tree: Hmmmmmmm.
As soon as the tree goes up, the entire enviornment changes into a peaceful glow.
The evergreen tree represents lasting love of Christ. The star on the top of the tree represents the star the wise men followed and the light on the tree are starlights. They looked no different than the stars I saw out in the desert at night and the quiet peace out in the middle of no where with no one around except our presence in nature and God's prescence overseeing it all.
Someone mentioned the Christmas tree.
The Christmas tree on Christmas Eve gives off the exact same feeling that the desert does. The presents to me represent the gift of love that God gives us, which we pay forward and give that love to others. We spread that love from shore to shore and sea to sea. Anyone who feels it is nothing is entitled to that, but it is shame they don't share this beautiful ride. Is it better to be unfeeling? Maybe those people who don't see any beauty in a Christmas tree see it in something else. I have to wonder in what.
A Christmas tree puts loving smiles on children's faces and brings families together. Children grow up with that same giving nature. Nothing wrong with that if it brings good and happiness into lives. Life is suppose to be filled with joy, not negativity. That's my take on it.
27 months ago: They don't have to believe, but they should learn to pay forward and try to be the best they can be as people.
I don't think we have to worry about it Huey. Billions and billions of people believe in Jesus. All we have to do is believe ourselves.
Content Removed by Sunny1
27 months ago: Thanking God Huey can be done simply and quietyly to yourself. It is between you and Him.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
27 months ago: