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Make Me A Supermodel Winner!

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New Orleans, LA
I bet you want to know who won "Make Me A Supermodel!" Well, I won't keep you in suspense.

The world has a new face for jeans and underwear. Branden Rickman, 18, from Central Point, Oregon is the Make Me A Supermodel winner!

During the “Make Me A Supermodel” finale on Wednesday, it was pretty obvious that Branden Rickman was going to be the Make Me A Supermodel winner.

As the winner of the Make Me A Supermodel (season 2) show, Branden gets a modeling contract and 100,000 dollars. The judges were really kind to Branden, saying that he’d “grown from a boy to a man” during the show.

But Branden had started “Make Me A Supermodel” without a stellar performance. The judges even called him “cocky.” But he beat out the other two contestants, and now he’s a real supermodel!

Good job, “Make Me A Supermodel” winner! Now, go do something with your life!

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