Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display

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Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
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This is a superb product. I asked a few questions before buying it, now I can answer.
It may help those who are still undecided.

- Readability:
It is better than a paperback book. You can choose the font, orientation, and - for those who have not a particularly good eyes - is better.
The ad is misleading: you can read in the sun without any problems, unlike a conventional screen.

- Ergonomics:
It is remarkably well designed.
The screen is not touch. This generation may be fans of the iPad, but the location of the buttons "next page" and "previous page" on both sides of the device makes it easier to turn a page on a Kindle than an iPad.

- Configuration:
Practically, there is only one manipulation key to do is enter the code Wi-Fi network.
In 2 minutes, the system is ready. (If you know what a WEP or WPA key, if not planning to ask for help for 5 minutes to someone who knows)

- Power
The device is charging in a computer's USB port, the USB cable is included with the Kindle. Battery life: not tested.

- Kindle Store.
Well as the Amazon site.
I use the command "one click", I chose my e-book, and 10 seconds after it was received.

- Delivery of Amazon Kindle.
As usual, Amazon service was perfect, the product is also well packed.

- Good surprises
We can add personal documents via USB
You can also send them by mail on the kindle, but I have not tried.
English dictionary come with the Kindle. There is a feature that allows access to the definitions of the text. We can annotate and highlight book if desired.
The books of past centuries (19th and above) are free on the Kindle site, as royalty free.

- Surprises

- General Notice
I read a lot of paperbacks, and I think now I will not buy any more books in print.
I do not think that the version of the product is highly suitable for BD players (black and white screen and medium size), maybe the next version is expected in color will be.
Despite the presence of a search function that works well, an e-book should be less convenient than a paper book for a reference book where the information is sought by browsing.

Is hoped that publishers play the game of dematerialization.
For now on Kindle site you can find everything: the free, reasonable prices and publishers who abuse them by offering e-books at least as expensive, if not more than the paper versions.

Notice to Publishers: Do not repeat the mistake of the music industry, take the turn of digital consumers like me who are honest and willing to buy at a reasonable price.

Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
31 months ago: Kindle Fire is going to take over the portable pad market real soon; just watch and see.
31 months ago: Give me color, touch screen AND buttons, cheap, cheap, cheap prices on books AND the ability to load my own photos and documents in almost any format and I will be ordering one. For now, I'm stuck with Kindle for PC and all my old, old software.....

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