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Kate Gosselin book only sold 10,000 copies thus far.

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It would appear my wish to make Kate Gosselin's fifteen minutes of fame might have finally found then end of the line. Her recent book has only sold little over 10,000 copies despite her Dancing with the stars gig and the media trail talk show circuit visits.

Maybe now she will become the mother her eight children deserve in a house television and fame tore apart. Finally, the kids will have the jet set mommy home for at least a few weeks after all she still has a show coming up in August where she travels the country to examine how other people live.

Her recent book "I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family" was #11 on the New York Times' non-fiction bestseller list, and at #103 on USA Today's bestsellers chart. By Thursday afternoon, its rank was #862 according to the report on

Personally, I could never be happier that a mother of children might have to actually not only get out of the media but also stop acting like spending twenty grand on hair extensions was about making money to support her children.

I can only hope that this is the end of the line for her media time and the television networks stop trying to use this family for ratings. For the betterment of the family as a whole, those parents should be banned from television for the sake of the minor children.,,...
54 months ago: So, each of the kids bought a copy?
Muskegon, MI
54 months ago: well written and I could not agree more!
54 months ago: Those 8 children will NEVER have the mother they deserve. Kate has just grown from the monster she always was.
Everything is planned for her. She tried selling her twins and had no interest so she was determined to have HOM (high order multiples).
TLC was a dream come true for this greedy fame whore.
54 months ago: Finally, someone who prints the truth. Good article.

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