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James Cameron's Avatar Trailer Review

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James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer Review: A-

Pros: Aliens, compelling CGI. It’s a freakin’ space epic!

Cons: Probably will be “family-friendly.” Boo.

I’m excited. A new teaser trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar has popped up online. The movie’s got a lot of buzz since a teaser was shown at the San Diego Comic Convention.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Avatar has a basic anti-imperialist plot.

Humans have conquered space and found an alien planet: “Pandora” (subtle!) They are, of course, interested in harvesting the rich natural resources of the planet, but fragile human lungs can’t handle the atmosphere on Pandora. What to do?

Fortunately, former Marine Jake was paralyzed from the waist down in battle. With nothing to lose, he volunteers for the “Avatar” project, which transports his mind into an alien “Na’vi” body: now he’s ten feet tall and has blue skin that sparkles in the sun, a la Twilight.

Jake is supposed to act as a sort of “Locutus of Borg” spokesman for the humans and facilitate the harvest of Pandora’s oil. But he falls in love with a female Na’vi and is torn between his humanity and his new alien friends. Then war breaks out. Damn!

Bloggers are tearing apart James Cameron and Avatar, saying that the CGI looks fake and the plot isn’t original – IMDb says Avatar is 40 percent live action and 60 percent CGI. But I’m interested – and it’s got to be better than some of the crap coming out in 2010.

In case you’re not familiar with Internet terms, an avatar is the graphical representation of a computer user. The term is comparable to “identity.”

Here’s my breakdown of the James Cameron Avatar teaser trailer.

0:14 An epic beginning: humans have conquered space.

0:22 A distant planet. Humans can't breathe there.

0:30 Oh, no! Our protagonist is in a wheelchair!

0:38 Sweet Matrix-style APU MechWarrior suits.

0:46 Jake looks over his new body in a test tube.

1:04 Space-age EEG brain scan!

1:16 Just like in Freaky Friday, Jake’s mind is now in the Na’vi body.

1:20 "This is great!" – the only words in the Avatar teaser trailer.

1:28 The alien love interest. So was Jake attracted to the aliens before his brain-switch? Maybe it’s the Na’vi body-hormones kicking in? I’m confused.

1:35 Flying neon jellyfish! Sweet!

1:39 Riding on a lizard/dragon! But not a luckdragon :(

1:45 WAR! Because all humans are warmongers.

2:00 Alien love. (Alien sex?)

I’m excited for this movie, and I can’t wait to see another trailer. Avatar may have a fairly unoriginal plot, but I think it shows promise. Thanks, James Cameron!

(The YouTube copy of the trailer was taken down as I wrote this review! You can find high-quality trailers at the links on the left.)
Movie Reviewer
Movie Reviewer
Holtsville, NY
62 months ago: Update: I found another copy of the trailer on YouTube.
62 months ago: term AVATAR comes from ancient HINDU Sanskrit mythology meaning 'savior', 'prophet', saint-soldier, a born leader destined to lead the oppressed to their ultimate fight between the good and evil.
West hijacked this term(as they do with anything 'useable') and termed into something as stupid as 'graphical representation of a computer user'!
I hope(for the sake of this movie), at least James Cameron understands the actual meaning of this term.

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