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IYA 2009 - Enjoy the night sky

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The Cypress Gang
2009 has been declared International Year of Astronomy by the U.N. In keeping with tradition NASA has stepped and fetched. I'm OK with that because I found some really good info on the NASA sites during my search on the subject.

Y'all want to see and read some intriguing stuff? Visit the NASA links to the left. You might find the real time sunspot and solar flare pages (NASA movies) interesting.

We are now at the bottom of the solar cycle and NASA said the new cycle should have started 2 years ago. I find it funny that our government is introducing new electronic systems that rely on transmission and reception (digital TV) when we are entering a solar storm. Fact.

I didn't dream it up. (see >>>---> )

And how about the statement that sunspots are similar to hurricanes? Isn't the increase of hurricanes caused by global warming? Did I miss the news flash that said we landed on the sun?

"Using techniques similar to medical ultrasound diagnostics, scientists have peered inside the Sun and discovered what lies beneath sunspots, planet-sized dark areas on the surface of our star. Sunspots are surprisingly shallow, say researchers, and they lie on top of swirling hurricanes of electrified gas big enough to swallow the planet Earth."

NASA source link >>>--->

Go out and celebrate the 400th anniversary of Galileo during this International Year of Astronomy 2009.

The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: I'm glad someone saw the joke!

BTW - "We will all be down south. Now that is what I call global warming!"

I call that toasted buns!

Oh yeah, drop this into the equation. The NASA site has a graphic which shows the solar cycle approaching mass around 2012... Dang.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: You want to think about toasted anything?
How about 4 suns? Check this NASA link out...
Before you do put on SPF 10,000...
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: Dude! I just got it.. You don't eat PORK! Hummmmm

Is there a query there on what is wasted in government spending?

That is too funny....
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: I'm holding back as everyone here thinks I'm a nut already. But the short answer is YEAH on most of it.
64 months ago: Texas:
It's a dream come true everytime my children wish upon a star.
64 months ago: SS. You are a vegetarian and blame everything on eating meat, even without real proof. Humans have eaten meat since the dawn of time, or at least as long as we have been on this planet and although we eat less vegetable matter now than 5000 years ago, we have always eaten meat when it was available and we have always had cancer, asthma and other illnesses that you want to blame eating cake and meat on.

There has been a rise in the REPORTED instances of cancer and other illnesses but can anyone really say that the actual percentage of cases has gone up? Where is the data stream going back 10,000 years to prove it? There isn’t one so forget trying to prove something that is not provable except when you exclude most of the timeline. Looking at the last 50 years and saying things are on the rise is about as conclusive as looking at the thermometer and saying that since it was warmer today than yesterday that global warming is a fact. Doing that totally ignores proven research techniques which encompass the entire data stream, something that vegetarians are quite capable of doing, ignoring the facts.

Blaming dad or granddad on the descendants lung (or other) cancer because they smoked is like saying that because George Washington grew hemp on his farm, he was a pot head. He may have been but the truth is you can’t draw a conclusion from two bits of data, you have to have more conclusive tests and fact finding data.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: Sixholdens. I actually found a chart on a government site that when approached logically seems to infer that the planet might be ready to enter a new ....
dare I say... colder cycle... maybe a frigid cycle...

Oh, and to answer a question you didn't quite get around to answering in another post about magnetics and solar flares...

Magnetics are the main cause of solar flares.

A solar flare is not what most think.

It is not a big mass of spewing fire and gas erupting from the surface of the sun. Solar flares are caused by magnetic fields that are sent out from sunspots. That is why our planets magnetic field helps protect us from them most of the time. If it was just spewed lava from the sun it would be raining down on our heads all of the time.

So, short answer. Yes. Magnetics play a very major role in solar flares.
64 months ago: My mind lost that tidbit about the magnetic field/storms being the root cause of solar flares and the effects on our atmosphere. Thanks for the reminder.

I can do without the sun raining hot stuff down on our heads, a massive flare in our direction is enough to worry about.

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