ConAgra Foods + Feeding America:Working to end hunger

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The need is greater!
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Con Agra Foods for helping the nationwide charity Feeding America for making an effort to help end child hunger in America. This is a noteworthy cause because while helping third world countries is very important there is a third world type environment in our own country nationwide. America swallowed up by capitalism and greed of our richest one percent has forgotten those at the bottom of the trickle down theory with children of their own.

This program offers help by one code equaling one meal for Feeding America. All too often, the wealthy people forget to help others unless there is a charity event or tax deduction involved. In addition, frankly our own people elected governmental body, Congress forgets when they cut programs at the bottom of the pile there are people who do not make six figures or millions of dollars a year who need that help.

This program along with many others by some of the same millionaires who own the boards are at least doing more than just sitting behind their five hundred dollar a plate luncheons to truly offer help. Too bad it is so little in comparison to what so many of those men and women make in a year compared to the families they are helping. Six figure salaries versus making about fourteen thousand or less a year working 40 hour weeks at our federal minimum wage.

Many of those working at the minimum wage are helping those who are giving away one meal at a time to make their six figures. Nevertheless, I have to give a polite round of applause because without those who like myself make so little a year at the very least. Are helping those who own and manage these companies see the bigger picture and hopefully they are getting some of the very help they are a part of inspiring in helping end the need.

Clearly, there are too many in our own country that needs help and our Congress is lacking in the initiative to see the problems past their crystal wear covered glasses of state dinners and sight seeing tours of other countries. Enough sponsoring the gambling America we are in the process of creating and create the utopia our ancestors had in mind in the first place.

An equal world where people making the least amount in our country can afford items that the wealthiest artists in our country are given the very same items. Rather than companies such as a Ford dealer I understand gave away a new Ford Limited Edition truck to a country singer because he got a platinum album. Where people who are working hard to pay for those albums cannot afford a new Ford car or truck as an example.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
41 months ago: Welcome back J Lee! Don't be confused. Conagra is Monsanto.
41 months ago: Thanks and yeah while that may be true at least this sub-division is trying to do something besides rape the poor of their money for Spaghtie O's
41 months ago: True ... they intend to... "rape the poor of their money for" Monsanto!
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
41 months ago: sub-sub-sub-sub division. What is daddy doing to the 100th power?
41 months ago: JLK,

I was going to flag this for being a Monsanto Promo... ConAgra emphasis on 'CON'

"...ConAgra, together with Monsanto/Cargill and Novartis/ADM, was identified in a University of Missouri study on behalf of the National Farmers Union in America as an "agribusiness goliath" - one of the big alliances, formed through links such as joint ventures, which are positioning themselves to dominate world food production at the expense of both farmers and consumers."
41 months ago: ConAgra Foods fairs terribly, ranking second-worst on the environmental impact scale.
41 months ago: Clearly your more interested in looking completely at the negative instead of catching onto that at least for some poor they are doing something to try and help. Of course your not in America so maybe Canada isn't getting any help from them?

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