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Comics on my Tablet

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Comics on a tablet device
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I finally have the opportunity to read my favorite comics on my tablet same day they hit the stands! Although nothing can substitute the look and feel of "real" printed comics, having an opportunity to read them on your iPad or tablet does make a difference. Now, you do not even need to leave your home, you can read latest releases of your favorite comics wearing only bathrobe, slippers and drinking your morning coffee.

DC Comics Same Day Digital program releases digital versions of new comic books the same day they are available in print. The price could be a little cheaper but DC had to do something for the large number of retailers. So, price of main-line comics (Superman, Batman...) is $3.99 with all others priced at $2.99. After four weeks, prices of all editions drop down by $1.

Same Day Digital comics are available for iPad, iPhone, Android devices and even your own PC. DC recently revamped all its major characters (New 52) and Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others received digital costume redesigns. It is clear that the comics are finally entering digital age and the DC is the leader!

The only problem with this is the pricing model but I am sure that in the future, DC will realize what Amazon and others realized long time ago. Digital editions are not collectible items and that is why they need to lower the price. If we could get latest releases for $1.99, more people would buy them and if they really loved the episode, they would surely buy the printed edition too.

However, nobody can beat me to the stand now, and my favorite comics will never be sold out...
Perfect Horizon
Perfect Horizon
Chicago, IL
36 months ago: Out of curiosity what Tablet do you have?
36 months ago: It's "famous" cheap chinese brand - DroPad. :-)
Still, it has a Cortex A8 1GHz processor and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
At $175, I can't ask for more...
Perfect Horizon
Perfect Horizon
Chicago, IL
36 months ago: 7 or 10 inch? I have been in the market for a tablet for a long time...can't find one I like that doesn't cost $500.

Is it a capacitive screen?
36 months ago: It's 7" tablet with resistive screen. I bought it some time ago. It works great with stylus though.

Now at the same site, you can order a 10.1" Windows 7 capacitive screen tablet PC with 32GB SSD disk for $420 ( ). Although, if you just want a good cheap 7" tablet, I suggest that you check out this one for $190

The site is in Hong Kong so I sometimes had to wait for 4-6 weeks before anything arrives but they are really cheap! If you decide to order something there, just be sure to always pay with PayPal since that way, if you receive damaged item, you have PayPal buyer protection.
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