Bronco's tender Orton & Marshall for 1st round picks

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Denver is actually thinking they are going to get a first round pick for Kyle Orton. That is not even likely, when they traded away their starter Jay Cutler last season for him knew what they were getting and now they no longer want Mr. Orton.

Personally I believe that trade would not have been necessary in the first place if their original QB (Cutler) wouldn't have gotten his feelings hurt by McDaniel's decision to shop him around when he arrived in Denver. Clearly, the rift left a void between the starting quarterback and his coach leaving Denver with little options for a replacement and thus they wound up with Kyle Orton.

Orton is in my opinion an average QB and not a stunning leader on or off the field whether in Chicago or Denver. Granted his throwing was not that bad his first season in Denver especially to another tendered free agent Brandon Marshall still his overall performance for the year left something to be desired both among fans and among the team.

After a 6-2 start finishing 8-8 under Orton's lead on the field clearly was not the only issue as Brandon Marshall's behavior off the field left a doghouse full of trouble under Coach Josh McDaniel's lead in his first season as head coach for the Denver Broncos.

It is highly unlikely that either Marshall or Orton will in fact tender a first round pick depending on how desperate other teams will be at least for Marshall. He may bring about a valid offer from some teams who are seemingly leaning completely on their passing offense rather than the running offense of the past decades.

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