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Assessing Rant Rave Readership and Writership

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Dwayne Johnson
Have you noticed that here on rant rave only certain topics get the most responses? I believe that is because there are only a certain limited amount of active members on rant rave that actually spend time contributing.

That is not to say that there aren't a lot of readers. I believe there are a lot more readers then there are contributors. However the majority of those readers don't write. Ever wonder why that is? I believe they don't write because they feel intimidated. The regular writers and commentators are mostly politically or religiously slanted. Both of these topics are usually kept out of polite living room conversation, consequently those that might have something to say might not say it because they are afraid to be type cast as either this or that.

My exercise in creative writing servers two purposes. First it allows me to figure out how serious people take themselves. The rant rave community is the best place to do this because I don't really know any of you and nobody really knows me. As far as anybody here is concerned I could be a 70 year old grandmother or I could be 16 year old teenager. I don't feel comfortable playing these mind games on real people but rant rave is a virtual community of opinions. Quite the fertile ground for seeing what makes people tick.

The second purpose my creative writing serves is to explore the boundaries of ideas. In the real world as I said before. It is not a good idea to tell your friends and families something that is not true just to see how far that particular idea can be expanded. People in general tend to react differently when they know something is make believe. In a virtual world ideas tend to take on a life of their own. Truth and Fiction are not boundaries. An idea online therefore can morph organically based upon the fuel of real opinions rather than the cultural boundaries of the real world.

By creating multiple personas, especially out in the open I allow people to make up their mind who to believe. Am I the conservative 40 year old family man? Am I the liberal gender bender? Am I the southern bell? Am I the Christian with cult like beliefs? Which of these personas appeal most to the rant rave readership?

Politically speaking some personas get more attention, albeit negative, however religiously speaking other personas tend to be favored. One big observation I've noticed is that those that comment usually love an argument. They need a counterpoint, whereas those that only read don't. Some of the rants or raves with the most views have very few comments on them while some of the rants and raves with the most comments have relatively few views.

I don't suppose that rant rave could increase its traffic by analyzing my various contributions and making changes accordingly but while writing under the pseudonym Siempre Solo I noticed that part of rant raves greatest asset is its greatest curse. People who write tend to have a lot to say while people who read tend to be looking for a voice to express their boxed up thoughts. Bringing them together in one form seems like the logical thing to do except that once that is done nothing has really changed. Those that write do so linearly attracting the same crowed and those that read will not declare publicly what their preferences are.

This leads me to my third and last reason to contribute creative writing essays to Rant Rave. I fell in love with Rant Rave's format. As frustrated as I got on different occasions I kept coming back because I knew that even if there were no comments coming in that writing at rant rave did not fall on deaf ears. Rant Rave has a devoted readership. The problem is the lack of two way interaction on topics that are not politically or religiously motivated. Perhaps by writing openly as different personas I can coaxes others to feel more open about contributing ideas that they might otherwise feel that would type cast them as one or the other.
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35 months ago: DJ,

The most confusing thing for me was to try and have a conversation, debate or anything with you... when you were so busy switching sides, it was hard to tell what alter ego of yours I was communicating with.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
35 months ago: Welcome back, DJ. Whatever the reason for writing here, keep it up.

Sometimes frustration may come from a discussion that is one-sided. If you are wanting to draw someone out, get them to bare their thoughts in public, then a little honesty on your part would go a long way. It seems a bit unfair to say you want to play mind games on people, and then expect them to engage in honest repartee. I only wish we could resurrect the first two Siempre Solo's bodies of work.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
35 months ago: ok, actually I can. Everybody keeps pining for "the good old days" when every post had tons of views and lots of replies. But when you go back and look, it just wasn't as many people remember it.

If you want a pretty good history of, with a smattering of samples over the past 3 years, here's a good place to start.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
35 months ago: ok, here's a good place to start.
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
35 months ago:
Out of the box,
This post is not current. It is a comment I made here:
I reposted it because it seemed relevant given The Ronbot Hunter's recent post:

Seriously though, I don't expect honesty. Express yourself freely, that is what I do. If you're looking for a verbal battle though don't be surprised if I start out strong and then fizzle. I'm not cutout for long exchanges especially when people are taking themselves really seriously and that also applies to me. Just look at what I did to Siempre Solo's work when I started letting it get to my head. I write better on Rant Rave when I keep the topics light and airy. I may have something to say but it is not always of substance, perhaps it is better that way.
Eugene, OR
35 months ago: Well I'm certainly glad we got past the commercialism.

You are right that most of the folk talk politics or religion here and that turns a lot of people off. The reason people don't like those topics is that they end up proselytizing. Muslims hate that so much they will kill people for trying to convert others.

That is sort of why I like the political topics. It's sort of fun to discuss things that you wouldn't in "polite" society. Here we can say stuff that would be dangerous in repressive tyrannies. Even though I know I will never convert a true believer, it is fun to witness the mental gymnastics people undertake to avoid facts and rationality. They no doubt say the same of me.

I like to write about science and energy the most, but even those have become political because some folk just ignore scientific evidence if it clashes with their political views.
35 months ago: Dwayne Johnson!!! is THAT YOU Siempre Solo??

Thought you had disappeared as I did, because as I was busy with other more important business.

I came back because things are slow now and it seems things are slow here too.

Take care.

35 months ago: Yes it is Siempre.
35 months ago: I often wondered why with so much going on everywhere why this is limited to only a few subjects. Even politics aren't discussed that much. Things can be going on and everyone is talking about it except here. My thoughts are that current issues should be brought out more if it is going to be political.
There are a lot of good things to discuss also. Projects and things happening in your area. The Holidays and even football. What happened? My husband always loved football. He made me like it since I was forced to join him watching it and going to the games. What about the World Series?
Nobody is talking about it.

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