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From 2011 to 2012
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There were many events and happenings in 2011. Some would say that it was one of the worst years ever, some would disagree. In any case, a short retrospective is in order.

Hugo Chavez as a next Gaddafi
The value of gold has increased drastically over the past few years during this world-wide recession. People are buying gold left and right like it's a disappearing commodity. Well, when you look at latest Hugo Chavez's demand for 211 tons of Venezuelan gold, it might really be a disappearing commodity.

Don't Play That Guitar Boy
Apparently, these days FBI has no hardened criminals to look for so they are going after guitar manufacturers to see if they are using wood (no... really?) for making their guitars! Although Gibson is buying wood from a Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier, FBI is suspecting some sinister plot here.

The rising cost of education
The cost of education in U.S. is increasing out of all proportions. Tuition at universities in the U.S. averages $30,000 annually, and students often graduate in debt that will take more than 10 years to repay. It forces too many talented kids to take any job available just to be able to start their life at zero... somewhere in their late thirties!

U.S. vs Everybody else
Russia has unemployment rate of only 6.5%. Yes, the old backward Russian Empire is thriving at the same time as their government is reducing in size. The Russia had a whooping 1.1 million government employees and they decided to cut that number by 20% starting with 5% cut in 2011. Just to mention, Russia's population is 143 million. If the US decided to have the same inflated number of government apparatchiks as Russia, it would have to lay off some 18 million government employees! I guess that Russians realized that Communism isn't working!

Protection of protected species, a Federal crime
It is a Federal offense to protect the protected species. A little 11 years old girl from Virginia had to learn this the hard way. Young Skylar Capo never realize that her act of saving a baby Woodpecker from a cat could end up in a $535 fine for breaking the Federal Migratory Bird Act!

Goodbye Franc
Franc is no longer sovereign! Swiss National Bank announced that it is putting a ceiling on the currency's exchange rate and fixed EUR at 1.20 CHF. The statement by the Swiss National Bank stated that "The SNB will enforce this minimum rate with the utmost determination and is prepared to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities."

US vs. China – Wining the energy race
Couple of weeks before Fukushima incident, China made a statement that it is going to build a safe, clean, and cheap network of nuclear reactors based on Thorium. This news passed unnoticed in US and most of the developed world. This move by China, if it succeeds, could change the entire energy outlook of the world.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Egyptian Hosni Mubarak was a symbol of tyranny. Unfortunately, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi is not much different. What actually happened in Egypt is that they replaced one Supreme Ruler with a military Supreme Commander.

Federal Franken-Fish Food
According to FDA, a genetically modified Salmon is "as safe to eat as food from other Atlantic salmon." As the lawmakers in Congress are pointing out, something seems fishy with the entire AquAdvantage® Salmon approval.

Turbulence on board
They say that there are only two kinds of airline passengers, those that joined the "Mile High Club" and those that want to join. However, there are times when you should really resist the urge.

Welcome to the third world
More Americans are living in poverty now than in the entire 52 years that the US Census Bureau has been tracking this figure. According to the 2010 census, 56.2 million people in the US are living below the poverty line! That means that income of every sixth American is below $11,139!

Federally Funded Fun
Just when you think that the Government is finally using taxpayers' money for something fun and useful, they start having second thoughts. For some strange reason, D.C. Attorney General wants back $330,000 of government funds cleverly invested in opening a strip club.

Prescription or your life
Prescription drugs abuse increased by 111 percent in US! This old study by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is shocking, but the report by Center for Disease Control and Prevention that prescription painkillers have surpassed heroin and cocaine as the leading cause of fatal overdoses, is truly alarming. According to CDC, accidental overdoses from Vicodin and other narcotic pain relievers kill 5.38 times more people than heroin.

The Fall of the American citizen
It is easy to convert a citizen into a subject, just remove its right to bear arms. In medieval Europe, Saint Augustine analyzed social division and concluded that it was a result of the Fall of Man. Subjects or commoners were the third and bottom layer of Three Estates of the Realm, formalized as Nobility, Clergy and Commoners. This division was often expressed as "those who fight," "those who pray" and "those who work." Remove the rite to bear arms, and the citizen who was able to fight falls to a commoner, a subject of the Realm!

End of Capitalist Exploitation
The President of the United States of America put it all in very clear terms. There are people with money. The rest of us need that money for food, clothing, medical expenses, and safety from the storms of life. Since the rich capitalists have far more than they need, we shall take what we need from them.

Before we withdraw, here is another prison
President Obama promised that US is going to withdraw from Afghanistan 33,000 troops and save $1 Trillion over the next decade. What he somehow forgot to say is that the total number of US troops in Afghanistan when he took office was only 32.800! Obama himself increased the number of troops to 98,000 and by December 2012, this number should be reduced to 65,000. Oh my, what a reduction.

The big sell-out
When US start placating China by selling out on its allies, it is becomes uncertain who the world's strongest power is. The 1979 Taiwan Relations Act requires the U.S. to arm Taiwan for its self-defense. Taiwan requested new Lockheed Martin Corp. F-16 C/D fighters, and instead got offer for upgrades for existing jets as an US attempt to avoid a Chinese backlash.
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