Woman Flogged For Wearing Pants In Sudan [Disturbing Video]

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A video filmed by an outraged onlooker has lent a voice and a face to the oppression of women in Sudan. The video, filmed by an outraged onlooker has sparked demonstrations of angry women in Sudan and led to an investigation of the beating, in which the woman was forced to kneel on the street and flogged by two policemen, one of whom can be seen chuckling on the video. In addition to pants, the woman was wearing an ankle length dress and was covered to the wrists. Any reasonable observer would have concluded that she was modestly dressed and thoroughly covered.

so far, the Sudanese government has come down far harder on the protestors than on the police who flogged the unbidentified woman. The New York Times reported that 52 women were arrested.The New York Times reported as follows on the situation in Sudan.

The women, part of the "No to Subjugating Women Initiative," were sitting down and holding banners when they were arrested, Reuters reported. They shouted, "Humiliating your women is humiliating all your people," as the police dragged them away.

As the news agency explained, "Floggings carried out under Islamic law are almost a daily punishment in Sudan for crimes ranging from drinking alcohol to adultery. But vague laws on women's dress and behavior are implemented inconsistently."

The only thing that is unusual about the beating in Sudan is that it was captured on film and reported. Sadly enough, it is a telling and average glimpse of life under Shaaria law.

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46 months ago: Isn't our President a member of this religion of peace?
46 months ago: no. dummy.
46 months ago: Uhhhh.

You might be right on the dummy part, but upon what basis do you say Barack Hussein Obama is not a muslim?

46 months ago: Wow I thought I hated mom pants!
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
46 months ago: Cruelty knows no religious limits! The Catholic mandated inquisition is one example. By the way RSG what if he is a Muslim? Wouldn't the fact that he adamantly denies it make him a bad Muslim under "his" religion's law and thus not a Muslim at all(an infidel) just like you and me? But I guess you don't see it that way. Do you? No probably not! Never mind.
English Lion
English Lion
46 months ago: i dont think it matters what religion obama is hes gonna be bad at it.
46 months ago: The point is obama is a bold face liar.

And Siempre, you can kiss my lilly white....................
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
46 months ago: I find it endearing that I remind you of your old adversary on rant rave but it is a bit disheartening also. On another level it says that you are going through an extended withdrawal because you haven't grieved the loss of your dearly loved rival. Regardless however "it" as you put it doesn't say he is a liar unless you have definitively proved it, which you haven't.

What it does say is that you are not a fan of the man and that's okay! We are all entitled to our own points of view and our own preferences. I myself was never a fan of George W. Bush but over time I did manage to gain respect for his never quit idealism, which is rare in politics. I find it ironic that him and Obama have that fearless idealism in common despite there "slightly" different styles of management because, you must admit, they are not that different. Anyway peace and no hard feelings, okay?

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