Who cares for American children?

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Homeless American Children
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Every day, 274 #kids in #US become #homeless. The horrible fact is that currently, there are 1.6 million homeless American children. More than 40 percent of them are younger than 6 years old.

Since 2007, total number of homeless children increased by 100,000 every year and today, India is the only country in the world with more homeless children than United States.

Report published by the National Center on Homelessness paints a bleak picture of American children suffering from hunger, poor physical and emotional health, and missed educational opportunities.

While 75 percent of homeless children reside in 18 states, still, thousands and tens of thousands of children in every state go to sleep each night without a home to call their own.

Unlike some third world countries, United States seem to have no answer and no aspiration to care for this problem plaguing the nation. Sixteen states have done absolutely no planning related to child homelessness, and only seven states have created plans that are more extensive.

HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) funding for new public housing units, the only safety net for homeless families, has been zero since 1996 and is still zero for the planned, 2012 budget.

From 1995 to 2011, 290,588 existing units of public housing and 360,000 Section 8 units have been demolished or disposed of. During the same period, 830,000 new prison cells were built.

Children who are homeless, have three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems compared to other children. Anxiety, depression and aggression are common among homeless kids. However, it would be better to build nurturing homes for them rather than prison cells for the time when American Oliver Twists grow up.

Compare this to some third world country like Vietnam, where 400 humanitarian organizations provide help for about 15,000 homeless children, and you have to ask yourself... Who cares about American Children?
34 months ago: Interestingly enough drop-in shelters are some of the least supported community services for one reason or another... yet it is this kind of help that can be just enough to prevent homelessness from going to hopelessness... it is not ideal, but it is crucial when you are that far down... I know. People can go through amazing hardships, as long as they don't have to go it alone. It is a nation's best interest to support families and youth incentives, before institutions and prisons are left to pick up what's left.

It is amazing that so few people in humanitarian works do so much,
makes you wonder what we could do, if we were all involved in some way...
34 months ago: If only half of TSA's budget of over $8 billion would be diverted to this, problem of homeless children could be solved within a year.

However, it appears that it is more important to pay those guys to fondle old ladies and kids at airports...
34 months ago: Truth some of the local communities in my area are taking that into consideration and are trying to help the people in their own community. I know they are adapting programs in the local schools to bring more educational programs into the schools where no one cares about the kids lagging behind.
You start a Board of Directors up. Each person brings something to the table. Their views and ideas on how to make things better. It can work. You hold an event, and this brings the attention to the project and attracts local politicians. You can establish this within a congregation of people in a community.
34 months ago: The few people that get involved have that passion to take on the fight against poverty. One person I know had the heart enough to see through the red tape and found the necessary help. It took time and effort. This particular project had a facilitator at the time that listed on an excel sheet for years all the places that turned them away. This is what makes the difference in succeeding when there is actual effort put into something that seems lost. At this time, there is a school where orphans are being educated and protected from the violent streets. Once there is progress being made, it all turns around. The people in the community are taught the skill of building so that they are able to make progress and earn a living on other projects. It is like an oasis in a dessert. There is now a feeling of pride and hope. They are working very hard because they were given a chance and learning to be self sufficient. If it can be done there, people can come together right here in the US to make a difference before it is too late. I think right at this point there is a need for low cost housing in the US and around the world where the economy is stricken. There is a need for jobs to be created. The government has to turn things around.
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The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
34 months ago: 1) List the States.
2) Where is CPS

I had to ask the Child Protective Services question because it seems that the law protects animal neglect and cruilty more than our own children.

The SPCA can take your animals and have you arrested for less than the CPS allows these children to be subjected to.

Maybe we should make a Law.
34 months ago: I don't know if CPS is even considering this issue.

As for the states and their efforts, all the details are in the report. States where 75% of homeless children live are:
New York
New Mexico
West Virginia
34 months ago: DD The courts in certain areas have programs set up where the children are placed in foster care until the parents have proven to be able to care for them and get their lives back in order. These are volunteers that they swear in to help the courts because they are so overloaded with cases. They have all sorts of family problems that they handle where volunteers can get involved to assist. It makes a big difference.
34 months ago: I like that idea. Because we care, all the kids are important. Each one of them.
It is heart breaking to know the percentages that are out there living on nothing.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
34 months ago: I bet when CPS starts showing up and taking custody of kids the parents will start owning up to the fact that some of them have been gaming the social benefits system.

I bet they start producing addresses and bank accounts real fast.

I still think the I.R.S. should be cross referencing all address to see how many persons are filing at a single address and pass that info on to the HHS depts.

Strange that GrandMa needs the government to maintain her house, utilities, cell phone, internet, food, medical, transportation and such when she has 3 families living in her house that pay her rent. You think that is not going on? Get real.
Eugene, OR
34 months ago: What we should be talking about is the root causes of all of the homeless children.

I think the homeless children are symptomatic of a society that is broken.

Religious and autocratic folk will agree with this statement and say that what is needed is more religious involvement and more parental discipline.

Nurturing folk will say that the statement is correct and that what is needed is more love understanding and support of others.

Are the two approaches mutually exclusive?

First lets talk about why children are homeless.

One third of the homeless are families with children. Most of the children are with single mothers who are escaping abusive relationships. How do we stop that? With more religion telling women to be submissive to their men? How about if men stop being such A-holes? How about helping women get educations, job training, and day care so they are not dependent on creeps to support them?

And then there are the runaways. Most teens do not run away, they are kicked out of the house for various reasons. Being LGBT is a major cause, drugs or alcohol are other causes. When kids do run away, it is often because they are abused physically or sexually, or because they did something wrong and they fear repercussions. Often it is because of depression or a case of extreme angst. How do we keep the kids at home? How about being less judgmental more understanding and forgiving?

And then there are just the families that loose their jobs, can no longer afford a place to stay, or have medical problems and can't afford insurance. How can we prevent that? How about retaining a safety net, health care for all, providing jobs with a living wage, and educating and training people so they can support a family.
34 months ago: Al, I am sorry to wake you up but it is 21st century!

In US, Women are not kept locked in and abused in slavery.

Actually, today, in US, more women have degrees than men.

Try to own up and admit that all the libertarian ideas have destroyed the Nuclear family.
34 months ago: You read so much in the news, and it is not good.
As far as woman have come, I would say many have not because of the poverty.
Many are held captive in their relationships. The courts are full with these cases of abuse. Many have paved the way for their husbands to go to college while they watch the kids. Where does it leave them? That's why there are so many crimes committed against women. I know woman have come long way in the working field but there is a long way to go even there. Only a handful make the high paying salaries because they may have been able to achieve a Master's degree. You have to have money for this.
34 months ago: You're right about why kids run away from home. There is some kind of neglect no matter what excuses are used to take the blame away from parents. the lack of love and support in a home generally leads to seeking that from strangers.
Kids that are alone in a home that is poverty stricken need some kind of religious group support to help them cope.
Single woman absolutely need education. Many of them who have children have been away from the working scene a long time, and it is difficult to get back into it without education or experience. Temp jobs help get people started.
Then, they have to provide day care services, and it is expensive. Sometimes if the kids are school age, the school will have programs enabling them to stay later until a working parent picks them up. It isn't an easy situation to get out from under.
Men who lost their jobs can't support family and may throw their hands up and just take off.
Each town should have a responsiblility to help people who have fallen victim to these ordeals. Instead, especially in towns were people are doing well, they tend to look down on the less fortunate. They can be very smug towards people in a tough situation. Even the schools tend to descriminate against single mothers. It can be a living nightmare and the Government should make laws protecting innocent people. It is the people who take advantage of the system who make it bad for others.
34 months ago: Al, you have been having close up experience with todays problems.
I agree with you. The only thing I have to disagree is with religion pushing being submissive. I don't think people fall for that at all in todays world. It usually comes when one or the other does not feel adequate in their lives and totally leans on the other person. I do believe in people being equal and independent so that they can take care of business when it is necessary. That comes from being educated.
34 months ago: Altruist,

You make some sweeping statements that show your ignorance... "more religion telling women to be submissive to their men?" don't have a clue. Christianity for one, calls men into accountability and responsibility to care for their own and be the kind of dads that kids can be proud of. And it calls couples to love one another, for each other and for their children. Not all single parents are escaping anything... they are buying into the whole "grass is greener on the other side of the fence" and monogamy is not practiced by either sex. The world teaches that "having an affair" will spice up a relationship... the opposite is true... but too late!

Some of the best hope out there is provided by those Christians (and non) who tirelessly serve and open their homes to the homeless, putting themselves at risk to give someone a chance. Have you opened your home to the homeless? Until you do, you are aren't walking what you're talking! If you do, then you know what sacrifice is, and you know you aren't the only one out there doing it.
34 months ago:
"Have you opened your home to the homeless? Until you do, you are aren't walking what you're talking! If you do, then you know what sacrifice is, and you know you aren't the only one out there doing it."


I had opportunity to see the work performed by Christian charity organizations. The main difference between them and the usual NGO's was that they actually helped people.

Let me tell you, it's not Christian charity people that stay in Hilton while supposedly doing humanitarian work...
34 months ago: I get what you are saying.
In some instances it is good for kids to be in groups where the church helps. Even some colleges have these clubs where students gather who have bad situations.
If they are willing to help, there is nothing wrong with that. People on a whole ignore the entire scene.
There are a lot of ways to help. If you don't have the space to provide a home for people, it isn't feasible.
I know we are able to help a lot of people by getting the assistance of organizations from all over the world that are there just for this purpose. It takes a lot of time and hard work to research this. It takes a lot out of you, but there is genuine need.
Unfortunately, most of these organizations, even in the US are geared to helping Internationally. There is a lot of need here in the States, and there are some big organizations that do step in, but not enough. I can take my last $50 and give it to someone, but it isn't going to help in the long run. It takes a lot. There are Missions that feed the hungry. Someone has to step up and follow through to make them aware of where need is most essential.
I wish the jobs would come back that would resolve a lot.
34 months ago: You are so right. Many charities are geared to help third world countries. It is great and in principle, it should be their main focus. However, somehow, in the meantime, situation changed and there are too many hungry and homeless people right in the US.

Some changes are necessary.
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34 months ago: Sorry I misread this.
I don't believe any woman should be submissive to her husband or partner either. I don't think Christianity preaches that style of life.
The children suffer from this if it happens. It causes a breakdown in the family infrastructure and loss of respect. I see being submissive as a weakness because there are responsibilities to be accountable for as you said. Both parents have a responsibility to protect and raise their child. If one fails, the other has to pick up the pieces. Both should be equal, not one giving in to the other.
Society has put a lot of pressure on marriages and that is why they fail. There is too much importance on owning things and having things and being the best. It is all worthless energy because the important things in life are loss.
What we were taught before, such as, being monogamous has very little importance today. We have to go back and pick up where it was all left behind in order to become a strong society again. Some times things get to go too far, and then it reverses back on its own.
The children have to be taught the importance of family.
34 months ago: "Submission" to each other in a relationship is really a matter of showing that the other person is as valuable as you are... it doesn't mean that you allow abuse or dangerous behavior. When people value the other person, then their views matter and the whole family is benefited.
34 months ago: That is true in one sense, and I agree, but I've seen the dark side of that also which is being humble and obedient. One person can really be beaten up by that type of existence. I have seen the effects of what being submissive can do. Submission between a husband and wife in a loving relationship is entirely different, especially in a nurturing home. Yes, I agree you are both valued. I didn't think we were speaking about that kind of submission.
34 months ago: DD....Everything that was once accessible to the people is harder to obtain. Before homeless people were more in the minority, now it has swelled uncontrollably.
Not having jobs and a Government not too focused on that isn't going to make the situation better.
Lot of the big organizations in the US that you find a celebrities endorsing, the funds go into certain places and that's it. The people who are in real need don't ever get the help. If you try contacting these people, you are out of luck. We do things on our own to help where we can. There is only so much you can physically do.
Another thing which can be fixed and nothing is being done, is credit scores. People who lost everything can't get a foothold because their credit is ruined and they become where they are trapped in this poverty. The government should make a change here because there is too much descrimination where people can't get back their lives. So we have no jobs, no homes and the inability to make any money. Then you look and see every label has Made in China on it from all the top designer clothes down and everything else that is tangible.
34 months ago: I worked with UN organizations and some charities like Save the Children and Oxfam in war torn countries.

Up to 60% of their budget goes to overhead expenses like traveling, accommodation, transportation, communications and salaries. If all the collected money were to be spend right in the US, all those overhead expenses would be reduced and all that money would be in circulation within country helping local economy.

As long as people pretend that US is still rich and prosperous, nothing will be done to help the needy. It almost looks like officials are trying to hide that problem.
34 months ago: You are absolutely right. Officials have been ignoring the problem here in the Country. I've been gasping at listening to them talk in circles and never at the problem at hand even when the people protest they ignore.
I know exactly what you are saying.
What we do personally is on our own, although to begin with it is still under that umbrella of a UN agency. No help there, except to make it known that they are looking for volunteers and list projects. Most of the projects stay dormant for many years unless someone cares. A hungry child no matter where that child is is still hungry. Geography really doesn't mean anything to me. Presently, the fact that the kids and families are going hungry in this once rich nation is a critical problem and also has to be recognized. Government caused this. When government addresses anyone, it is usually to the well off. This is why I say each town has to fall in line to protect their citizens. There is a lot that can be done. We still have the ability to make change. Other countries, they don't have any ability to change what has been inherited and left to one generation after another.
34 months ago: DD....It seems there in this country there is always a social division.
34 months ago: Yes. Something can still be done to change things in US.

If the issue does not get tackled soon, I'm afraid that it will become too great to manage. So far, there is still possibility to reverse the course.

Community effort is necessary but entire country must participate...
34 months ago: I agree with you.
Eugene, OR
34 months ago: Good comments. I think you are right that the government isn't doing enough to help the poor and that the government is geared to give the 1% all of the benefits because they are the ones making the laws.

There are many causes for the poverty in the nation now. Globalization and automation have eliminated most of the manufacturing and that isn't coming back. We need to foster more innovation and get more kids into math, science and engineering. If we spent more on rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure that would help, but the main problem is that there is only one job opening for every 5 people looking, so only the best and most experienced are getting hired. The young, and those who have been out of a job for a while are becoming chronically unemployable. Many have little experience and are lacking in education. The Free Market will not help them, so the government must become the employer of last resort. We need to set up a new CCC or WPA targeted at the chronically unemployed. We need to expand programs like Job Corps which provide job experience and education. We need to expand drug and alcohol treatment centers and return these people that society has abandoned and help them become productive members of society.
34 months ago: The article presents an alarming statistic, 1.6 million children are homeless, says Dr. Darko. May I add, many of our rants are based on good statistics. But, Dr. Darko, you have not presented us with your source of statistics. We have no way of reading the information that prompted you to write this article. Possibly you have a very reliable source of information. If so, please do share it with the rest of us.

I found the statistic alarming and doubted its validity. The one link you provided does not support 1.6 million homeless children. But points to an article about how a Huffington Post journalist is gaining readers by involving herself in activities about homeless children. The statistic might be hot air, I thought, because the Huffington Post is mostly hot air.

So I went to the most reliable, large data gathering organization on Earth, the U.S. Census Bureau. Their statistics tell a different story, quite a different story. A part of presenting a statistic involves how "homeless" is defined. Are we talking of children cared for by the State, without living parents? Are we talking about beggers on the street, about children with a single but working parent who don't have a mailing address? I doubt the veracity of the foundation of your article, DrDarke, and you have posted nothing to mitigate my doubts.
34 months ago:
One in 45 children in the USA — 1.6 million children — were living on the street, in homeless shelters or motels, or doubled up with other families last year, according to the National Center on Family Homelessness.

34 months ago: There is a link to the official report by National Center on Homelessness right in my Article. Red colored text represents the link. The report is extensive with state by state data. If you took time to read it, you would see for yourself.
Here is a repeated link:
34 months ago: Oh, and if you really want to use US Census data, please use something more recent than 2004 report. Report from 2010 shows that over 15 million children in US live in poverty.

The data is there if anybody wants to see it...
34 months ago: I pasted the link right above your comments.
It is a good link. Probably even more than it even shows.
I don't know why people don't see the amount of homelessness and hunger.
Good comment DD
34 months ago: It's a good link that uses the same source as my post.

As for why people do not see all the homelessness and hunger... I guess that it is easier to pretend that we live in the best of all worlds. If we realize that we don't, we would be morally obliged to do something about it...

Same thing with all the new totalitarian laws... Remember famous statement by German pastor Martin Niemöller:

"First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me."
34 months ago: DrDarko, the thing is, mate, the 1.6 million homeless children statistic that you get from is created by It is a non-profit organization whose income depends on donations. It survives best when a maximum amount of homeless children are small, tiny and helpless. And it helps the organization if they are hungry and sick. The non-profit, spun off in recent years by, which is another non-profit, operates best when it can draw donations. If you take the time to examine where their statistic comes from, you find they have created that statistic from four sources of information.

Look at page 85 of the .PDF link you posted, that page tells of their method of arriving at 1.6 million. "To adjust for the limitations in existing data sets, we used various proxy measures that are described in detail below;" it says. They took the U.S. Census data, if a family was living in "poverty", they called those children, "homeless children". Well, those children are not homeless. They have a home. We do not know exactly how those families get enough to eat, but the children have a home because the U.S. Census counted them, their parents, their address, etc.

I am saying, a non-profit that creates their own statistics, does so in their own best interest. If that statistic exists no where else then any sane person should investigate that statistic. How it was created, what data it came from, what parameters were used, was the fellow who created it a qualified person? The explanation they give on page 85 is complex and convoluted and incomplete. But it clearly says the 1.6 million statistic is derived from other data, that does not count a child as homeless. Your article is built from imagination, not from fact.
34 months ago: Mate? What is that? Are you in Austrailia making some kind of conclusion on the USA? Sorry you are incorrect. First you said the information was incorrect, but it is right there for you to read. You don't know the side of life that many others do where they see swollen bellies of the children riddled with disease from lack of nuritiousment. A large percentage of the world see the hopelessness in the eyes of those who only exist until death because of hunger. There is no in between for them.
There are no donations from big organizations. There are no celebrities involved unless they get publicity. Very few are honest and work for humanity. You obviously haven't done your research. I know first hand what goes on and how many people are going hungry. Why do people put blinders on?
34 months ago: You are way off track. I work with organizations that help, help, help and never make a dime off of anything. You don't know the first thing about any organizations that are real. The only thing they want is to make life better for those in need. Not statistics. They don't care about statistics. If a child is hungry they are hungry. Doesn't matter what class you throw them into.
You don't know. You are not getting it right.
34 months ago: Terryeo much of this is very, very true.
We have been through all of these top organizations and most are useless and that is why it is so hard to get anything done. They help in areas where their funds are already disignated. They won't give you the time of day. It is the one that is unobtrusive that will help in the smallest way. Once someone helps, everyone jumps on board and many are there for the wrong reasons. It is a tiring effort that does come to fruition in time.
34 months ago: This link is from the Government's Homeless Resource Center. It confirms DrDarko's numbers on page seven:
34 months ago: Thank very much you for finding and posting this link.

It confirms what anybody willing to face the facts will realize - that too many children in United States are victims of neglect by the society.

We, as a society need to change and start focusing on issues right in our neighborhood. Saving the world is nice and good, but our children should come first...
34 months ago: Excuse me but what office of the UN do you work for? The United Nations involves all countries. Every child is important. No time like the present to make changes to make a difference in hunger and poverty.
"Saving the world is nice and good BUT" to quote you. I don't have that concept. I don't believe that would be a UN concept either. Hunger is an important issue all over the world. Starvation becomes a domino effect. This planet is too small and too vulnerable. One hungry person is no different than the other. There are many organizations that work for the poverty stricken and hunger in the US. Contact them...That would be the first step. You can't just talk about it.
34 months ago: You are right that hunger is a worldwide issue. I'm just saying, we have to start right in our own community!

Currently, more effort is spent to international aid efforts. I'm not saying that it should stop. I'm saying that domestic efforts must be increased!
34 months ago: I appreciate your voice and views.
When I said each community should be responsible, your reply was. "Community effort is necessary but entire country must participate."
Wherever anyone can help is important. You are always going to find resistance or poverty stricken communities that can't support themselves. Their plants have closed, businesses have shut down. I drive through some towns locally and see the difference today from 5 years ago. They are like ghost towns.
Of course, we need this desperately. But.....the Government is not willing to help at this point. There interest is not on starving families. If they don't create jobs, more and more will go hungry. The issue goes far deeper, it is about getting the families on their feet to be self sufficient again to support their families. This Country is all about HEART.
We help each other. I don't really believe that Internationally any dent has been made in hunger. It is a plague. You have to remember many of the countries were hit by earthquakes, Tsunami and other disasters. We can't sit back and watch them die. You have to have a global outreach to protect the home front.
That is the way I think. I
34 months ago:
There are many organizations that work for the poverty stricken and hunger in the US. Contact them...That would be the first step. You can't just talk about it.

So true...
34 months ago: I'm sorry but everything you have said does not make sense.
34 months ago: I was quoting you so please refer to the original author. :-)
34 months ago: No you have no idea. To be involved with the UN you would look at things globally because that is what they stand for. Tell me what you have done.
You throw out there a statistic and everyone is up in arms and the end result is that nobody does anything anyway. I have no time for yelling matches. I don't care what anyone thinks. We create good things.
God Bless you. Stick to what you believe and do good. One hungry child is enough to show action. Like I told the other one, it doesn't matter if the statistics are accurate, or not, they never are. It is a personal thing if you have it in your heart to make a difference, to go out there and do it.
Al and I don't always agree, but we agree enough.
I am very aware of how much time and effort he puts into things. He brings about change which is admirable.
34 months ago: Sunny, I can appreciate you work with organizations that help, without anyone growing wealthy. It is not that I disagree with the spirit of helping, it is not that I disagree with Darke's attempt to draw attention to the area. I agree we all want to help each other, and I agree we don't want homeless kids. But I have not said that I wanted homeless kids. What I have said is "examine page 85". A charity organization has said, "there is 1.6 million homeless kids." There are not 1.6 million homeless kids. Everyone has jumped on a bandwagon of emotion, sparked by a false and untrue statement. Compounding the grievous misunderstanding, the Government's Homeless resource Center cites that same charity organization's false statistic. But no matter who cites the statistic, no matter how extreme the emotions sparked by the statistic, the number is still untrue, and misleading.

There are lots of charity organizations. Many, possibly most, do good work. But not every charity organization does all that it says it does. And a few people grow wealthy from "charity" organizations. Darke did not understand the statistic he quoted, he read it, and he saw it had emotional value and he built a Rant based on the emotional value. But ignored the validity of the data, which is stated as being real and true. Well, if you examine the webpage it came from you find that organization was spun off from another charity organization. It is done no work itself at all, but to gather together information, re-evaluate the information and draw false conclusions from the re-evaluated data. If you are so emotionally invective that you must ignore data, ignore the source of the data, and instead rave on how every charity organization is perfect, then I only ask for your patience and politeness. Some of us are willing to put in the time to examine the foundational data.
34 months ago: That's very good. I'm sure you are out there hands on doing all you can to help.
34 months ago: I like to know what projects you have completed that have resulted in an effective way to bring about change and to make a difference. Please list what you have done. It doesn't matter if the statistics are accurate, or not. What counts is that there are many kids homeless and hungry, and it shouldn't be that way. Anyone who fights over statistics can't really understand that jobs are lost and people aren't making money to help themselves. That is all that is important, not statistics. I don't need you or anyone to appreciate what we do. You just don't have the concept. We don't look for a pat on the back. Half of what I am hearing in these comments does not ring true to me.
34 months ago: What am I doing? Google 'terryeo'. I'm doing less than many but more than nothing.
34 months ago: Good

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