What Does Bipartisanship Mean?

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Coloranter Raver
Denver, CO
Let's talk a little bit about what "bipartisanship" means. Technically, it means that both sides of an issue will work together each compromising to meet the needs of the other. But, it also implies sides that are equal. Such was not the case for two terms of GWB's presidency, and now is not the case for the Obama presidency. For 6 years, the GOP held complete control of both houses of Congress. They worked in bipartisan fashion not at all. They didn't have to, so why would they. Now the few remaining GOP Representatives and Senators are shouting up and down the aisles of Congress regarding the need for a bipartisan approach. Silly. First of all, they are not on equal footing, and second they sound horribly disingenuous given their behavior for throughout the GWB presidency. Even when the Democrats took control of the House in 2006, they could get nothing past the man with 100% veto authority and too little a majority to override his vetoes. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) was quoted in ( as having said, on Thursday, he would have to dismiss Republican complaints about not being able to “write exactly half of every bill” as a “deeply elitist idea.” If they held exactly half the seat, they might get to write half the legislation. As it stands right now, in two straight elections the American people have soundly indicated with the only power they actually wield, that right to vote, that they do not want any more of the GOP way. Sure, there are still the millions that listen to Rush Limbaugh. Well, Obama received over 70 million votes.

So, now, a bipartisan approach does not mean that Republicans will get to write half the legislation. If the Democrats choose to operate in a bipartisan fashion at all, it will be there choice to do so, and the presently the GOP is making that tough to do causing additional marginalization. It's also no appealing much to independents. We could swing either way depending on how things go. Failure to appease us is what cost the GOP this last election in the first place. If they continue on this path, they are looking to see their party completely disappear in 5 years.
Auburn, NY
69 months ago: This is exactly why we need a third major party in the U.S. Then we would'nt have to worry about this constant high school attitude in politics.

I'm going on Survivor and never coming home.
See ya!

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