Welfare Mom Mentality

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Siempre Solo
Auburn, NY
Here it is! This is the definitive expose on welfare mom mentality. Okay, maybe that is a bit presumptuous of me. It might not be definitive and it might not be an expose but it is definitely about welfare mom mentality or at least I think it is. Please be sure to let me know what this rant was about once you are done reading it, okay? It so happens to be that part of my efforts to reduce my carbon footprint include taking public transportation instead of the family vehicle. This is not my ideal mode of transportation since it requires a bit more planning and patience than is required with my own private transportation but it is relatively speaking more economical and more eco friendly. All in all it is worth the minor inconvenience that it causes me.

So here is my story. I was riding the bus the day I wrote this. I was minding my own business waiting for my stop when in strolls this young over weight twenty something woman with a stroller and two children in addition to the one in the stroller in tow. All three of her children were under the age of three. Correct me if I’m wrong please. Human, female mammals require 9 months to gestate a pregnancy to term. Correct? This being the case, the woman that strolled into the bus must have been pregnant three consecutive years in a row. Right?

Perhaps she wasn’t fat. It is winter and she was wearing a bubble down coat. Perhaps what she was instead of being fat is pregnant, placing her at a record fourth year in a row! Nah! I’m pretty sure she was fat. But that does not preclude her from being pregnant. I’m no obstetrician but I believe a woman can be obese and pregnant simultaneously. At least I think so. Please tell me if I’m wrong on this one. However I don’t think I am. She was fat and possibly pregnant with three little ones all under the age of three. Can anybody say wow?

Okay, set that mental picture aside. It was for illustrative purposes only. It helps set the story I’m ranting about. Done? Good. This lady was a welfare mom. How do I know? Here are a couple of clues. First, she referred to one of her babies daddy as “her man.” Just a tip folks, if a woman refers to a male individual that has sired her offspring as “her man” then most likely they are not married. An unmarried woman with three children under the age of three and possibly one on the way is most likely not independently wealthy but has no visible means of support either, which puts her in the category of “Who is paying for this?” My biased opinion is, “most likely welfare.”

Another clue is obesity. Now I think I know what you are thinking. “Obesity? Really? Come on Siempre, how is obesity a clue to her status as a welfare recipient?” Here is the thing. Several studies over the past few decades have concluded similar results. They have found out that poor people or people of strapped economic means have significant more problems with obesity than do people that are more well of. It turns out that junk food, empty calories and cheap food are all inexpensive while healthy food is significantly more expensive. The obvious result being that poor people will be more likely to suffer from weight related issues than the rich. If the lady on the bus is single, fat and with no visible means of support than the likelihood that she receives government subsidies increases dramatically.

So let’s just say that I’m not a judgmental pig and that my assessment of this obese, possibly pregnant mother of three children all under the age of three is correct and that she is in fact a single, welfare mom then what exactly is her mentality? What is the mentality of a welfare mom and how do I know that this frame of mind is all inclusive and applicable not just to this lady but a whole slew of other females in her same condition? How can I be certain that it is a particular form of thinking that leads to that certain predicament that she finds herself in?

Well truth be told, no one can really be positive of anything even the laws of physics fall apart at the quantum level so it seems that close scrutiny of anything will reveal flaws no matter how well thought out anything is. That being the case I’m not going to say with any definitive certainty that I have clearly pinpointed a major discovery. On the contrary what I will do is just provide my humble observation and let you dear reader come to whatever conclusion you so desire. Fair enough? Yeah, I thought so too.

Here is what I’ve noticed. Women with apparent welfare mom mentality have certain common characteristically illogical behavioral traits. Count them. She has lots of apparently unplanned pregnancies back to back. How do I know that they are unplanned? If she has no visible means of support and she gets pregnant back to back then those pregnancies are either unplanned or a demonstration of very poor judgment. She is constantly talking about relationship issues. I can’t say this is a coincidence because every time the conversation is always the same. It inevitably includes her “baby’s daddy.” Sugary soft drinks in her baby’s bottle, any responsible parent knows that this is a bad idea. Foul language intermittently dispersed throughout a conversation is definitely an indication of poor social skills. Skills that such a person obviously lacks.

No long term goals is something that one could easily say is not observable from a transitory observation of an individual on a city bus but you would be surprised dear reader how much a very loud person that does not shut up once through out the course of a bus ride can say about themselves to everyone around her unintentionally. Little or no engaging dialogue with her brood of under three year old is another sure fire indication of welfare mom mentality. I’m telling you that the list can be very long but these should suffice to establish a basis for a definition. Welfare mom mentality is a condition brought about and exacerbated by youthful folly as defined by carelessly spending her time in pursuit of frivolity and unproductive behavior. It is the maturation of a wasted youth into a wasted adult hood. In men it manifests itself as the guy’s who hangout in front of the corner store with, “his boys” but in women it manifests itself as welfare mom mentality. So there you have it.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I did manage to get of the bus uneventfully. If you consider a brain full of someone else’s personal escapades uneventful. However now that I shared with you the apparent cause of the matter I do feel a bit unburdened. You however will have to find another method of unburdening yourself. Sorry about that.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
58 months ago: I only have one question.

Who are you, and what did you do with Siempre Solo?
Siempre Solo
Siempre Solo
Auburn, NY
58 months ago: Why is it that you and I always seem to be up late ranting and raving? Shouldn't we be asleep?
58 months ago: Hate to say this:

But I have met some women that just wanted to have babies, so that they could live off welfare.

They did not want to work or improve themselves and sought the easy way out.

These are women with no other dreams but to lie in bad, having sex to increase the amount of money given for the next kid, they bring into this world.

At this point I would vote to force her to have her tubes cut. But this is an extreme solution, that is NOT finding the right cause of the problem.

People are finding ways or loop holes to solve poverty and lack of jobs.

So how are you going to fix the real problem?

She is not the cause, but a stupid lazy Vitim and to hurt her makes no sense.

What are we going to do?

The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
58 months ago: Wow! and Wow! OOTB, don't push it. Siempre, I have a question. Was the "Mother" dressed better than the kids and since we all know she was not lacking on intake of calories, were the kids also "FAT"? Since she had a "My Man", I have to wonder if the babies daddy is helping with the bills or just helping to milk the system. It is about time the system starts asking questions and making these that burden the system because of loopholes pay the price.

I'm sure some of this will go away if the welfare system started collecting child support as reimbursement to the free funding of families.
58 months ago: Anybody can have ideas--the difficulty is to express them without squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to one glittering paragraph...Mark Twain
58 months ago: I can't say for sure if it's a 'Welfare Mom Mentality' but it certainly is stupid. I do also think it shows an irresponsibility.
58 months ago: What! Someone finally confessed that eating healthy was significantly more expensive than not?!!!!! Oh right, this was about welfare mom mentality, sorry.

More babies in the house equals bigger check. More than likely she is also living in a rent subsidized apartment or house or with mom and dad or grandparents, most likely the former since mom probably still has a few babies of her own to keep her checks coming too. This is a way of life for many poor people and it goes on for generations or until they die out. Fortunately for us taxpayers they are not the majority of the welfare recipients, just the most visible.

As for the lack of decorum in public, that reflects back on the people who raised her, exactly like she treated her own brood, no meaningful dialogue while in your presence is a good indication that she pretty much raised herself by watching her own family fail to interact while growing up.

Not how it's supposed to be done but how this segment of our society does it. Like TCG asked and I suspect to be true, was she dressed to the hilt? Probably ready and willing to take on a new “man” even if just for the afternoon. And as for the fat or pregnant or both? Probably. Octomom is a perfect example of the more the merrier mentality of welfare “cheats”, she claimed to not be on public assistance but she very much IS.
58 months ago:
It would be fantastic if the “men” in these situations were forced to contribute a fair share of their earnings, legal or otherwise, to the public pot that the welfare and food stamp monies are paid from. Unfortunately that would require mandatory DNA testing for everyone and although I’m willing (and have already donated to the military’s files) there are many who feel that this is an invasion of their privacy and would object. I feel that they may have more to hide than they wish to admit to and fear that the DNA will be used against them, and I also have that concern myself because once DNA information is obtained and out of personal control it becomes evidence against (or for) you. I won’t be doing jail time for anything that might turn up so nothing to worry about. The biggest benefit to a master file is the many unsolved criminal cases out there that have DNA evidence but no matching file……

SS, I think you have it summed up in your last main paragraph: “Welfare mom mentality…….(to the end)”

I am guilty as charged to Mark Twain’s quote. So much to say and ideas to convey and I’m such a poor wordsmith. Oh to have a silver tongue like some of you.
32 months ago: Dear S Solo: You're wrong, the chubby momma's little bunnies weren't unplanned. They were planned as a source of income (welfare) for the momma. Happens all the time -- multiplied by millions.

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